How to Make Money in 2018

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Hi there,

I want to show and help you get started generating a passive income online in 2018. A year that begins with some set goals and vision documents will prove to be fantastic not only for you but also for all the people who you are associated with. What you need for this is simply a computer and a good internet connection.

Best Business Online

Most people don’t see what’s best for business. And in the process, they skip the available opportunities around them. But earnest people with smarter eyes and actions learn from the experiences of others and as a result, snowball in personal growth and wealth consciousness.

I am inviting you to come and join our awesome community where everyone is absorbed in helping one another to succeed online and aspire together to take up one’s business to the next level. Click the banner below or any other Wealthy Affiliate banners herein are all clickable for your sign up.

As soon as you sign up to this site, you will be prompted to hit the SiteRubix found on the left side of the screen. For this, you will have to find out a domain name which will best describe your niche. A niche is a product or a service which you are passionate to promote online. It’s an area of interest that you have – a hobby or a favorite game that you are comfortable with.


As a free member, you can register 2 websites in this platform. Putting up a website has been very easy at Wealthy Affiliate. Because the system guides you step by step and you have to simply follow the prompts.

After your website has been put up, you will have a page called the Ultimate Writing Platform. It is in this site that you can relate anything you want to your reading audience. It comes with a Grammar Checker. This means your writing is checked and can be rechecked before finally publishing it through the WordPress Dashboard.

The best part is that there’s no any up sells to be made. You will just fill up the given form and get started. I will be your 1- on- 1 guide and the whole WA Community are there to help whenever you get stuck. There’s no point to worry. And you are not alone.

Now, as you have your website, you gotta have some quality content in it. Whether your content is presentable or not can be found out by inviting comments and feedback from the SiteRubix. For each comment you invite, you must have 2 credits from your account and to do that, you must have had two comments already given to other fellow members within the community.

So for each comment you receive, you spend 2 credits from your account.


Then there’s the Site Feedback. The method of getting feedback ties in with the same working modality of getting comments. This way you build up a smashing website within days of acclimatizing yourself with the working system of Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s next?

A glimpse of one of the important features of Wealthy Affiliate is to know the working principle of the Site Support System. Though I cannot relate every detail of the system, I must tell you that whenever you are stuck or a slight inconsistency with any of the functionality of your website, you can directly push the site support tab that comes with quick answers for your problem.

Believe it or not, you have one of the best hosting sites in the world. It is a GIANT in Internet Marketing and has grown drastically over the years because of its unparalleled support system.
“Seeing is Believing”. So you don’t have to wait checking this out for yourself. You are the architect of your own destiny and if you are a success wannabe for 2018, check it out now. Jump in and see you inside.

A Golden Chance for the Jobless

Some companies get crushed down due to poor management and lack of growth. In such a situation, its employees are put at a loggerhead not knowing what to do. If you are a victim of such employment mishaps, then this could be the best place for you and start your new journey straight away.

It is highly pertinent that you dig into a new horizon and become an affiliate marketer. Factors like drought and famine can also cause unemployment. Not only that, low productions, natural disasters as well as retirement from certain work periphery can also be taken as attributes to one’s joblessness.

In such a condition, you are advised to pick up the tools of Internet Business which can be executed from the comforts of your own home and become incredibly successful.


Find Reviews before Signing up a Site

You must look for some reviews before signing up to any sites. It is because some sites give tall claims but at the end of the day you become a snared earthworm wriggling helplessly without getting any results as expected and, you realized that your credit cards had finally run dry and empty.

The dynamics of such fraudulent means and concocted promises of the pretenders had made digital marketing a venture for skepticism. It is therefore, your bounden task to boost up the already degraded morale of online shops.

You can be an advocate of promoting Affiliate Marketing in an honest and genuine way for real people who are in need. Though we all seek wealth and riches, it is, in the end, a question of Honor that wraps up our knuckles.

Sign Up Here

I honestly invite you to come to Wealthy Affiliate and make your online marketing rolling. This can be your playground to take your business running today. What you need is a site that delivers help and support twenty-four seven. You will be amazed to intermingle with friends drawn from around the world as a family. Our members look for extending any help that can be given to the newbies. Doubtlessly, the newbies need a helping hand in putting up websites.

The online world doesn’t recognize you unless you have a website of your own. It is through your website that you will be drop-shipping your contents and ads. In so doing, you will start generating traffics bit by bit and when your site matures, you will be glad you did that.

Doubtlessly, 2018 is Your Chattering River

This is your time. Let’s CHATTER like the river in building wealth consciousness. Let’s flow over the stony ways, in little sharps and trebles. With many a curve, let’s flow together to join the brimming rivers –

“For men may come and men may go,

But I go on forever”. Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Yes friends, SAY YES!

Your Actions today become your History tomorrow. Leave your legacy behind. A legacy of permanence and riches.


What Can You Do?

Now, as an affiliate marketer, you can choose your specific niche and promote products or services of your choice. eBay and Amazon are good selling sites for marketers and joining them for affiliate promotion is a very lucrative deal.

You can do some searches through Google and can sign up with an affiliate program after receiving an invitation. Then you fill up the forms and wait for the confirmation. It is always good to have a website already up and running before you apply to such a program. You should also be having some posts in your website along with the Homepage, Privacy Policy and About Me page.

You can learn the details of fitting in such particulars with the training you learn at Wealthy Affiliate. While waiting for the confirmation you have applied for, you may at leisure, continue adding more quality contents to your website. Your task is to give useful information to your reading audience.

Google and other search engines are interested to distribute the information you showcase in your website but ensure that your information are useful and interesting to your readers.

Once you received your confirmation from Amazon or eBay, you can append your affiliate links to your website. And if anyone clicks those affiliate links you get the commissions from such sales which is awesome.

The more useful information you add, the more clicks you receive from your referrals. And this is how your affiliate marketing comes into force to drive you home for a massive commission. Today affiliate marketing is worth billions of dollars. And there’s a mad race for it. What about you?

You can now sign up and get your business for 2018 up and running by clicking the banner below:

Referring Customers at Wealthy Affiliate

Apart from what I have shown you to earn your commissions, you can also refer potential customers by referring them to Wealthy affiliate. The big advantages of doing it is that the products of Wealthy Affiliate are:

#1. Very good products and so they sell very well. Many people find the reviews about Wealthy Affiliate satisfactory and come for the training where they get full support and are well on their way for an online entrepreneurial business. You should note that senior members who had already left the platform keep coming back. It is because the services found here is unmatched with any other affiliate platforms in the internet.

#2. The commission received is huge. Wealthy Affiliate not only offers a huge commission to its members but is also the No.1 in delivering proper training on how to make websites, offering free websites, providing an awesome community who are all the time available to extend support to those who get stuck or are unable to proceed further to the next steps.

it also has an up-to-date SEO supervision and has live webinars weekly for all members who want to join. The bottom line is that you can get comments and feedback for your just created website for a thriving and thumping business.

Many members keep enrolling each day and for every member that you refer to this site, you get almost 50% of the money charged to new members. If you are a premium member who brings in another member, you get your account credited with $23.50


Now you know that Wealthy Affiliate is there to make your business started. I really do want you to get signed up straight away and become one of our members here. You must know that the internet is full of scammers lurching around to make your pockets dry. So don’t go anywhere but sign up here.

If you feel that you shouldn’t be scammed anymore online then, this is the right site without any further questions asked. We are here to protect you and prevent other people falling into the hands of online fraud schemes.

We want to warn you not to go to the quick money schemes and other shiny objects that allures you to sign up their sites. You must also be made known that there are so many platforms out there to hook you up for the so called easy ways to earn money in the internet.

It should also be marked that we are clear and open with this fact and that you have to be careful in this business.

Be it known to you also that without your own effort there’s nothing you can gain online. You must therefore, put up a website first and learn how the whole gamut of internet business functions.

Truly, it is a factual matter that you get all the help and guide necessary for your business rolling here at Wealthy Affiliate university.

Honestly speaking, we are all taking a journey together into Wealth Consciousness in the online world. I want to tell you that 2018 must be a year for you to reckon with in you personal life’s journey as far as online marketing matters. And you are responsible for that end to materialize.

If you have been ever scammed online, this is the time for you to take a turning point. For the end of every truth is the beginning of a new truth and mind you, your quest must never die. Don’t let that quest die in you!


It doesn’t matter who you are! A caring mother hooked to the household chores and taking care of your small kids, a student trying to pay for school fees without a sponsor, a senior pensioner trying to lift the daily household budget or a part-time worker looking for a way to earn some extra cash.

Whatever your case may be, You are a special being and that speciality is to be your own creativity!

Make your quest a never ending river. Make it get larger and ENJOYABLE! Doubtlessly, 2018 is your chattering river where people can see and hear you earned. Click below:


2018 has to be the beginning of a new and beautiful journey for YOU and for ME.

“Our journey of Wealth Consciousness has just begun under the Sun”.


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  1. You have done well in representing Wealthy Affiliate. This is an opportunity for a lifetime. Anyone can start a business online using all the tools and support that is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    The free program at WA is a great motivation for anyone who wants to try it out before deciding to go Premium. With all the scams online I hope your readers will take advantage of this offer.

  2. Thank you so much for leaving your comment. Yes this blog will have an added value if its readers truly realize the benefits WA offers especially for people who are desirous of starting an online business and an extra thought on which site is a scam and which is not.

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