How to Earn Extra Income from Home

How to Earn Extra Income from Home

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This world isn’t our permanent place. We come and sojourn here on Earth for a short span of time. You look around and you will see that an Oak tree outlives your life spreading its span for about 700-1000 years, right? But does it flare up cognitive dissonance? Can it earn?

The irony is that although the oak can live for about a thousand years, it doesn’t possess much value when compared to your short spanned radiant life. The reason is that we leave traces behind. And, these traces can immortalize us with eternity if they are found with high values.

An oak tree

You can leave your traces behind with much usefulness and desirability. Maybe a nice poem, an ebook, a powerful citation, a website or anything you create that points to a huge significance.

I invite you to join me and create some income from your own home. You can easily do this. The problem with many of us earning extra income from home is the lack of proper guide.

Adding fuel to the fire, there are many scammers online who pretends to be your guide. But in reality they only look for their own selfish gains and success. Is this acceptable?  Should you remain silent?

I have written a blog on this topic about the necessity of Morale Boost for Affiliate Marketing today. You can relate the blog in this website. The notion of affiliate marketing has gone in the wrong ways due to the concocted mindset many people have or the so called pseudo-gurus who look for their selfish gains only.

image of a man

So take care to see who is guiding you and offering you help. Normally, checking out some reviews in Google will be a great help in this regard.

You have to be a person who really helps and supports the innocent beginners in this field. Participate in this discussion, open forums and help eradicate the scammers. They are too clumsy for a decent society.

Be the Path Finder when others cheat. You have to be the Lighthouse when many are in the dark. This way you can shine your good work over them. You can bring your fellow brothers and sisters in the line of truth. Bring them to the assembly of the noble minds.

Teach Your Children

In a society where many of our youths have gone astray, take up the task to educate them by showing black is black and white is white. Many youths in our society today resort to getting early marriages and live without any income. They have nothing to do. This makes their lives miserable. It makes them lean towards the nearest available support notwithstanding it is vandalism, theft, immoral trafficking, gambling, drugs and alcohol etc.

The living condition of these couples are pathetic and have already posed a threat to the society because they don’t have any income of their own to support the families. And as a result, the occurrence of so many immoral activities including theft and burglary are on the rise.

Not only this, child trafficking and kidnapping for ransom are becoming a daily phenomenon. Let’s stop this. Do something.

When young parents cannot support their children for proper education and higher colleges, they tend to grasp the activities whatsoever is available in their surrounding. This needs to be scanned and given a thorough investigation.


Keep Checking

It therefore becomes highly relevant that our children need to be checked in what they do and what they don’t. They must be taught the ways in which they can lead a good life. Discourage early marriage.

When you start noticing a slight sign on theft in your children’s behaviour, you must look for any possible measure to avoid such a felony. You can encourage them rather to clean somebody’s house in a solemn way and encourage them to enjoy the wages they earn freely and openly from such jobs no matter how low these jobs may be for example.


Daughters should be stringently instructed never to run into the works of flesh trade which is a crime, and instead, they should be pressed hard instead to sweep or clean up somebody’s house even if the work is to wash the toilets and in that way, they can live life with dignity.

Give Some Time for Your Children

Most parents do not bother to give time for their children. While a growing up child needs frequent advice and supervision round the clock in matters of career formation and future goals.

It is of extreme importance that a child receives moral instructions and lawful hints as early prescriptions which are the sources for the deepening understanding as he grows towards his future aims and targets. There’s a paramount priority in giving your time to your children.


It should not be forgotten that many a girl child have been pushed to flesh trading and prostitution not by force but because of abject poverty. This needs a fresh look into the matter. And parents are solely responsible to provide favorable working knowledge with enthusiasm in their children.

Nobody in no nation can be a patriot with an empty stomach which is why you need to relate to this subject matter seriously and rescue your child from any such social ills.

So, here’s what you should do:

#1. Children love digital works more than manual works and so inspire them how to earn extra money online.

#2. Do anything you can to lead them to a genuine Hosting Platform that delivers real training in real time with real people for affiliate marketing.

#3. Show them that affiliate marketing is not an overnight’s achievement as most gurus keep shouting and that the training takes a few months.

#4. Tutor them that success takes patience and perseverance. And they can achieve it with discipline.

Benefits of Online marketing

You must know that affiliate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the recent years. Its benefits can be seen in the person of a boy who is just 13 years old called Tanmay Bakshi hired by Google at a package of 1.25 million dollar per annum. This is a mind blowing performance. Check the smartness of the boy in the video.


What the mind can perceive, it can be achieved by anyone. Still, the good news is there’s no age bar in it. You can do it. Your granny can also do it or even retirees can after having left their jobs.

Holy Cow!

A few features in regard to affiliate marketing is shown to stir your mind below:

The Lowest Cost Price

Building up your affiliate marketing online will not make you spend for a huge amount. It will cost you as little as $19 dollars a month if you become a member of our hosting site.

The cost differs in your membership and in which package your entry point stands. There are monthly and yearly fees. When you opt for the yearly membership, you can even receive lower than the cost shown to you.

No Sale Staff

You don’t have to pay extra money by recruiting sales staff for this business. You can do it alone by putting up some ads and drive traffics. And the good news is, you can even work in your bed with shorts or panties and there’s no fixed working hours.


Anytime of the day or anytime of the night can be freely chosen as your working schedules. And you know what?

There’s No Commuting to Your Office!

Your own bed is your office. Your hotel while traveling ca be your office. Anywhere where you are with your laptop, iPad or smartphone. Any damn place in the whole Globe where you get access to internet connection can be your virtual office.

Holy Moly, it is freaking awesome!

You are in Control

Your business is exclusively determined by you. No one is above you or below you. You are your own boss. And you don’t pay any extra cash to anyone when your ads don’t get clicks.


And when you get clicks and bring in sales, you divert a little amount to the affiliate program you signed up with and the rest is in your pocket.

This is amazing!

So what are you waiting for? Just join in by clicking the small banner below. It can change your life.

Don’t pay. Just start your free trial now.

Today’s Takeaway

Using Canva to Add Your Own Logo

Go to: and then click the Create a Design. Pick the generic social media site and open up the standard templates and choose any theme you like. Remember, as a starter, you may click only the free themes as some of the themes have the cost of $1 mostly.

Firstly, you must upload pictures you like for your themes and save them in your own computer. You can now navigate to your canva screen and re-upload the pictures for your logo. Click the image and adjust the size of the picture.

Next, click on the Text shown as ‘T’ on the left and choose the font you want to adding the text. You can now write any text you want choosing any font style and size and save it. Don’t worry, you will also be prompted what is to be done by the system.

Wola! You are now done making your own logo and downloaded for use anywhere you like- social media, websites or for your email marketing.

Kindly leave your comment below.

Once again, I am Phomrong Hongsha and thanks for stopping by to read this blog.

Shoot me a question and I’ll be happy to help.

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4 thoughts on “How to Earn Extra Income from Home

  1. This is really a very encouraging article! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your wealth of information with everyone. I love your approach to help our children. Excellent!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Hope that this article inspires our parents to give time to their children as well as keep them busy in creating more income for the families. Some children are earning very well which becomes so essential for many parents to see what is happening around and grasp the good works in the upbringing of their wards.

  3. I recently started online marketing and it certainly is a challenge. I am trying to pave a way for my retirement years and have a steady income for years to come. I have really been encouraging my kids to do this too, as you recommended. I think you hit the nail on the head, kids are online so much these days, why not put some of that time and knowledge to use. They are way more creative than I am. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I am going to pass this along to my kids to reinforce what I have been saying!

  4. Yes, that’s fantastic! We live for our children and there’s no greater happiness than knowing our children are doing great.
    They are far more handy with the digitized world too. Encourage them to learn the art of Online Business for a thumping success.
    Thanks for leaving your comment. Look forward to working with you.

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