Affiliate Marketing as the Field of Dreams

What is Affiliate Marketing?

AFFILIATE MARKETING is an online business intended to reward one or more affiliates. Each visitor or customer is brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketers normally adopt a method to drive massive traffics from the organic searches and other search engines.

It is a means to achieve greater market penetration by putting up websites which pull specific group of internet users and bring about numerable sales. Many affiliates drive commissions from the products or services they promote online and become filthy rich.

What is Dream?

A dream is a highly inspiring potential picture of the future that feeds your mind, will and emotion, empowering you to do everything you wish to achieve in life. A dream is worth pursuing when the dreamer picturizes the right blueprint with an undeflecting purpose and firm resolution.

There’s no single, definitive meaning in symbols and images in dreams though. It is arrayed with a series of thoughts and sensations occurring in a person’s mind.

What happens when you merged Dreams

in Affiliate Marketing?

The power of dreaming is so forceful that when merged with affiliate marketing, it gives you the results that a common man goes jaw dropping.


An affiliate marketer plays the role of a middleman. He helps steering his visitors to find their niche in reaching full potential. He teaches them how to use social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube video, Twitter, Likedin, and Instagram to hook their potential customers. And as a result, this business offers him Herculean commissions.

Why Should You Start Affiliate marketing?

You should start affiliate marketing straight as the privileges it offers is awesome. Get all the benefits that can be harvested from this unique enterprises. You, as an independent marketer will not be under the control of any big boss. It is you who is the real boss to the extreme that you can work anytime anywhere in your own pajamas.
Become a big dreamer and set off getting your dreams realized. Because affiliate marketing stands today as the field for the achievement of bigger dreams. Why you should not take this advantage that is just for you? Why you should not try when it is free to join?

When such a thriving business is at your arm’s length, it will be wrong for you to deny stretching your hands to grasp it.
You don’t have to be the plant that grows in the sandy desert which withers unseen and unnoticed. Make your life a flourishing living, worthy to be emulated by your neighbors and looked up in respect by your friends and descendants.


You must know that the number of internet users has increased drastically from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015. This venture has been plunged into a kind of marathon race. Everyone will be in it in 10-15 years from now. Do not be the late riser. Be the early bird to catch the worms first. Reserve your spot which will benefit your siblings.

Here stands the latest stats using internet:


Some of the advantages the internet gives you as an affiliate are:

  • The Lowest starting price for business
  • You are under control of it
  • No need to employ sales staff
  • No payments for ads
  • Higher chance to get your products to customers
  • Increased site traffic
  • Better page rank

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Today’s Takeaway

Creating Beautiful Arrows

You need beautiful arrows to point to your problems wherever stuck. When your business comes across any problems in the training, you can take a screenshot and state such problems. In such a situation, you should be backing up your explanation by using beautiful arrows.

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  1. I believe that this is one of the best business to get into, the road is not easy and as far as making money is concern in this line of work there is no such thing as overnight success but once you stick with it the results are great so as you connect your dreams with this kind of work your dreams will become a reality and that is pretty amazing.

  2. Yes so true. Each of us should have dreams in life. Life becomes a sterile journey without dreams. In order to achieve your dreams, you come to Wealthy Affiliate and pick up the basic tools freely for your success. And as pointed out, success isn’t an overnight achievement.

    Thanks Norman for commenting

  3. Phom, to get places in life everyone needs at least a touch of the dreamer. It is hard to follow anything else. to be successful.

    One also needs a reasonable amount of empathy too. This way they can present so people are drawn to them. And they need to listen to what visitors to their sites say. You need to be flexible and gain more knowledge from comments. Never think you know it all. Everlasting learning is so good. To not learn is to be dead.

    You present your information well so keep up the good work.


  4. Yes Helen,
    I fully agree with you on the point “to not learn is to be dead.” Life is a journey of a continuous learning process. Our learning comes to an end when we close our little 2 orbs God gave us. And to live abundantly is to continue learning and picking up new things and the right tools that are necessary.

    Thank you for your comment.

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