Black Friday Offer at Wealthy Affiliate

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Hi, gents and ladies,

Here comes a stunning offer at Wealthy Affiliate as we celebrate Black Friday all over the world. You will want to step back and think whether you have missed any such deals in the previous years.

In this article, I want to show you what are Black Friday offers at Wealthy Affiliate, and how you can benefit from it and earn passive income for the rest of your life.

Here’s a video from a member who signed up on Black Friday and how his life has been changed drastically.

Like the past years, the deal is to enable people to give a good shot to succeed in affiliate marketing by profusely reducing the one-year membership.

The deal, at $299 per year is the lowest price you can pay for Wealthy Affiliate training compared to the usual $359 annual membership fee or, the $588 if you’d have to pay $49 each month.

“4 Days Only! Act Now And Grab the DEAL!”

You can either click here to take advantage of this rare opportunity or click the banner below.



If you are grabbing the offer of $299 for a year for your training, then you are simply paying only 0.82 cents daily which is just a peanut of the fee.

But I must warn you that this offer is only going to run for the next 4 days and likely will not be offered again.  That is it.  No exceptions.

Remember, Mcdonald’s burger costs $3.99 and to take the humor further, a cup of Starbucks coffee is $2.75 in the USA.

So, grab this offer and join the 800000 plus strong members waiting to help you find your success online. You will be amazed to uncover the most helpful community in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal, 2018

Here’s the deal in details:


You will soon find out the DIFFERENCE you had not EXPERIENCED in any other learning platforms. This means you are going to be in the best position to achieve real success online by joining a community dedicated to helping.

Success is the result of the people whom you accompany. So, choose us to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Whether you are in the north, south, east or west, your geographical area doesn’t matter; you have the opportunity to build a marketing empire at Wealthy Affiliate.

Where on earth could you get such an insane entry fee-charging only 0.82 cents a day?

This is unbelievable!

Here’s an idea of how you should look at the deal for $299/year, and why it’s so valuable:

  • It’s 59% discount on the normal monthly membership price
  • It’s 0.82 cents per day to build a business empire online
  • It’s $24.91 per month for premium access (regular price is $49/month)
  • You get access to all Premium features including Jaaxy Lite to rank on page 1 of Google
  • It’s much less than the membership price I joined WA at $359/year (I AM grabbing it this time.


You will also get the undermentioned phenomenal bonuses with the DEAL and this means, you will finally have a landslide victory of living the laptop lifestyle.

  • Bonus #1: The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce” (Live Class Hosted by Kyle)
  • Bonus #2: The Secret Sauce, The White Paper.
  • Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
  • Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to Yearly Members

Additional Bonuses

You will also stay current with the latest methods and techniques as I will be mentoring you personally to make you become a boatload of information and stay ahead of the herd as you learn and earn.

Here’s what you will get along with the deal:

  • My personal support and guidance to the training resources that can no longer make you FAIL!
  • The Next 5 People That Join Through This Link Are Going to Get a Year of My Personal SEO Mentoring Help.
  • 5 Week Live Facebook Ads Case Study Series!

The year 2019 is going to be a fantastic journey once you get into this annual berth!

This is what Kyle says,

A quote.png

What you will get if you grab the DEAL?

I strongly recommend that you read this review here to learn more about what you will get.

Here are some more areas to ponder:

  • Newbie Friendly course on how to make money online
  • Hosting of Up to 25 domains
  • Live Video classes every week
  • One Hour video Walkthrough on what to expect in 2019. (No one has Ever shared this)
  • FREE https Will be rolling out in December(Costs around  $20 to $50 per Site)
  • Access to the largest community of Internet marketers
  • Tutorials on how to create content that gets ranked
  • Using the most advanced keyword tool called Jaaxy(Lite Version)
  • Access to the most advanced website builder on the planet
  • One of the most rewarding affiliate programs
  • One-on-one coaching from community experts

Don’t take all the good words I’ve shown on this page though. Read some more reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and ask someone you know who is a member of this platform.



This deal can change your life from 2019 and beyond

Get a beautiful website built up in your own name with this offer and notice how you get changed. One of the biggest reasons why most people fail in affiliate marketing is that they lack patience and don’t give it enough time.

They try something for a couple of weeks or months. And when they don’t see the results as expected then, they throw in the towel.

They would blame the platform or quit saying that the training doesn’t work and they’re back looking for the next shiny object that promises them to make money fast.

But let me assure you that there are no get-quick-rich programs online. Those who say so are Ponzi schemers and ripped-offs. Never believe.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday deal was made with your success in mind. It always has. They’ve given the same deal for many years in a row.

Go here and read some more success stories of Wealthy Affiliate, 2018.

Wendyjane is full of delight and proud to have availed the DEAL:


Quote from wendy.png


Deal button.png

When you invest in an annual membership, you commit to giving it at least 1 year. This leads to a higher rate of success. A year gives you an ample chance to study your success rate.

This means you simply can’t fail anymore with an entire year to put what you’ve learned in the training and assess your performance accordingly.

This Black Friday offer stunningly reduces your fee to 0.82 cents a day while recalling the cost for a cup of Starbucks coffee at $2.75.

Holy Cow!


Once you signed up, you are grandfathered with the same amount for the rest of your life.

By availing this offer, you can get started building your own business and join the galaxy of successful marketers online.

Missing this offer will not be a wise decision. You don’t want to miss this DEAL.

Go ahead and sign up.

Swing in for the success you’ve been looking for. Do not wait another day.

The journey of a new DAWN begins.

Deal button.png

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12 thoughts on “Black Friday Offer at Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. I believe that everyone who is a part of this community should take advantage of this great deal, I did and I am so happy that I did. For what we are getting at this price this is really amazing and worth it all.

  2. Yes, you’ve taken the right step in taking up this rare offer which is 0.80 cent a day. The good new is you are grandfathered with the same rate of subscription.

    Opportunities don’t come often.

    Wishing every success in your journey and good luck to you.

  3. Awesome and interesting Post you have here. I am a member of WA and I would like to reinforce for any of your readers to take advantage of this yummy offer. 🙂 At $.82 cents a day I doubt you will find better. No, let me rephrase that. You will not find anything better. When you start a home business online there is so much to learn. You could go at it yourself, but trust us, you don’t want to do that.

    • Thanks for the valuable comment. Yes it’s true that this is a stunning offer to pick up all the tools and skills for a successful Home-based Business online.

      The art of becoming a successful entrepreneur online isn’t taught in colleges or universities. Any person interested in it shouldn’t go alone in isolation.

  4. This is super good and so exciting.
    You have been extremely thorough with the WA information.
    The banners alone get you excited.

    You did a great job here promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best,

    V. Pearl

    • Hey, thanks Pearl for the compliments.
      I want everyone to achieve success. There are also times when one is caught up to do frugal spending and this is absolutely for people looking for such an occasion.

      This Black Friday deal comes only once a year and so, getting it done is a wiser decision. Go ahead and grab it.

      Wishing you a HUGE Success.

      Spread the good news and SHARE the love.

    • That’s absolutely a terrific comment.
      Please share the good news and let other friends and family find the success they are looking for.

      Getting registered at Wealthy Affiliate with this once in a year DEAL is going to be a fantastic mission.


  5. Hey, great, this is a really good deal, almost half of what I pay right now.

    I am already a happy WA member and would like to change my monthly plan. Can I take advantage of the Black Friday offer as a paying member too?
    I mean can I change my plan?

    For everyone that reads this, I can only confirm, that Wealthy Affiliate is truly a valuable working platform with the best training on the market.

  6. Yes, Steff.
    You can definitely go ahead and change your plan. Your current subscription will carry you till the day it is valid. Thereafter, your Black Friday offer starts and you will be grandfathered with that minimal fee of 0.82 cents per day.

    You are also right in saying that Wealthy Affiliate University is the best training platform on the planet. You get the most beginner friendly training here.
    Thank you for leaving your comment.

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