How to Earn Extra Income from Home?

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An oak outlives human beings spreading its lifespan for 700-1000 years but doesn’t have cognitive skills. Human beings, on the other hand, live for less a century and yet, have great discerning power.

In this article, I want to show you how important our life is and how we can make the best use of life for accomplishing great things with a special focus on how to earn extra income from home?

Watch this video to learn 10 ways to earn extra money from home. Relate any of the skills and keep crushing it.


Now, back to the topic above. The argument between the oak and a man’s life is that although the oak can live for a thousand years, it doesn’t possess as much value as you can append to your fading life.

You and I leave traces behind. And, these traces are immortalizing vestiges that point to eternity when found with higher values.

You can do this. Try leave to traces behind that are useful and desirable. Maybe a nice poem, an ebook, a powerful citation, a website or anything that suits you to make it a huge significance.

Oak photo.png

PB Shelley in his poem talks about the powerful ‘Ozymandias’ of Egypt who once was a great king and lived with pomp and glory. But the day he knew of the king was only a story in statue form with his visage half sunk on the ground.

Nothing beside remained round the decayed statue of that colossal wreck except the lone and boundless sands stretched far away.

Here’s the kicker. Whenever the poem of PB Shelley is referred, the name of Ozymandias ties in; and so, both the two great men of history live in our hearts today. You are pumped with such amazing life stories. Read the poem.

There are people doing incredible feats and unique in their own ways in value contributions! They had abandoned mediocre works and had taken the path of the extraordinary.

In a world where the average is over, everyone needs to find their ‘extra’ in their own unique value contribution.

You may go here for some more inspiration. Pick the ideas and duplicate them for your own success roadmap.

How do you harness your value then?

Harnessing your value is finding out who you are and what you can contribute to society while also witnessing a drastic CHANGE from the current boring situation to the one that’s most amazing with massive value.

You cannot be like Adolf Hitler or Winstone Churchill, but you can still find who you are. You can’t know if you’ve got a talent for piano if you never try to play the piano.

Discover your purpose by watching, understanding and practicing what this video tells you. It will bring a HUGE change in your life. Here’s what Proctor says:

Try something that is easy and what comes naturally to you. This page will have help you acquire stunning ideas for that.

You can harness your value in the undermentioned areas. Here’s your cut through:

  • Start telling your own life story
  • Write and sell a novel
  • Find a job at TaskRabbit

The three ways shown above can enable you to find what is most convenient and track the result faster.

Start telling your own life story

You can instantly begin giving a shot at telling your own life story to earn money. Driven by the so-called human interest angle, publications are always on the lookout for something either unusual or highly relatable to draw people’s attention.

If you have an experience that fits in, there is every chance you can tell your real-life story in exchange for a few thousand dollars.

Whether your life experience is inspiring, tragic, or even comic, you may have something to offer. Here’s an incredible site that pays you from $500 per story. Join this unique herd.

A man's worth photo.png

Write and sell a novel

Every novelist has a different method of starting a novel. The following may be noted before you finally give your full thoughts given below:

  • Make an outline of your piece
  • Find out the best time routine that works for you. To complete your first draft, you’ll need to find a time and place that is most favorable to your writing goals
  • Do your research by reading some of the leading novelists in the industry
  • Write the first draft and edit, edit, edit

Consider that you’ve your prepared novel, it’s time to look for a publisher that will bring a satisfactory amount of money for the hard work.

You may now go to this site and publish. All you need is to fill up your particulars and follow the prompts. Refer here for crushing hints on how to write a novel.

The real hardship with many is the lack of a proper guide. There are many scammers online who pretend to guide. But in reality, they only look for selfish gains.

I wrote a blog on this topic on the necessity of Morale Boost for Affiliate Marketing today. You can relate the blog on this website.

Find a job at TaskRabbit

While doing some odd jobs has always been a popular way to earn extra money, some Taskers turn them into full-time jobs and earn a THUMPING amount of $2000 weekly.

TaskRabbit is a good marketing platform to honing what you love. According to Jamie Viggiano, takes pride in announcing that 10 to 15% of TaskRabbit contractors earn up to $ 7000 per month.

If you have the volition to find out the pros and cons of the platform, read the full reviews here before signing up.

If you still need roping in to nail down your talent, do not worry. Here are 70 more ways to make serious money online from home.

Erstwhile, affiliate marketing seems to be going the wrong ways due to the concocted mindset of the so-called pseudo-gurus.


Take care to see who is guiding you and offering you help. Normally, checking out some reviews in Google will be an instant help in the matter.

Be the person who really helps the innocent beginners in this field. Participate in the discussion, open forums and help eradicate the scammers.

Be the Path Finder while others cheat. Show the Lighthouse when many are in the dark. This way your good work is a candle that shines in the assembly of noble minds.

Teach Your Children

In a society where many youths have gone astray, take up the task to educate them by showing black is black and white is white.

Many youths today resort to getting early marriages and live without any income. They have nothing to do. This makes their lives miserable.

It makes them lean towards the nearest available support notwithstanding if it is vandalism, theft, immoral trafficking, gambling, drugs, and alcohol etc.

Their living condition is pathetic and has already posed a threat to society because they don’t have any income of their own to support the families.

As a result, the occurrence of so many immoral activities including theft and burglary is on the rise.

Not only this, child trafficking and kidnapping for ransom are becoming a daily phenomenon. Let’s stop this. Do something.

When young parents cannot support their children for proper education or higher college degrees, they tend to grasp the activities available in their surrounding.

This needs to be scanned and given a thorough investigation.


Keep Checking

It is relevant that our children need to be checked in what they do and what they don’t. They must be taught the ways in which they can lead a good life. Discourage early marriage.

When you notice a slight sign of dishonesty in your children’s behavior, you must look for any possible measure to avoid such a felony.

Encourage them rather clean somebody’s house and encourage them to enjoy the wages freely from such jobs no matter how low the jobs may be.

The best way is to make them start a business online. You can help them find a genuine hosting site.


Give Time for Your Children

Most parents do not bother to give time to their children. A growing child needs frequent supervision round the clock in matters of career formation and future goals.

It is of extreme importance that a child receives moral instructions and lawful hints as early prescriptions which are the sources for the deepening the understanding for future aims and targets.

There’s a paramount priority to give your time to your children.


It should not be forgotten that many a girl child has been pushed to flesh trading not by force but because of abject poverty.

This needs a fresh look. As parents, you are solely responsible to provide favorable working knowledge to your children.

Nobody in no nation can be a patriot with an empty stomach which is why you need to relate this subject matter seriously and rescue your child from any social ills.

Here’s what you should do:

  •  Inspire your child how to earn extra money online. They love digital works more than manual works
  • Find out a genuine hosting platform that delivers real training
  • Tell them that there are tremendous opportunities out there

Benefits of Online marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the recent years. Success stories of young children should be shown to our children too.

Here’s a boy who is just 13 years old called Tanmay Bakshi hired by Google at a package of 1.25 million dollars per annum.

This is a mind-blowing performance. Check the smartness of the boy in the video.

What the mind can perceive, it can be achieved by anyone. The good news is that there’s no age bar in it. You can do it. Your granny can also do it or even retirees can do it without quitting their day jobs.

Holy Moly!

A few features in regard to affiliate marketing is shown to stir your mind below:

The Lowest Cost Price

Building up your business online will not cost you a huge amount. It is as little as $ 0.82 cents per day if you become a member of our hosting site on Black Friday deal.

The cost differs in your membership and in which package your entry stands at. There are monthly and yearly fees. The yearly membership at other times of the year is $29.9 that is 0.9. cents per day.

Remember, a cup of Starbucks coffee costs $ 2.75 in the USA.

No Sale Staff

You don’t have to pay extra money for recruiting sales staff for your business. You can do it alone by putting up some ads and drive traffics.

And the good news is, you can even work in your bed with shorts or panties and there are no fixed working hours.
Any time day or night can be freely chosen as your working schedules. And you know what?

There’s no commuting to your office!

Your own bed is your office. There’s no headache to travel from home to your office job. If you are traveling, you can work with your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

You can schedule any place in the world where you get access to an internet connection as your virtual office.

This is freaking awesome!

You are in Control

Your business is exclusively determined by you. No one is above you or below you. You become your own boss.


When you put a website that gets clicks and brings in sales, you divert a little amount to the affiliate program you signed up with and the rest is in your pocket.

This is awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Just join in by clicking the small banner below. It can change your life.

Don’t pay. Just start your free trial now.

Today’s Takeaway

Using Canva to Add Your Own Logo

Go to: and then click the Create a Design. Pick the generic social media site and open up the standard templates and choose any theme you like.

Remember, to click only the free themes as some of these themes come with $1 mostly.

You can now navigate to your Canva screen and upload the pictures for your logo that you saved on your computer. Click the image and adjust the size of the picture.

Next, click on the Text shown as ‘T’ on the left and choose the font you want to add the text. You can now write any text you want choosing any font style and size and save it. Do not worry, you will also be prompted what to do by the system.

Wola! You are now done making your own logo. You should be happy to download it for use where you like- social media, websites or for your email marketing.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to make extra income from home. You may also want to check out what is the low hanging fruit principle to help you to write an SEO optimized content. Do not forget to read the article on how do you start a blog and make money?

If you have any question, shoot at me and I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. This is really a very encouraging article! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your wealth of information with everyone. I love your approach to help our children. Excellent!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Hope that this article inspires our parents to give time to their children as well as keep them busy in creating more income for the families. Some children are earning very well which becomes so essential for many parents to see what is happening around and grasp the good works in the upbringing of their wards.

  3. I recently started online marketing and it certainly is a challenge. I am trying to pave a way for my retirement years and have a steady income for years to come. I have really been encouraging my kids to do this too, as you recommended. I think you hit the nail on the head, kids are online so much these days, why not put some of that time and knowledge to use. They are way more creative than I am. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I am going to pass this along to my kids to reinforce what I have been saying!

  4. Yes, that’s fantastic! We live for our children and there’s no greater happiness than knowing our children are doing great.
    They are far more handy with the digitized world too. Encourage them to learn the art of Online Business for a thumping success.
    Thanks for leaving your comment. Look forward to working with you.

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