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If you are just starting out for a business online, then you are like an infant who toddles. Just as you crawl before learning how to walk upright, there are marketing tools that will make you crawl and tools that make the walk.

In this post, I will be showing you both and the free affiliate marketing tools that you cannot avoid to make a successful business online.

Before that, watch this Youtube video to give you an informed idea of the 10 tools shown here. You may either use all the tools or skip a few.

Below are the required tools indispensable for your affiliate marketing and to take your journey to a new exciting adventure that brings result.

1.Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

This free tool analyzes the Emotional Marketing Value score. It determines your headline for a successful copywriting technique.

You should be ready to work with it every day along with some commitment so that your vision of making a smart entrepreneur is achieved.

By using this, you can find the headlines that will make you succeed

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a wonderful tool that tells you a complete statistics of your content and how many people are engaging your post in the last 24 hours, week or so on.

Using this tool enables you to stay updated and to improve the social media you are performing the least. I must tell you to use this as it opens unlimited ways to organize your thoughts.

Big brands like Expedia, HubSpot, and Yahoo depend to find their latest statistics and are using it.

3. Portent’s content idea generator

Portent site is a wonderful content idea generator. You, as a beginner, need to keep plowing to keep your website not only to quantify it but with killing ideas.

So this is where portent comes in to take off your marketing level to reach unlimited possibilities. You will simply have a jaw-dropping experience with this tool.

The Plug And Plan Killer Content Strategy that you can download on the spot speaks volumes of the free resources it offers you.

It also has an insanely large list of SEO tools. You will thank me later for showing you this.

4. SEO part

There are many resources out there. Some tools come freely while you can still check and use paid ones if you find them necessary. Tweak around for the non-paid version.

What you will first do is to sign up to Google Webmaster Tools, and then link your site with it immediately. Use the PageSpeed Insights tool to see how your site is performing in terms of speed.

Your next move is to check whether you are going along with the mobile-friendly test. Don’t you forget to optimize how your pages appear with the Structured Data Testing tool in the SERPs.

5. Jaaxy

Use Jaaxy for finding rich keywords. The tool is an amazing keyword finder that tells you to go for the low hanging fruit principle technique. High competition keywords should be avoided.

This tool will guide you to choose the right keyword to make your content to rank in the search engines.

6. Grammarly

To make your writing at its best, Grammarly is the answer. Grammarly scans your text for common grammatical mistakes. It is a wonderful free tool spanning everything you write and follow you to correct the errors.

It makes you write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web.

photo of Sarah.png


Sara Hetyonk, the manager at Talent Acquisition says she has two pairs of extra eyes when she is accompanied by Grammarly while writing.

The free tool is fantastic and missing it is missing your potential customers.

Avoid spending when starting off

While starting out, to spend a lot of money at this point is unthinkable. In most cases in this condition, people normally look for free pieces of stuff online and that is quite okay.

No matter how excellent a site may appear to be, but you will only choose the free sites that give you the resources you are looking for. Avoid spending to shiny objects.

There is no better contribution than showing you how to equip yourself with the resources that come for free. You will also be thankful.

Bookmark how you found this page in your calendar and check back the difference you had gained after six months.

Remember also that you are not skipping any of the shown steps above if you are serious to make your business rolling. They are the tools that will help you walk upright for free.

Additional information

A help received is a help shared and you can, from your own end, pass on the information to your friends. That way you make your helping hand find more eager seekers.

Here is some information that can be leveraged and passed on:

  • Get your free website                               

Without a website, you cannot show to the world what you write. The authenticity of a hosting site tells the rest of the story whether it is genuine or scam?

You may be owning a business or sell affiliate products but if you don’t have a website then you cannot disseminate your information to your potential customers.

Here’s a FREE website builder that you can make use of at Wealthy Affiliate. Sign up now and get two websites right away for free. Once you are in, use the free domain builder.

With it, your readers get accessed to your information and other useful resources you’ve already provided.

You also get 10 lessons of level 1. No credit cards required.

Your website works as long as the search engines are in good shape. It enables your visitors to click and find the information they are searching for.

Most people who search on the internet for a product or service must check the credibility of that website. Provide only good services to voice your credibility.

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. The best part is that you will be guided step by step.

  • Choose a niche to promote

The number of internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015 and is on the rise. You have the potential to become rich by simply promoting good content.

Some ideas that can give you to choose your niche are – mobile apps, kite-surfing, photography, clothing, shoes, handbags, vehicle maintenance etc.

We teach you how to judiciously select the niche you want.

  • Start sending traffic 

Your next step is to drive traffics. Don’t be confused about it. It simply means that you start adding some good articles for your visitors to read online.

Remember 3.2 billion people are using the internet searching for any topic. So the possibility of these potential customers clicking your site is a foregone conclusion.

Start making a lot of money. Rock and roll your business. Fulfill your dreams.

In the end, I must remind you again that you can start your training right away and create two stunning websites free of cost at Wealthy Affiliate.  

I hope that this post helped you to show the free affiliate marketing tools that you can use and go ahead to start your own business online.

You may also want to check how to get your WordPress site listed on Google? And do not forget to read how to generate unstoppable traffic for your website?

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25 thoughts on “Free Affiliate Marketing Tools”

  1. Thank you very much. This is so helpful to me. I am a beginner so I will definitely use the tools you have mentioned above. I really do need help in getting my business to the next level and keep going. As you mentioned, there isn’t really to spend a lot of money in the early stages of the business so it’s better to stick to the free tools available for now. Once again, thank you for the informative article, I will definitely keep coming to this site.

    • That’s a very good comment. Every member who is just starting out should try to look up the resources that are free to use and gain knowledge.
      After learning how affiliate marketing works, you can then employ your confirmed decision to go ahead and use those tools that may require some budget.

      This post has been created to make that happened, and to learn affiliate marketing without pulling out credit cards.
      All the best.

  2. Thanks for the nice article! I’m trying to build my own affiliate websites and was searching for any tools that can help streamline the work. I’ve been using Jaaxy and Grammarly regularly and loving them!

    As I’m still new to this, like you said, would be better to start off with less capital. Therefore, do you have any recommendation for social media management tools that I can use for free?

    Would also love it if you can share out if there are any pricing plans or if there’s any free subscription on the 10 tools that you mentioned here.

    Anyway, have a nice day and thank you for the nice review! 🙂

    • I hear that Wina. The tools mentioned here are usable for free though there pro version with some tools.
      For your social management tool, you may want to check out sites like Hootsuite, SocialPilot, SocialBee.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      Good luck.

  3. Very helpful information! A lot of these you mentioned I’ve actually never heard about, so its really nice to see that there is a lot more out there to help with your site as well as building a site! Great content!

    • You’re right, there are lots out there to make our business to thrive much more than what we usually presumed.
      The free tools I have mentioned here are all workable and you should make a judicious choice after some hit and trial method.

      If you come across any tool that works fine for you, then you may share and spread such good news to your friends and families.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      I wish you all the best of luck and success.

  4. Hi, thanks for the information about EMVS and buzzsumo. Now I know that there are some other tools that’s out of my sight.

    I’ll definitely consider using buzzsumo if it really helps in the tracking part, thanks.

    Perhaps, you could check out my site for the top suggestions for free WordPress themes and newsfeed subscription plugin whenever you’re free 🙂

    • Glad to know that you found this article useful. You can always go ahead and check what works best for your business. If you feel any tool that is working fine for you, then you may take your time to inform your friends and followers to get the benefits.

      I will definitely check your top suggestions for free WordPress themes when I get the free time.

      Wishing you all the best.

    • Nice to learn that you found the information useful. You can make a judicious choice of the tools mentioned here and check what works ok for you.

      You may also feel free to inform your friends and followers about such benefits.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

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