Detoxify Your Website with Three Simple Steps

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Have you detoxified your website from any unwanted components? If not, here are 3 simple steps you can follow to do it so.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a website at present or you are thinking of setting up one for yourself. If you have a website, that’s awesome. and still, if you don’t have, you may consider right now to own one for yourself.

A website is your online passport. It is an incredible Mall for bloggers all over the world. Owning it is like owning a HUGE treasure.


Just as your loved ones are so dear to your heart, so is a website to you – the rightful owner. And keeping it neat and clean is very much necessary. It should be without any toxins or unwanted pieces of stuff.

In this article, I will be showing you only three important steps to make a website clean and up to date.

1. Removing outdated content & replacing it with a quality one

Some content you had written in the past may not seem relevant enough now. So, take a look at the readability of your current content.

Look for errors like typos, but also consider the content’s overall quality from the readers’ standpoint. Does it stand relevant? Is it both descriptive and concise enough to engage the visitors? Does it portray your business in its true sense and so on?

Think about what a user would assume about your article just from reading your website content. After all, your goal is to engage them with useful information and to make them become your potential customers.

If your content doesn’t convince you, then it is going to be the same for your readers and hence, it’s time that you move it to your trash folder or delete it altogether.

Don’t you forget to replace it with a killing content though?

A few things to follow are:

  • Check Analytics Report

In order to start out on the right track for the next year, taking a look at your Analytics Data can help you determine where you should begin, whether cleaning up old content or starting new plans.

For this, you can go to your web analytics, including where your visitors are landing on your website, where they are coming from, what pages they are engaging in?

what pages they are exiting from, and what type of device they are using to view your website and so on.

All of this information can be summarized for a year-end performance that will help you re-focus your energy and revitalize your efforts at the beginning of a new year.

Maybe you should also focus on making your content more mobile-friendly as you have been creating your website with the desktop version only.

Or maybe it’s updating a top exit page with more useful content so that the visitors stay on the page longer. There are so many great ways to dive into analytics data and clean up or organize your content based on what you learn.

  • Remove Content Sitting in your CMS

Speaking of the trash folder, you will not have realized how many revisions are sitting there in your CMS(Content Management Software) or your WordPress Dashboard.

There are times when I had 13-15 revisions for a single post, and you know what? They are all sitting right there in my CMS. So, now is the perfect time to clean up those revisions.

These are in the draft stage that’s never going to be published. Check whether there are also old pieces of content sitting in the trash folder. They slow down the speed load of your website. So, delete them.

You may also use the WordPress Optimize Database plugin to remove them. Usually, your revisions are seen in the top right corner just below the public visibility edit section.

When you have a clean working site, you will have an easier time finding and updating existing website content. Also, you are well on your way to getting rank in the search engines and your readers will appreciate your good work and follow you.

Here’s a video explaining how to have a strong website.



Attaining a great website must be the first goal. Your heart must be in it. You must be thinking of it all the time for improvement and updates.

I must encourage you to make it attractive enough to the unknown millions of fans out there to read it and get clicks as much as possible.

Otherwise, there’s no point of putting up a website with lower quality. Nobody clicks a website that’s found messed up or strewn in disorderliness with clutters.

It is thus highly recommended that your website is detoxified, enabling it to be free from any harmful substances. Anything that clogs your website must be removed.

In order to make your website clean, vibrant and a stunning page, follow the given steps:

2. Proper layout of H1 tags

On the general practice, people tend to use the H1 tag in order to attract the crawling of Google and its ranking. The use of H1 stands as a compulsory step for Titles and Headings. So whether you like it or not you have to use it for the titles and headings.

title tags ad

It has been marked that H1 tags are responsible for the success of your page. If not, it can also damage or affect your website greatly from the searches rendered by Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Yandex etc.
Remember that the title of your article is the H1 tag and ensure that you do not repeat using it twice.

Your other subheadings should start from the H2 tag and follow by H3 down the line till H6.

But normally, we do not notice webmasters using the H6 tag as it is too small to do so.

Most people tend to use only the H1, H2 and H3 in their content marketing as the golden rule of thumb for Google ranking. In a few cases, you may find H4 and the P(paragraph) used as subcategories.

Note again that H1 tag is used only once in a page which is the title. The correlation of using H tags can be done citing the imagery of a big continent. A continent has so many countries, and a country has many states and a state has many provinces and so on.

Watch the video below to get some insight of H tags.

  • SEO keywords

Then comes your SEO Keywords. These are the points of major focus in the page information. They are short phrases or sentences.

That being said, now you mark that your site contains what readers are looking for. Readers will read and find out what you are offering them.

However, if the title you had given on the top doesn’t match the content you relate it to, then they leave your site without ever coming back.

  • Keyword relevance

Keywords should be content specific. They play a vital role in the bringing of potential visitors to your page.  This is where your keyword relevance comes into play.

They link your keywords that enable the searchers to link your content through the search engines.

For your best result and accuracy, your keyword selection should be done between 2-7 words. Your targeted keywords should also relate to the content you are writing about and making it search engine friendly.

Revamp it and tweak over it before publishing. This way you can surpass it with the rest of the SEO keywords and stand out unique from among the crowds.

3. Build a social community

Building a social community is what takes your awesome business to the next level. No matter how good you create a killing content, it becomes a futile exercise without the readers.

And so, building up a list of followers within your circle becomes mandatory for a HUGE Success.

  • Facebook

Do you know how did Mark Zuckerberg change the world? He built a global community that brings people closer together.

Everyone is familiar with Facebook and the story of building a social network platform has greatly impacted human relations and the economy. Right?

Mark’s vision of community opened a door to many social media network platforms. Today you can use it by building up your own group and social circles.

Offer something valuable to your followers and engage them with good content and video tutorials.

  • Twitter

Jack Dorsey created Twitter in March 2006. It is another great platform where you can raise your voice and build up a long list of followers.

Follow your interest and share it through Twitter. Hear what people are talking about and join the conversation.

  • Instagram

In recent years, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger together built a photo app known as Instagram. This is another powerful social site that you can make use of.

Create your own file today and start collecting an unstoppable list of followers for your marketing campaign.

Following the above three simple steps, you are positioning your website to a dashing location that is fully ready for Google ranking.

I hope this article helped you learn how to detoxify and remove unwanted elements from your WordPress website and adding a few simple SEO steps for your website. You may also want to see our guide on how to build a good website.

You may also require to check our article on writing a quality content using the low hanging fruit principle.

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12 thoughts on “Detoxify Your Website with Three Simple Steps”

  1. Thanks for all your advice with regards to detoxifying a website, very helpful. I am currently updating a load of old posts as many of them now contain outdated information, it’s essential all blog-posts contain current information that is viable to your visitors.
    Like you, I am currently making my website mobile friendly, having small paragraphs is key here, rearranging does take a bit of time. however, I have realized how much my writing has improved sorting out my old posts too, heck, some of them were bad.
    I have never removed any old revisions from my WordPress Dashboard before, thanks for your advice. Every one of my posts has a boatload of revisions, this will clear up plenty of space.
    Thanks again for all your tips, very helpful,

    • Oh yes, Simon.
      Removing trashes and cleaning up unwanted elements is going to be a great experience as far as ranking our websites in the search engines is concerned.

      Old revisions keep congregating into the CMS as the draft and load the website slower. For this, I highly recommend using the FREE WordPress plugin called Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.
      All the best to you.

  2. Thanks for this fresh reminder of keeping my site neat and clean. Didn’t know about the saved revisions in WordPress. Gonna have to take a look at this one first. As you said, there’s always room for improvement and the website is the heart of our businesses.

    • Hello Felix, you got the idea right.
      Go ahead and clean up the old revisions lying there as the draft and never to be published.

      They hinder the speed load of your website and nobody wants a slow loading website. As a rule of thumb, a website should load in a matter less than 3 seconds and one must keep up to the standard.
      Use the Optimize Database plugin.

      You may reach me out for help in case of need.
      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  3. Great content. I especially like the part about detoxifying your website from old content. How do I actually decide which content should be deleted? What are your criteria?

    • Glad that you found this article great and helpful.
      One of the criteria I talked about in deleting was the question of keyword relevance or content relevance and this was shown in the concluding part of the article.

      Which means, if the title you had given on the top doesn’t match the content you relate it to, then they leave your site without ever coming back. So, such irrelevant paragraphs should be deleted being replaced by the relevant ones.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I have my website since a month ago and after I read this I realize that I have older posts that I need to modify or just create new ones more relevant.
    Thank you!

    • Exactly that’s the focus at hand.
      We should always check the typos lying congregated without much relevance.

      So, go ahead and check your older posts if they are found with any clutter.
      Delete and replace them.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thank you for this insight. I have a couple sites that lay dormant because I am super excited in the development of new ones. That said, you are correct that you can breath life back into your older sites by checking the relevance of content. I will also check my CMS as I did not realize that is another culprit for slow downloads. Also, I never realized that you should use H tags in a series of descending order … If I only use H3 throughout, am I doing a disservice to my site?

    • Hello Jim, you got the point rightly.
      Now, that you know how to delete the old revisions lying in your CMS as the draft, you can focus on increasing the loading speed. it will also depend on which theme you are using – whether it is lightweight and mobile friendly etc.

      On the question of H3, there’s no harm in using it repeatedly but not abuse. However, you should altogether avoid using the H1 tag twice to escape penalty from Google and other search engines.

      Hope this helps.

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