How to Generate Unstoppable Traffic for Your Website?

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Generating traffic is the key feature when it comes to authenticating your success online in the Affiliate Marketing world.

Your months-long effort invested with so much pain and sleepless nights may just get thrown in the dustbin when you get no referrals to your website.

So it becomes so relevant that a proper streamlining is carried out for getting massive traffic. This has to be preceded by a viable strategy that is impossible to fail.

In this post, I want to show you how to generate unstoppable traffic for your website.

Watch this video to have an informed idea:

1. Killing Headlines That Convert

Headlines are the supra important parts of your content. Even the most powerful blog post goes unread as well as unseen in the absence of a good headline.

A catchy headline is the magic sauce that engages your readers to read the information you are doling out.

Under such a situation, there arises the need that you get merged conjuring up some strategies for smashing headlines in the silence of the night if you’re nocturnal like an owl, or in the fresh air of the morning dawn.

Keep meditating what method can be the most effective way to snare your visitors. Remember, Traffic is the sole success pointer to take your business to the next level.

A website without traffic is like a desert flower that blooms and withers unseen and unnoticed.

Come up with headlines in quiet hours. You will find the smartest way to get your potential customers hooked and – bow before your content – which is the king.

When that still fails, you can go here and check up some samples that might suit your proposition of creating killing headlines.

Invest some time to check the above samples and by writing down 5 – 8 specimens headlines daily can bring you a huge difference.

That being said, be convinced to choose the headline before finally settling on the one that will drive the most traffic.

2. Choosing Long-Tail Keywords

You should be looking for long-tail keywords as another approach. Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that contain at least three words though the debate continues that two or more is considered long-tail.

Whatever it is, these keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. Go ahead and use them.

This means they’re more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms. So it becomes feasible on your part to target Long-tail keywords as they account for a majority of web searches.

If you’re not targeting them as part of your paid search or SEO efforts, you’re missing out the most important component for search engine ranking.

For instance, “Orange” (1 word) is an example of a short tail keyword, whereas “Make scrambled oranges juicy” (4 words) is a long tail keyword.

More people look for the Long Tail keywords. You have three more words in this example that people can target and visit your website.

Refer here for more insights to bring thriving results.

3. Socializing Your Content for Potential Customers

Social media marketing brings good traffic to a website and like any other online marketing technique, it is a process that needs effort, hard work and time.

You, as a content marketer, can never shy away from social media. If you are looking for a way to get your content noticed, you must stay proactive in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Mark also that you can never be successful in isolation. You need a smart way to socialize what you are offering to your readers.

And for this, you will always need 10,000 – 50,000 followers to kick-start your business for a smashing result.

Have you ever noticed the ants picking up a dead worm together? Obviously yes. The first ant, on noticing the ‘dead worm’ triggers the message to its fellow ants of the gigantic foodstuff.

Accordingly, the other ants numbering in tens of thousands come along and get the task done which is enough to keep them going for the whole season.

This scenic behavior of the ants as an analogy has to be tailored in for your success in online marketing. Ants work in groups and achieve their goal in unity.

You should be doing the same and not let petty problems and conflicts get in your way of achieving your objective. Plan out some irresistible methods with which you can get a thumping number of followers.

Some Tips to Increase Your Campaign

  • Follow as many legitimate accounts as possible to get followed.
  • Have something to share to your followers i.e. pinning your latest content.
  • Creating more likes, pins, +1s in these media.
  • Placing a widget on your blog.
  • Offer immediate help if you can solve any question being asked.

There are tens of thousands of people searching the net for help and guide. When your service solved what they want, they are ever ready to pay and follow you.

If you can implement the hints given above, you are surely on your way to drive massive traffic to your website.

4. Check Whether Your Site Is Responsive

Ensure that your website is easily accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices such as the laptop, mac or smaller smartphones.

Gone are the days when the Internet was accessed only through desktop PCs.

Today, with the fast changing world, many people have started using the smartphone to check what they want. And undoubtedly, this has occupied a bigger ratio of users.

Note here in this regard that visitors flatly leave the sites which aren’t mobile-optimized. You will want to check it here. In the process, you lose tons of potential customers.

5. Ensure that Your Site Is Fast and Lightweight

The theme you use also come into play when it comes to making a website to be engaging with the fastest loading speed.

Ever found yourself waiting twenty-thirty seconds for a web page to load? This happens with the un-optimized web page. Visitors to such a poorly optimized site leave and never to come back.

I strongly recommend you to check and use GeneratePress Theme. This blog you are reading now is from the theme.

That said, sites taking a long time to load, also skyrocket the bounce rate and that’s going to make your business stuck, and may even prompt you to begin all from the square one again.

So it becomes a necessity to make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible; including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of your plugins used. Avoid the use of too many plugins.

Any image that you use should be optimized with tinypng before uploading. This will make your images compressed and much lighter.

The faster your site loads, the better it is for your quick result.


What did you just see in the above video at the beginning of this post? If you’ve read this far, this is for you.

Now, avoid any distractions, close the door and write down in your note sheet:

  • Twitter Mass Following
  • Posting on Reddit
  • Speed Ranking Youtube Videos

No matter how many days or weeks it takes, follow the three steps.

You will get overwhelmed with your massive traffic one fine day. But you don’t know when that day is. It can be any day from now.

Be excited to keep creating your website by following the steps shown to crush your way to that awesome moment.

Remember your traffic is the ‘caught’ and you are the ‘catcher’. So what are you waiting for? Start now and no looking back.

I hope this article helped you to understand how to drive unstoppable traffic for your website. You may also want to check the free affiliate marketing tools.

And do not forget to check out how to get your WordPress site listed on Google.

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19 thoughts on “How to Generate Unstoppable Traffic for Your Website?”

  1. Hi and thanks for these valuable tips.

    The header part is the most difficult I think and the loading site speed.

    To combine a good longtail keyword with a catching title is not always possible I think. By the way, how do you find good keywords?

    The tinypng I have to try out, I haven’t heard of that and according to Google, it is the images that mostly slow down my site.

    • Thanks for the comment. And yes, regarding the tinypng, you should always upload any images to it prior to uploading them to your website. It can drastically reduce the size of your image to 60- 70 %.
      Doing that will definitely boost your images SEO optimized and give you good ranking.

  2. These are great tips especially the one about long tail keywords. Its very tempting to go for the hottest search words but competition needs to be taken into account. Nice article!

  3. Hello there,

    I really like your depiction of how to generate unstoppable traffic.
    Writing catchy headlines is really important and I always try to do this as well.
    A fast and lightweight website is a must too!

    • Yes, catchy headlines with the touch something unique always has the upper hand to driving more traffic.

      Moreover, going after a theme that is very much light weight entertains the visitors staying longer on your website.

      Do this and you are well on your way to getting huge traffic.

  4. These are great tips. I’ve been using long tail keywords, but may need to improve my titles and I’m working on my social media presence.
    Thanks for a great article. It was a great reminder to improve my titles and social media.

    • Exactly, social media and the use of long tail keywords are fundamental to the success of your business.
      Killing titles bring site visit in dividends.

      You, as a website owner, need to follow this and also finding and resources to make your brand recognized by Google is going to be awesome.

      Keep finding more ways and means to bringing a huge traffic.

      All the best.

  5. Hi,

    Great post! yes a headline can make or break your article for sure. keywords of course are another really important factor. I often have trouble with those but I think the more you study and research the better you become.

    I like your website. You explain it all so well in each post. Thank you,


    • Hi Kev,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. I fully agree that you keep researching more stuffs which eventually makes you richer in knowledge and becoming a better person doing that.

      Make affiliate marketing a fun-filled experience.


  6. Hi ,
    Like Stefan that commented early , header is not so easy to choose and if you find one you should choose one that can have a lots of keywords in order to have traffic.
    I am at begging steps with my site and I need all the informations that I can get so I think that I will bookmark your page for more information regarding traffic tips .

  7. Great. The provided steps when followed seriously will definitely bring a huge result.

    Go ahead and bookmark some of the points you have not come across. This will take you to the next level.

  8. Hi Phomrong,

    Thanks for sharing, this post it was very informative. I personally enjoyed the analogy of the ants. We are by nature social beings, and even though we may not be physically together, social media breaks those physical barriers so we can connect. Also, thanks for sharing tinypng, I use a lot of images on my site, so I will check out this site. Your site has lots of great content, I will bookmark it for future reference. Please keep creating such great content. Have a great day! 🙂

  9. Thanks for leaving your very good comment.
    The ants are creatures with high sense of socialization. We need to take cue from them and apply such working nature to bring in massive traffic to our website.

    Keep using tinypng which is a great help on SEO for images aspects.


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