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Who doesn’t want to earn money freely? And it holds true when this facility can be enjoyed without any cost, right? And it gets even more exciting to know and learn about it if you are just starting out as a newbie in the Internet world. So to earn money online freely, click this banner below:

Sites Giving Free Website

Here’s what you should do –

Firstly, surf around Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, Aol, DuckDuckGo, Yandex.ru the list goes on…just to make you swallow the fact that the Internet is indefinitely so vast and is an amazement.

You will see how many hosting sites are giving you the facility of building a free website. Count the number of such sites and bookmark them for your reference. You will find that there aren’t many sites that can give you websites for free. You may check out Wix.com or WordPress.com for a reference.

Do You Receive Help?

You will find out that though these sites give you the facility to create your own website for free, you aren’t guided step by step in the building process and whenever you get stuck, you will have to wait at least 24 hours or so to get help. Mark that the help may come or may not come and it’s thus left to uncertainty

I am an internet enthusiast and had searched a lot about the commingling of this business and know that real people with real identity are making lots of real money in real time.

I really wanted to earn money like them. Had tried my hands in signing up many sites whatever came my way. In the hunt for such an opportunity, I have also lost money doing it and it doesn’t matter how much I lost.

A Never Say Die Spirit

I know that my lost is somebody’s gain and my gain is somebody else’s loss. And the loss I have had would not bogged me down. I would not stop from trying till I’d achieved what I’d wanted.

So here’s what the Muse in me said,

Money lost, nothing lost. Health lost, something lost. Character lost, everything lost.

Holy Cow!

A common humane saying that hasn’t deflected its truth for centuries together. You and I fall under this truth of Universality.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t even know how to take a screenshot before I landed up to Wealthy Affiliate. Forget about creating a dashing website, adding feature images or using arrow marks for substantiating my point of argument to the net junkies.

When I compare the Present with the Past there’s a huge difference. My Past was a good for nothing about the tips and tricks of affiliate marketing. I feel like crying and if I ever do cry, I must call it a tear of joy.

There’s now a big gap of difference as mentioned above. How lucky I am to have been acquainted with Wealthy Affiliate! And all this is possible because of the never say die spirit that has propelled me this far.

A never-say-die-spirit is the basic component for a successful business online. There are many hurdles but don’t give up.


Pick Up 3 Basic Steps

You cannot be successful until you have picked up a mentor and a few fundamental tools for your business online. Just as you are asked to produce your Character Certificate before joining any institution,

joining the world of Affiliate Marketing demands some basic knowledge. To be a part of it, learning is a must.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools and requirements for your business online. Once you sign up, you will be well on your way to equipping yourself with these tools.

1. Training

I want you to take up the training right now. You will be accessing to this training free of cost. But I must tell you that you get limited features if you are starting the training on the free version. Here is your analogy explained:

Say you are entering the House at Wealthy Affiliate with its doors opened. So you get inside and get seated in the Reception Room. But you are not allowed to touch any of the furniture other than the one you are sitting on. You can’t also touch the Decorations that surround you. Take only what’s offered. make sense?

This means anything free has certain restrictions. I must tell you that you cannot access all the available resources if you are a free member at WA. But Premium members have unlimited resources. They enjoy everything.

Pray to the angels now to give you the right training and the basic tools required for your online success. They will give you according to the size of your prayer. How absorbed you are in this prayer counts!









Begin anything with clarity. Test start with the free provision and see how things turn out for you. There are two slots in your membership. See below for your reference:

FREE Member: $ 0.00  PREMIUM Member: $19.00/month(when You signed up the first week)

2. Website/blog

Free members can create only two websites. But it’s so much worth creating even one website because it makes you learn all the important lessons of running your own business online. And also, you can interact any member of the community to help you whenever you are stuck with any issue as you learn.

Without a website, you are neither seen nor felt in the internet. It is your website that makes your customers informed about you. It is a digi-brochure or a catalogue. Making lots of money with it is certainly a good exercise.


No matter what type of business you are going to promote online. A website is a great place to showcase your work. By including a training or image gallery or say the testimonials of your work, you can demonstrate to your readers and explain what makes your business unique.

3. Content

Every website has a specific target audience, and as a result, it requires different contents. Because of this difference, your content should be broken up into varieties targeting specific group of people who are willing to read your article of specificity.

This means that your content should also be interesting at the same time to the audience it is targeted. And it must give high value from which your readers get benefits.

Your content should contain keywords aimed towards improving your website’s SEO too. It is with this that you are going to be promoting a service of your choice or a product that you are interested in.

Normally, the product or the service you are promoting should be the one you are so passionate about.

To make things easier, your content can be about:

#1. Teach English or other language classes online

#2. Make money by viewing ads on your Android lock screen

#3. Sell your service at Fiverr

#4. Earn money blogging as a Mom or Dad

#5. Tutor Students online

Do anything you want with your website or your blog. Choosing an area shown above or many more areas I just cannot explain fully here. It can include flower sales, pet rearing or any other niche you may be inclined towards including the maintenance of vehicles.

You can also talk about dog feeds or how to rare cats in a healthier way.  We call all these hubbubs as choosing our niche in the world of Affiliate Marketing online. So choose your niche from these hints properly and with care.

Start freely by clicking the banner below:

I hope you find some useful information from this article. If you have any question or any comment, you may reach me at kalopane@gmail.com

Once again my name is Phomrong and thank you for stopping by.

You may also click this button here:

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Today’s takeaway                                                                                                                                                    Adding Category to Your WordPress Post 

Go to your Dashboard, scroll towards the extreme right hand side of your page and click + Add New Category and a rectangular box will be opened, add your category relevant to your post and don’t forget to click update.


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2 thoughts on “Earn Money Online Free

  1. You have given a completely different view of Wealthy Affiliate that I have not seen yet. I LOVE IT! You touch on parts of areas that people may really need “help” on. I wish you the very best with this post and hope that more people learn about Wealthy Affiliate especially if they love to learn new things!

    • Yes, in order to learn new things, one has to stay updated with what’s going on in the net. And undoubtedly, pick up the tools essential for online success.

      We have so many sites in the internet but no sites can compete the advantages found in Wealthy Affiliate. So I encourage everyone to come and get trained from this awesome Hosting Platform.

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