Affiliate marketing’s need for a morale boost

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Anyone can jump-start a business in any niche by using the tools and requirements of affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer is an online contributor who performs a market-based business that earns a reward by promoting one or more products or services.

But unfortunately, there have been too many scams out there. In this article, I want to show you affiliate marketers’ need for a morale boost and why Ponzi schemes should be stopped.

Cheating, whether to a person or on a test always tends to take the easy way out of a difficult situation. But the solutions always create more problems than they solve, even though those problems may not show up immediately.

Newbies, as they look for online opportunities, are always the victims. So there’s a strong need to take a fresh look into affiliate marketing.

Financial loss and reports on scams

The Australian Scamwatch reported an amount lost of $89087643 with a number of 117425 reports in 2018 which is a HUGE figure.

What an affiliate should offer or share is morality, sincerity and genuine help to make anyone with a flair to succeed online.

But many scams have already degraded the ethical side of affiliate marketing and have done enough harm. This is a sad thing which degrades the morale of all affiliate marketers.

Look at this gentleman hypnotizing the innocent public with his hidden agenda.

He doles out an exciting 10k app with which, he claims, anyone can use it to earn $10,000 every day. Signing up involves an upfront payment of $250 that has to be traded for Binary Option and bank $10,000 on your account.

According to PrestigeBinaryOption, it is full of scamming variables and misleading information, insisting traders who use this AutoTrader software.

Listen to him below:

This shows that the guy is not sincere, reliable and is an authoritarian whose intriguing song will go down to the vile dust and remember for ages to come.

Remember that he has become a tyrant flycatcher doing such a menace by imprisoning the innocents in his dishonest dungeon.

There are many stories of sites with evidence who not only hoodwink the beginners by promoting fraudulent schemes. With their get rich quick tags, they also impose heavy upsells in some cases.


Ten most common types of scams are:

  • Small business scams.
  • Job and employment scams.
  • Lottery, sweepstakes and competition scams
  • Dating and romance scams
  • Computer hacking.
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Online shopping, classified and auction scams.
  • Banking, credit card and online account scams.
  • Golden opportunity and gambling scams
  • Charity and medical scams

Be careful of what these sites can do to you. They have done enough harm to affiliate marketing. So, a fresh look into the matter has become extremely necessary.

The increasing scams in various sectors

Scams involve offers to work from home or set up and invest in a business opportunity. They always promise a job, a HUGE salary or big investment return following initial upfront payments.

These payments may be for a business plan, training course, software, taxes or fees. These scams are often promoted through spam emails or advertisements in well-known classifieds, including websites.

There is an increasing number of scams out there. Find out exactly what they do thoroughly by reading some reviews on Google. Or, refer them to a site that’s trustworthy for a suggestion.

Here are a few tips you can apply for yourself so that you know you have performed due diligence before you make any decision.

  • Use Google Suggest – Type the name of the product or the seller in Google and see what else Google shows you. This will give you a result about whether this marketer is known and trusted. Check the feedback and reviews the product is getting. Contact your friends about the product.
  • Lack of support or contact – Try to contact the person or company selling the product. If they are not making it easy for you to contact them, then that’s the alarm bell that there’s something behind the screen. After all, an honest product will offer good support.
  • Verify the investment is registered – You may ask directly to the person offering the investment. If the system is not registered, ask why. Ponzi schemes usually involve unregistered investment. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), you can always take help from FINRA for security check in their database.

Avoid Ponzi sites

It’s important that you know whom you are dealing with and that you understand any investment before handing over your money.

Be careful if someone contacts you unsolicited about an investment. If you are doubtful about it, report the matter to the authorities and let them figure it whether it’s legitimate or not. Try your best not to fall a prey of Ponzi sites.

The presence of Ponzi schemes and rip-offs have downgraded the reliability of Affiliate Marketing. This is shameful and is very much a humiliation to entrepreneurial enterprises.

Shift the method

You can play a part in rectifying this setback and take up your yoke in a way when others tell lies, you champion in truthfulness. When others dupe and hoodwink, become the advocate for truth, and the Pathfinder.

For every deed good or bad will come back one day. Just as the mountain echoes back when shouted at. Deeds are recorded and there’s no question you will escape.

Nature of the universe knows your work. Embrace sincerity and uplift the innocent people in a way you are rewarded. Help to shift a wrong method, and the universe will bless you abundantly.

Here are 10 ways to ignite your morale. Watch this video:


Show the Way

Your duty is, therefore, to show the accurate way. Get hold of those things that will linger longer. Teach what you have learned and made that beneficial to your readers.

Aristotle had once told the best prominent form of all human forms is the form of the “good”. Do good to your fellow beings. For we are not self-sufficient. We need others, and we benefit from our social interactions, talents, and aptitudes.

Share the world what you know and let others do the same. Exchanging the things you had not seen and learning from each other can be a ravishing experience. This will be a great way and a win-win for everybody.

This is what affiliate marketers need today. There has to be a paradigm shift.


Recommend a genuine training

Not every site I have come across in my 8 years journey is sincere and reliable. If you have come across a good platform, share the information.

Honestly speaking, the only platform that is reliable is the Wealthy Affiliate. It has made me who I am today. I want to recommend it for setting up a successful business. Take a look at what they have to offer if you are serious about making money online.

pathfinder button.png

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to learn a lot of things. A Ponzi scheme will exclude lessons like:

  • Creating a website with WordPress
  • How to research a good niche that fits you
  • Researching and joining other affiliate programs
  • Understanding how search engines work and rank websites
  • How to convert your affiliate marketing into sales etc.

If you provide resources as mentioned above, then you are well on your way to make anyone successful and have full trust and as a result, increase your moral strength.

So, the bottom line here is to avoid any scamming agenda and promote value. Ask yourself whether the work you are doing align with your values? Find the good in your role that will give you a sense of renewed purpose. More questions like:

  • Am I contributing how to find a value in affiliate marketing?
  • Am I not misleading anyone by sending them to a platform that swindles?
  • Have I reported any con tricks to the concerned authority?
  • Do I uphold the purpose of affiliate marketers online by asking feedback from clients? Do I get good feedback? etc.

Few hints seen above will help to boost up the downgraded morality and rebuild confidence. Further reading here for a smarter life and avoid flimflam.

Annihilate the scammers

Do not lose time to report any scam that you come across. Be the first to book him and to give him proper lessons. This can be easily tackled. You will simply trigger the alarm bell to the concerned authority. Go here and file your complaint.

Guide those who are looking for some important resources. Your marketing strategy is to show these people how you can help them succeed. Make every effort to help than to cheat.


In today’s rat race, values seem to erode fast. There is a total decadence in social and moral spheres. Morality inculcates peace in the world, and value education is vital in life.

It is in this that affiliate marketing armors with high morality and support. Read this page for some motivation. Let’s make this world a better place to share, inhabit and prosper together.

You are thus required to create value and offer support to the less experienced people. Don’t take this the wrong way. It is a simple reminder to work together in truth, love, and prosperity.

Finally, remain strong in the fight to get rid of the scammers. Be skeptical if someone tries to sell you on an investment that has huge and immediate returns for little or no risk at all. Go here for an informed idea first.

I hope that this article helped you to understand the need for a morale boost in affiliate marketing. You may also want to check ScamXposer Reviews. If you like this article, then please subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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17 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing’s need for a morale boost”

  1. Hello Phomrong, thanks for the share. The reason why the majority of people are skeptical about online income is because of scam artists. People such as myself has been a victim of online scams, and believe that almost everybody online is trying to get them out of their pockets. There are some people who even think that WA is a scam also, which is completely false!! Wealthy Affiliate is very legitimate, and it teaches you all about online success within the Affiliate Marketing field. We need to show people that WA is the real thing, and gain their trust so they don’t believe that every website online is nothing but scams. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!

  2. Yes, that’s true. Scammers sites should be given a check.

    Look for reviews through Google if you or anyone else is just starting out and before signing up to any sites.
    Come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about scams and the tools required for your online success.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Scammers make me sick. It’s horrible the way these “people” want to take everything from you while promising you the moon! I’ve been through it way too many times.
    But thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate. This is the one legitimate program that is not a scam.
    They have the best training and support of any program!
    It’s perfect for retirees like myself because I can work anytime I choose to.The best is that it’s free to join!

    • That’s right Rob. Scammers make me sick too, and I also lost a lot of amounts following what they promised that didn’t click.
      It is this scenario that made me come up with this article.

      Glad that you finally found Wealthy Affiliate – a legitimate program that’s not a scam.

      Wishing you all the best of luck and success.

  4. Thank you for sharing this very detailed information. I had to laugh when you advised to Google search the company prior to working with them as I did exactly that before starting with Wealthy Affiliate! I spent a couple of days researching WA and learning about what they did. I have done that with other companies and never came up with positive results. I have been with WA for a couple of weeks now and I am positively overwhelmed with the amount of training and support I have been provided since day one. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading more content on your site!

    • Wow, so glad to hear that Eli. Your laughter does carry a sense of humor and truth at the same time.
      It was so good that you spent a couple of days researching WA and what they really offered to the members.
      Now that you are in it, you can no longer fail. Just follow the training and you will see your amazing results soon.

      I wish you all the best of luck and success in the journey and thank you for leaving your comment.

  5. Thank you for the great read and heads up hey. You see, online business is becoming more tricky because of these scams. I myself have been a victim once but thanks to bloggers like you who write about this and rely encouraging legitimacy to us marketers.

    To be honest, there is no horrible feeling than having your taken from you in the name of some “self proclaimed &non existent” business. But also people themselves are too much focused on getting rich quick and so, more often than not they fall victims.

    Thank you for the advice.

    • That’s a very impressive comment. A person who had experienced on a scam site knows better and understands the working mechanism of online marketing.

      Like you have said, I was also a victim of such scams before I landed up to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the reason why I made this blog for people who are starting out so that they have an informed decision before they sign up to any site.

      Affiliate marketers need a morale boost and this can be taken forward by joining our hands together and by including how these scams work and how they prey upon the newbies in our blogs.

      Thanks for leaving your comment and I wish you all the success.
      Good luck.

  6. Wow, so glad to hear that Eli. Your laughter does carry a sense of humor and truth at the same time.
    It is good to learn that you had spent a couple of days researching about Wealthy Affiliate and what they offered to their clients.

    You took the right decision in joining the platform. Now that you are in, you can no longer fail.
    Just follow the step by step instructions and you will soon see the results of your hard work.

    I wish you all the best of luck and success.

  7. Thank you for encouraging everyone to really take the time and effort to research what they are “signing up for”. For me personally, every time I open my facebook I have at least 5 different people telling me how they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. I think the key word is MAKE though. They never tell you what they NET at the end of the year.

    • That’s right. There are many scammers out there whether they are in the Facebook, Twitter or any other social media or perhaps, on the internet.
      The best thing for you to do is to research and read some of the reviews of the site you want to sign up.
      For this, you open Google in your browser and type the name of the site. You will come to know whether it is legitimate or not from the reviews.

      In fact, there’s no get quick rich kind of things.

      Earning money takes time.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.
      Good luck.

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