How Do You Start a Blog And Make Money?

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Blogging can be a life-changing adventure. Starting a blog and making money out of it is easy when you are flanked by a community of helpers. Blogging enables you with great marketing potential.

As a blogger, you are identified an expert through your own personal website. In this article, I want to show how do you start a blog and make money?

Let’s make it simple.

But before we dive into that, here’s a brief RUNDOWN on the types of blog you may want to promote. Find out the area that suits your situation. Watch this young lady’s video.

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their sites. You must mark here that there are two very popular types of ads called Cost Per Click(CPC) and Pay Per Click(PPC).

These are banners that you can place either in your content or your sidebar. Each time a person clicks on the ad, you make money. Wow! This is freaking awesome.

When you start writing a blog post, you are forced to organize your thoughts and improve your inner working faculty tremendously.

And doing it so, you begin to learn many things you’ve not known. It kicks starts empowering you to articulate your feelings coherently and share what you want to offer to your reading audience.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

I’ve done so many things in life. Had taken up and also dropped many vocations and hobbies. Honestly speaking, I’ve tried a small vendor shop too.

Formed a music band that didn’t materialize, tried to become a policeman that didn’t click, also tried my hands to raise piggery and so on.

I’ve come a long way in the teaching jobs and have associated many private institutions. I can tell you that I have a good amount of that experience.

But all the vocations mentioned had not given me the satisfaction I’d been looking for. There had been a burning flame that didn’t die, and indeed, it had seeped through the experiences I have had.

Presently, I teach college students. So, I am a teacher by day and a blogger by night. And I feel happy with what I do presently.

I look forward to shifting it from my secondary income to primary income as time goes by.

Blogging is such an amazing experience and I love everything about it. You see, I ‘m a big fan. So, without rambling further, let’s check some spectacular ways that can grant you how to start a blog and make money.


  • Set up your hosting platform
  • Choose a niche(anything you are passionate to promote online)
  • Install WordPress
  • Select an eye-catching theme
  • Learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Publish posts and pages

And that’s it! It’s as simple as that. But how do you set up the specified steps one by one? No worries. I will update more blog posts regarding each step shown. All you have to do is check back my website as frequently as you possibly can.

Now, you will have to dissect some more features of a blog and how it can benefit you. Doing that will not only make you a better person but also equip you with additional options.




Here are some reasons to start a blog:

1. It Can Make You Money

Earning a lot of money from your blog is absolutely attainable once you reached a certain level of winning people’s confidence and grow an audience around it. You’ll be stunned to see the huge income collected.

People are searching in the net with their knuckles up, but don’t get a genuine host to start one. But how lucky you are! You have become the luck-connector and the fortune wannabe as you read this article. Another click at the bottom of this page justifies your membership.

Once you start an amount of work each day and by following the step by step shown with consistency and patience, you can no longer fail. There’s no way to derail SUCCESS from your fair share.

2. It Helps You to Become a Better Writer

The power of writing comes with practice. Sir Francis Bacon had once said,”Reading maketh a full man, Conversation a ready man, and Writing an exact man.”

So to be the exact man, you have to be a  blogger. To start a blog is but a writing spree each day. The more you write, the better writer you become.

Written words have greater value than the spoken form in most of the cultures of the world. Giving in writing is like making a pledge. You’ll be doing just that.

3. It Helps to Build Confidence

Confidence cannot be purchased or exchanged. If you see someone with incredible self-confidence, it is because he or she has worked building on it for years. The same principle applies in gaining the confidence in writing.

A confident writer is someone who scribbles his views and opinions each day in the written form. Indeed, a better writer outweighs a smart talker.

Continuous blogging helps you learn how to voice your opinions. It also helps you recognize your strength and thereby harnesses a powerful wave of increased confidence. Further reading here.


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The art of blogging channelizes you to admit and improve on your weaknesses. With the conversations that take place on you blog, you begin to hear criticisms and learn to adjust yourself with such negative vibes.

This, you will be doing it without being carried away or without losing your cool. Sounds good?

4. It Helps to Build an Audience.

As you start adding compelling content, you are building up an audience who are ceaselessly looking for information and help online. People get attracted towards the things and places they get value from. Your blog is a meeting point for that. Let people see and learn from you.

The frequency of adding your content should not be only once or twice a month. Keep adding as much as you can. The more niche-oriented your blog is, the more audience you will be building up.

Remember the huge 3 billion people looking for useful information and searching for solving their problems each day. Some people even add 4-5 blogs daily presenting solutions to these problems.

5. The Freedom to Work

The opportunity of blogging is vast and extensive. It can give you the freedom to work from anywhere and at any place. If you are like me, you can even blog with your shorts.

You’ll be free to choose anything that suits you, and making your little room an everywhere.

It becomes more a pleasure as you work on a thing you actually enjoy doing. You’ll be under nobody’s control. You become your own boss while having ample time for your family and your hobbies whatsoever.

6. You Live Forever

Temples will crumble and monuments will come to a decaying state, but a blogger lives forever. So listen to your inner voice now and give to writing. Teach anything you know.

Give what you have learned to your fellow-men. This is the higher purpose of life.

A man who lives for long years but doesn’t contribute anything for the society is soon forgotten. In contrast, you should be the one who offers some remarkable feats. The path that’s less trodden.

Have your say in giving what others don’t. So start writing your blog and lead in learning. The Universe knows very well about your activities and is waiting to reward you.

Get more exposure. Make your voice heard.


Discover all you need to know and grow your business-ebook


Finally, try recalling how you can start a blog and make money and do not wait another day. Rest assured that you are not alone.

Clarify your doubts and shoot me a question if any, and I will be very happy to help you.




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See you inside.

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18 thoughts on “How Do You Start a Blog And Make Money?”

  1. I love your comment at the end of the article about where you talk about someone who hasn’t contributed to society. I have found that through my research in to stroke prevention, not only am I learning a lot to help myself but I am putting things in writing that can help generations to come.

    I am new to blogging and this online marketing but I love where it is taking me. You mentioned it helps you build confidence. I have found that to be very true. I am not hesitant to write any longer and I always add things in my articles that let my readers know that this is my opinion and not necessarily irrefutable.

    Thank you for the great advice.

  2. Yes, it is true. Blogging can drive your passion to fruition. Not only that you are marked permanently as a contributor of value and an inspiration to emulate.
    Start your blog today which brings you not only money but a permanent name that isn’t forgotten.

    We should not be like desert flowers that wither unnoticed.

  3. Good day, thank you for all the information. I would like to know how long will it take for a new blogger to start making money? And then also how much money can a new blogger make, let’s say within a year?

  4. OK you got the article read. Very good.
    You see some serious people could make money as early as 2 weeks period mark.
    The bottom line is your determination with hard work.

    You can be given the detailed information once you signed up freely.


  5. I have thought about blogging in the past but I contantly getstuck at contentcreation. Is there something you can recommend or tips you could give?

  6. The best tip I could give is to start one. Everybody gets stuck blogging in the beginning, but your strong determination to do it pushes you to make that happened. It simply comes automatically if you start giving a little bit of practise everyday.

    Just as a craftsman becomes better by practising his craft daily, you become a better blogger the more you do it.
    If you need learning how to blog, you can join us at Wealthy Affiliate for a HUGE Success.

    Hope this helps.

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