California Gold Rush Facts

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This briefing explains the California Gold Rush Facts and after. Reading it will make you stay ahead of the game.

As you may be aware that there was a Gold Rush in 1848 and flakes of gold were discovered in American River at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Coloma, California.

The finder was James Wilson Marshall from New Jersey, a carpenter by profession. Just days after the discovery, he and his Mill owner Sutter made a deal never to tell anyone.

There was gold everywhere in his pocket, under the bedsheet, in his carpentry toolbox and so on. However, the line, “Don’t tell anyone” didn’t last and curiosity increased.

It took its wings in no time and spread like a wildfire.

Gold News Travels Faster than the Winds

As hinted, “Don’t tell anyone” hushed on from a person to another like a fast-moving breeze and the gold site was thronged by men like a colony of ants.

Before this discovery was made, California was inhabited by less than 1000 population. But the news helped stir the population to jump to over 100000 the same year.

It had gone viral in 1949 and the gold miners populated there and came to be better known as ’49ners.

I would have been there definitely and for sure had I belonged to The Baby Boomers!

Watch this video.


Now, in order to accommodate the ever-increasing miners, shops, saloons, motels, and other business establishments, there sprung up many outlets including brothels – interesting right?

The continuity of the mining spree had developed California to be one of the bustling economic metropoles today. And Googleplex is also headquartered here.

Fast forward and there’s a drastic change with time. The world witnessed the dawn of the Internet and messages were sent from computer to computer on Oct 29,1969.

APRANET favored and blessed humanity with its transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol known as TCP/IP.

Enhanced by Tim Berners-Lee who invented the world wide web in 1993, people are making money with it by the click of the mouse.

Believe it or not, the same craze for gold has now started pointing towards the IoT(Internet of Things) and I would call it #Internet-Agateomania.

Anyone who is ready to carry out a bit of research can start making money on the internet. What a fortune! Aren’t you making any money yet?

What the heck are you still waiting with all these facilities around you? Why haven’t you joined this marathon race?

You’re not late. Join in today and keep your spirit moving.

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WWW Replaces the Gold Rush

3.58 billion people are now using the internet just as the gold rush was in the 1940s and heretofore, we are pushing towards an era of #Internot-Agateomania.

Its growth has spread exponentially each day more than the wildfire and has become an integral part of our daily life.

It will be a wise decision not to join this marathon race and also to imagine going back to a life without this freaking internet.

This facility is for you and for everyone who keeps updating with the changing trends.

Getting registered in this movement requires some steps to know how the system is run. But don’t worry. We have all the tools to make you well equipped.

The only thing you can do is to be serious. Because seriousness can only help you to stand against all odds.

Backed by a sense of enthusiasm, you’re are going to witness the results. This way you can get started now and go ahead in the game from your friends and neighbors.

Your concentration along with confirmed self-discipline are the #1 tools to don the clothes worn by all successful entrepreneurs.



Make a Lot of Money with the Internet

Your confirmed decision can make you a lot of money on the internet. Let there be money in your pocket.

To enjoy a comfortable life is everyone’s dream and traveling the world with family is a passion for most people.

Not only that, when a person becomes rich, establishing orphanages and old age pension homes can be a noble contribution to society.

Here’s your opportune time to upgrade your contribution towards such an upright charity for all humanity.

Poverty and hunger should be done away with. And a world of freedom and love must prevail.

A financial state where children’s school fees are paid in time and where renovation of a house or replacing a brand new car is easy.

A tireless striving stretching its arms towards abundance and the mind that is led into useful thoughts and actions can achieve all the above.

That being said, these opportunities are right there in your home with an internet connection and it’s your turn to make lots of money.


Be Vigilant on Scammers

But wait, there’s a saying that the wealth of the fools goes into the pockets of the wise. So with this caution, you have to be vigilant.

You have to be in a wise category. The wise learn from the experience of others.

Find some reviews before you sign up. Browse into Google to know the legitimacy of the site you’re invited.

Go out and recheck this site. Contact anyone from whom you can find out who runs the site. And how long has the site been in management and so on?

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The mushrooming of the scamming websites has made everyone doubtful. I’ve also an article in the review form that shows you how a site that looks so genuine turns out to be a con and a rip-off.

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The California Gold Rush Facts’ craze is now turning towards domain flipping businesses and website building mania. Internet is now the field to dig up gold nuggets and is fittingly called #Internet-Agateomania.

Suppose, you look for domains names that are available or expired. You pay a peanut fee of $15 or less to purchase them and then find people or companies who will buy them from you for $300 to $30,000 depending on the domain.

What’s your profit if you sold them after a month? That’s insane $285 to $29,985! This is the old California gold rush facts today.

There’s no limit to the possibility of earning money from the internet. If you collect information about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) alone and offers your services to companies, bloggers and e-commerce sites, I simply cannot tell you how many figures you will earn.

You Can Do This!

You will be amazed to see such unbelievable results. Join in today.

As of January 1, 2019, there were 4,100,667,287 internet users in the globe. This is compared to the 3.42 billion users recorded at the end of 2016.

There’s a HUGE leap with Asian continent leading the rest in the trend. Do not be left out.

Finally, click the sign-up button after making your doubts clear. I will be waiting for you inside.

Happy reading and have a nice day. keep trucking in.

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