Googling Mania And Internet Learning

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The Enigma of Google

Have you been googling lately or have you ever thought of it and why? How many blogs have you posted about it? Perhaps, you are googling right now and here, there, in the past, and I know you will not give up doing it because it is the most dominating search engine that can put your lovely website on the top ranking – Holy Cow! That’s astonishing!

When Google has your website on top, the flow of TRAFFIC comes with the force of a hurricane – oh, it becomes unstoppable and this is the reason why everybody googles!

This is the reason why googling mania and internet learning is everywhere! You are part of the game and you’ve gone maniac with it as its bite is so deep pulling up your entire entrails. haha… lol.

Now, divert your attention to this.

People who are searching and tweaking anything they want through Google have become filthy rich. As a matter of fact, Google pays billions of dollars every year to bloggers, publishers and content creators from all over the world. Further reading here.

So if you want to join these successful people, you must pick up the tools they use and get the training they do. Make sense?

Yes you must do that if you want some decent income from Google. Watch this video to see some of the benefits it gives:



I believe that the mania of googling had sickened all of you. It had taxed your energy and perhaps, your mentality as well.

Not only that it had also taxed your physicality too in such a way that you ended up being humbled by its clever  tag that says, ” Excitement is next door and money is in the list” and this wraps up our knacker.

Presently, Google is the king of all search engines. It has evolved over the years giving you and me insurmountable opportunities.

It had produced so many millionaires in the past before you read this. It still continues to do so and will be doing the same in the future.

The benefits it gives is so huge that it can never be summed up in full details. Everyday is a new day of changing codes or adding arbitrary algorithms that can never be studied in toto. You see, it is like a HUGE BOOK with a never-ending pages.

So, the best thing is to carefully pick up some of the tools and skills necessary for setting up a successful business online – a website – and you can leisurely augment your learning curve later.


Nothing good comes very easy in life. And  so, to make quite a good amount of money for you and for your family, you will have to stay focused and dedicated till you see results.

Make some money with Google and never give up doing it. There’s a line that says,”winners never quit and quitters never win.” How true it this!

Google Records Your Identity And Pays You

Google records your identity. Whatever you write and submit to it isn’t lost. So come what may, we will keep doing it  as a hobby and as the hunt for some great goals.

And you know that it is the #1 tool to making your identity established. This in turn leads to enabling your presence felt amongst the billions of trafficker-stars in the net. How cool is this.

Make money with Google Adsense by following the simple steps outlined:

1.Create a blog.

2. Publish regular content on your blog (hobbies, entertainment, cooking, politics,your experiences, something            technical).

3. Apply for for Google Adsense Account.

4. Start earning for each time your visitor clicks on Adsense ads.

Further reference can be found here.

So google on… for out of your Mania will come that Manna sent from Heaven as a Pendant necklace ready to garland each and every sincere blogger. Woohoo!


Google It at WA

You will come to know that there are thousands of sites from which you can learn how to google and also learn the tips and tricks associated with it. But I have not found the satisfaction I find in Wealthy Affiliate.

The best thing for you to choose a site is the site that gives you satisfaction and security. A site that also gives you full support 24/7 when you are in need, and that can ultimately lead you to a long lasting relationship.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me a genuine training and the essential components to live up with online marketing strategies.

With that being said, I invite you to join us at Wealthy Affiliate and take your business to a higher level. I have offered you a sign up form at the bottom.

But don’t take it bluntly for whatever has been shown. You must read reviews and do more probes. Read this review for your own assessment.

Searching Ideas with Google and Learning Internet Marketing

In the search for an idea or may be looking up for the meaning of a brand new algorithm, Google rescues everyone. How important is this search engine?  Have you had any occasion impressed by Google? I want to hear from you.

Even now as you read this article, it is an extension of that search that is directly linked to giving you some awesome information you have been looking for, and it has come to be a reality.


Allow me also to say that staying close with WA and asserting myself forward, I have learned so many things about Internet Marketing. So follow me and come to Wealthy Affiliate University.

This is a good platform that has stood the test of time amidst many scamming sites. It gives you full support and make you learn from the grassroot level. It teaches you how to achieve real success online. So go and sign up at Wealthy Affiliate.

Get the hang of it and start learning Internet Marketing from anywhere or anytime as per your own convenience for a THUMPING Success online.

Open your mind now. You must have an open mindset that helps you begin to see what you can be capable of, and not just what you are.

Do not overthink in making your decision. Bring home a considerable amount of success with Google.

I am summing up here.



You can sign up as a FREE starter member.


Access here.png


Long Live Wealthy Affiliate ! Keep up your humane mission.


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11 thoughts on “Googling Mania And Internet Learning”

  1. Thanks for a very enlighting review of Google. I am new to wealthy affiliate and so far I am loving all the training and support. There is so much to learn about internet marketing and WA handles it all, really extensively. I can’t wait for the day that my site ranks well with Google. This is only the tip of the iceberg and the sky really is the limit!

  2. You are in the right platform to taking your training forward and towards a HUGE Success!

    Thanks for leaving your valuable comment on this article, and I hope that you will leave no stone unturned to equip yourself well about Affiliate Marketing as you continue roping in at Wealthy Affiliate University.

    Congratulations, and here’s to your success.

  3. Hi,

    I remember when I created awareness of mighty Google. The feeling of excitement still pushes me today to learn more and give more. Like you and me, a huge and ever-evolving number of people are looking for help and knowledge via Google. It truly is a mania!

    Also, Wealthy Affiliate is such a wonderful place to learn all the basics of how to turn this mania into a business asset. Great article. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Ivan, glad to know that this article reminds you of mighty Google when you first started off. You will definitely see the difference between the present knowledge you have gathered so far, and feel how you would be sympathising your past when you were just beginning.

    You are right in showing the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is such an amazing platform that had made what you are today and continue to go further.

    Spread the love and invite your friends showing them that here’s a Mania of googling that turns anyone looking for an online business to a Thumping Success.
    Thanks for commenting.

  5. Thanks for an interesting article! It’s very intriguing how big Google has the extent that “googling” is now a commonly used verb although sometime ago it didn’t mean anything. For us who are getting into affiliate marketing, Google almost has become an obsession as we’re all waiting and hoping to get ranked in Google. But it’s all about putting in the hard work. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who’s trying to make it in the online world as this platform has taught me tons! Thanks again for the insightful article 🙂

    • Yes mighty Google has become a daily dose term for online enthusiasts. Getting ranked on it is what every conscious marketer is vying for and had gone frenzy.

      But the thumb rule is learning how to rope in and join this marathon for a THUMPING Success!
      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you from Pro to the PhD level.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

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