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Hello, I really appreciate you to have come to this site to check it out. Hope that your short hanging out with me will give you some added knowledge about internet marketing.image

Here’s a glimpse of my learning curve on this very business.

For the past many years I have been searching for a business online but without results. I was confused and did not know where to start or go like you. I had no experience. I had no any help to turn to and yet, didn’t give up . I knew that people were earning lots of money through the internet.

I knew that internet marketing wasn’t taught in colleges nor was this very subject found in universities. So I worked hard to gain some clues about it. I had a big dream. I didn’t give up.

I saw a lot – good and bad equally and had come across many experiences about internet marketing. There’s a strong need for moral boost on this business. Greed and selfish gains should never be given a chance to infringe upon the the good prospects and massive value this very business offers.

I signed up to so many free and paid sites but didn’t yield any results as expected. I had also invested a huge amount of sum to a site which I believed would definitely bring a compounded financial blessing. But the very site kept hauling me for a long series of training without coming to the subject proper. As a newbie, I didn’t know the trick.

It had even taken my confidential digital signatures which added more belief to my manoeuvre. Later on, I found out that it was only interested to make my credit cards run dry by keeping me engaged with the useless training and to impose me a huge monthly fees. So I quit.


The feeling of pain and depression may not be mentioned for I know how you will be sharing this feeling with me.

Friends, you must know that your loss is somebody’s gain and vice versa. But always remember that any deed good or bad will echo back to us one day.

Like every cloud has a silver lining and as there’s sunshine after every rain, my gloomy affiliate marketing took a turning point one day.

A site taught me how to build a website. It taught me how to find my own niche. Led me to play the Hopscotch with WordPress, Keyword Search, The low Hanging Fruit, Google Analytics, SEO, Capturing Screenshots, Plugins, All in one SEO, Social icons, Embedding Videos, Google ranking, Meta tags, H tags, SERP, Alexa Ranking and the list goes on… And, the name of this Golden Platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And to me, Wealthy Affiliate is the most beautiful site in the World Wide Web as far as internet marketing is concerned. Time, chance and circumstances clubbing together sent me to land up on Wealthy Affiliate and to learn the ART of Affiliate Marketing. So this is the most beautiful site.

I want to give you a long autobiography of 8 years journey online if you will listen to.


There’s no much necessity in narrating the details on how I had struggled and failed many a time. How I had managed to hang on to have come this far. You don’t need to know everything about me.


What you need today is to follow the 3 simple steps as a token of my appreciation for visiting my personal page. I know complication doesn’t work for newbies which many of the internet gurus employ.

After you have followed these steps given at the bottom, you can continue unearthing all the nuances of online marketing business as you grow with it.

Now, what matters most is the success you are after. The essential tools or the right elixer that you have been looking for.

What’s that?

  1. Find out Your Niche

Find out what will you need most to promote. Think deeply and muse for a while. And, according to your need, you can decide to choose your NICHE. A niche can be defined as a product which you are most passionate to promote online.

You may be interested in Cat rearing or Protein products. If not, may be fashion and designing? Promoting mobile apps? Dogs? Homework guidance? Art? Photography? Kite-surfing? Clothing, shoes or handbags? Computer games? The list goes on and on. There are millions of niches to be chosen from.

So, choose the niche you will be most confident with. It may be your hobby. It may be the one you loved most since your childhood days.

I chose Making Money Online as my niche because I know that there are many OF YOU  like me searching online to supplement your income. Some of us want to buy a new car or build a new house. Some like to travel around the world.


Some of us want to have more time to spend with our family and enjoy having more flexibility with our work. Some of us like to leave our present job and work online independently because we don’t have to commute to our workplace anymore. This is absolutely real when you own a website.

2. Build Your Own Website

We cannot directly start making money. To make it, you must first choose your niche and secondly, put up a website. I want to help you make a lot of money online. But it is only your impulse that has to take the initiative and push you forward to learn and duplicate what I have done.

3. Get Trained in the Right Hosting Platform

With this in mind, your-second-income.com was built to offer a landing page for you. It is a virtual rendezvous for newbies or a person like you to find the support and guide you have been looking for.

This is the best place where you will learn the basic steps to put up your website and drive traffics for a huge financial success.

Make sense?

If you like to join me, you can register here . The good news is, it’s free as a Starter Member. Begin the training right away.

This world will be a better place if we all share the opportunities together and walk in truth and sincerity. Click the button below.


Remember to ask any questions.

Phomrong Hongsha

Contact: +91 9612511213

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