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Who doesn’t want to earn money online freely? And it holds truer when this opportunity is enjoyed without any cost, right?

It gets even more exciting to know about it if you are just starting out as a newbie in the Internet world. In this article, I will show you how to earn money online free and which hosting platform is the best for you from a beginner’s standpoint.

Before we can start unlocking the sites that offer you the chance to earn money online free, here are some places where you find free websites.

How do you get a free website?

The 3 biggest sites that allow you to have a free website are:

  • WordPress – It is the most popular open source CMS and free to install, deploy and upgrade. The only real cost is web hosting and domain purchase. It’s the best blogging tool.
  • GoDaddy –  This site lures customers in with prices that look low but you end up paying $10 in the first year and more in the year that follows. It has terrible support. Here are 6 reasons why you should avoid it.
  • Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content, developed by Open Source Matters, Inc. $200 to $500 for 12 months registration. Is Joomla any good? Find out here.

Just watch how this guy is making money online with free Wix websites.

You will come to know how many hosting sites are out there to build a free website. Some are even ready to help you nail down a specific niche.

However, if you count the number of such sites and bookmark them for your reference, you will find that there aren’t many that you can rely on.

A further point of concern is how are they doing it? Can you simply jump in and start? The answer is No, I had tried that.

When I first started online, I did not have the right approach, and it cost me. I made things way too complicated when I should have had a simple and concise mindset.

If you are just starting out online, the following points need to have a fresh look.

Do you receive help?

Everyone looks for success online but the term gets diffused fully or partially with its subwords – HELP & SUPPORT.

You will soon find out that though some sites help you to create your own website for free, you will come to notice that it is hard doing it alone and you simply cannot proceed further without help.

You need a guide in the building process whenever you get stuck. Most sites that offer the free version will leave you high and dry, and all to yourself, and no one to turn to.

In a situation when you need help, you will have to wait at least 24 hours or so to get an answer. Help may or may not come and it’s thus left to uncertainty. I bet, you will not receive timely help from such sites.

As an internet enthusiast, I had searched a lot about the commingling of this industry and know that real people with real identity are making real money in real time but only with SUPPORT and proper MENTORING.

I had tried whatever came my way and also lost money doing it. And the loss had not bogged me down. Honestly speaking, I didn’t even know how to take a screenshot before I landed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

Adding feature images or even using arrow marks to substantiate my point of argument to the net commuters are some points to focus.

When I look back my past, there’s a sense of pathos. How lucky I am to have been acquainted with Wealthy Affiliate! The never give up spirit had made me stumbled upon this platform and I thank my Muse for that.

I am now basking in the glory of the expert hands of this awesome community with their undivided support and help.

See here how Jesse earns $14,000 in 3 months. There’s a massive support running undercurrent.

Right now, I can help you get 50 lessons on Online Entrepreneur Certificate and 70 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp.

The latter qualifies you to the Consultation Conference at Las Vegas each year on completion of the course and on the fulfillment of the required standard.

The basic component for a successful business online is, therefore, your determination to never stop dreaming. There are always hurdles on the way but don’t give up.

Here, the most crucial point to find your success is, you will always need a Hosting and a good Support System that solves your problems when stuck.

The amount of help you receive determines your success. Find the right connectivity to get help.

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Choose the right host to pick up the basic steps

Affiliate Marketing demands some basic knowledge to be a part of the running wagon and learning is predominant.

All you need is to tie into the basic steps and leverage that for your own success. And you know, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered on this. It has all the tools and requirements for you and your business.

On signing up, you will be very well-mentored along the way including me, and as you take the training, you will come to know how awesome the community is.

There is no dearth of help coming from 1.4 million members who are always ready to help you find the skills you need.

To start earning money online for free, you will have to close the DEAL in 3 simple parameters.

  • Training
  • a website of your own
  • adding content

No matter how good you write, speak or take actions, without the three basics, you will continue sailing in an infinite ocean of impossibilities tossing yourself from one bank to the other without any results.


I highly recommend you to take up the training right now with us. You will be amazed to notice how easy it is to crush those online problems which you think are tough.

If you start the training on the free membership, there are certain restrictions. I must tell you that you cannot access the complete resources though.

No worries, at the bottom part of this page, I will be showing you multiple ways to earn money online for free.

Begin anything with clarity. And to do that, you as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate is given 10 lessons of level ONE and 10 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp along with two websites for free. How cool is that!

You won’t want to miss this. Rest assured that you would love our community more than how I can put them in words.

Test with the free provision and see how things turn out for you. The two slots in your membership are:

  • FREE Member: $ 0.00 (10 lessons of both levels of 1 )
  • PREMIUM Member: $29.00/month($19 as a bonus when you signed up the first week)


Two websites for free is much worth creating because not only does the training make you learn the tutorials of running a successful business, but it also keeps you updated with the latest trends online; and thereby, making you vigilant on the scammers.

Plus, you stay ahead of the common crowd and learn amazing things every day. I bet, you will learn the things you had never experienced in the past.

The best part is the 24 Hours Live Chat along with the PM Box Chat with which you interact with big guns of the community to help you out whenever you are stuck or have any issue as you learn and earn.

Your website is your e-brochure or your catalog, and to generate a lot of money with it is definitely going to a fun-filled exercise. Read the big money stories here.


No matter what type of business you are going to promote, your website shows your brand that ultimately signifies your niche.

You could be promoting an Amazon product or creating a training program online. Whatever your offer is, it is your brand and that is going to reveal what makes your business unique to your readers.

Do not worry, we make you covered on everything you need.


Every website has a specific target audience, and as a result, it requires different content. Your content should be broken up into varieties targeting a specific group of people who are willing to read.

Your content should be appealing and at the same time, accompanied by useful tips like infographics, videos, audios etc. to the targeted audience. It must offer high value with which your readers are benefited.

Refer the case study of how Mathew Barby got 10,000 page views and hundreds of new subscribers by getting on the first page of BuzzFeed.

Your content should contain keywords aimed at improving your website’s SEO too. It is with this that you are going to be promoting a service of your choice or a product that you are interested in.

Invent some smart things like contacting Ariana Huffington to increase the SEO strength of your content and get you published on Huffington Post.

People are doing beyond the average, and you can exactly duplicate that or invent your own wheel to speed up your online recognition and bring lots of traffic.

Finally, to start earning money online free, you should immediately perform these steps:

1. Teach English or other language classes online

2. Make money by viewing ads on your Android lock screen

3. Sell your service at Fiverr

4. Earn money blogging as a Mom or Dad

5. Tutor students online

6. Become a virtual assistant

7. Find a work at Freelance

Check whether any of the shown areas can prove you to make a consistent income. You know what is best for yourself.

When that fails, here are 40 more ways that you can choose from and start crushing it to bring you the fastest money.


You will never get a crushing hosting platform like Wealthy Affiliate on the planet with the highest SUPPORT ever and the LOWEST cost.

Start now to earn money online and keep rocking.

I hope this article helped you to understand how to earn money online free. You may also want to read the beginners guide to earning passive income online

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Thank you

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  1. You have given a completely different view of Wealthy Affiliate that I have not seen yet. I LOVE IT! You touch on parts of areas that people may really need “help” on. I wish you the very best with this post and hope that more people learn about Wealthy Affiliate especially if they love to learn new things!

    • Yes, in order to learn new things, one has to stay updated with what’s going on in the net. And undoubtedly, pick up the tools essential for online success.

      We have so many sites in the internet but no sites can compete the advantages found in Wealthy Affiliate. So I encourage everyone to come and get trained from this awesome Hosting Platform.

  2. You made some good points there. Anybody can get started with affiliate marketing but some are scams and others simply get your started but leave you with little help. Thanks for the review and your insights!

    • You are right. Many sites leave you high and dry without proper support. This is even truer when you signed in the free membership.

      Wealthy Affiliate has the problem solved. Even if you are a free member, you can always ask for support and help.

      Thank you for leaving your comment.


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