How to Make Money on a Laptop? 9 Freaking Ways You Didn’t Notice!

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You know it well that a laptop usually comes with thin LCD or LED computer screen. The primary feature is its portability over other bigger computers that can be carried anywhere. But the question is – How to make money on a laptop?

In order to make money on a laptop, you must have Internet Connection so that you can work from anywhere and anytime pulling out weird proceeds but not a wretched pelf with it. Haha… lol.

Pick any of the funnels out there that suits your taste – affiliate marketing or digital marketing, updating latest news, promoting tutorial courses, freelancing or anything.

The Internet of Things(IoT) is a technical term consisting of interconnected networks used for standardized communication protocols and many more features – Enabling YOU – Unstoppable Earning Online. Holy Cow!

Further reading here – You can read more information.

What Can the Laptop Do to Better Your Search And Relate It Making You Money?

Remember that the whole world gets squeezed into a small room with your laptop. That means, you get connected to anything you want to try or search on the net – from French erotic thriller to Trump’s speaking schedule on America’s startling prison system. LOL.

Watch this lady showing you how a laptop can generate income.

Start earning by following the given steps:( a few common steps that can’t be skipped over especially for starters)

  • Teach Courses Online –

You can gather a few followers and become a tutor. Your teaching session can take place through SKYPE or Google Hangouts. By imposing a small fee to your followers, you may earn a handsome income in your free time.

Sell your teaching materials if you have. Or, start an online course. I have a fellow friend who teaches Spanish and earn well.

Select a topic that you’re capable of. May be History, Geography, food recipes, strange cultures or other skills and promote them. There are people who teach computer courses too and earn well.

What a wonderful world! The internet gives you unscalable opportunities to do anything you want through your laptop. Go ahead, record some educative videos and sell them.

Earning through tutorial videos can be an exciting experience. Your video may be showing some strange insects or animals which people had not seen or heard of. Videos of unusual events you had personally experienced or anything like that.

It doesn’t matter whether it is your Second Income if you are already in a job, or your Primary Income if you do not hold a job at all. Here are some other ways how you can tap into and pique them to generating income online.

Consider this –

  • Reading Emails and getting paid

Here’s an online community that rewards you for reading emails and getting paid. If you are interested just sign up and receive daily paid emails in your inbox straight and get paid every time you confirm reading them.

You can also refer your friends and complete other offers. It’s one of the fastest ways to start earning if you are looking for faster means online.

  • Play Games

There are sites that give you the chance to play games and earn money too. Sweepstakes enable you win huge money. If you are the kinda lucky go, this is for you. You may try this first Exodus 3000.

Viewing ads and collecting tokens come in as the main features. The offers are used to gather data and collect stats for developmental purposes.There are all sorts of fun and addictive games that can win you cash and prizes.

But check the terms and conditions before signing up. You can check this one PaidGamePlayer. There’s no harm in trying as it is free and see how fortune knocks in your favor.

Have you ever heard of the Swagbucks. It is an online rewards program that rewards members with cash and prizes for using Swagbucks search engine.

This company has transformed itself into an all out Guid Partition Table(GPT) site which means allowing you unlimited amount of play games.

As you advance playing the games, rewards get congregated into credits that can be converted into hard cash that are paid to your PayPal account.

  • Fast money making tips

You have to find what are the best money making sites that suit your interest. While the search engines can produce a million of results, not all will be legitimate. It’s up to you to filter through these ads and hook one of your preferences.

Some are easier while the others can be tougher. But nearly all the shown ads require very little to no capital. You must stick on where your target is, and choose the sites with precaution for the best result.

Don’t think that I’m wasting your time. Read a few more lines to get the hell out of your perplexing money probs.

Forex, Rummy, Cryptocurrency, SurveyJunkie all promise quick money. It has been found estimated that for every one legitimate site there are roughly more than sixty scams too. Take care of that.

The reason is that many people believe that there’s a magic package out there which allows one to make a lot of money on the internet.

But the harsh reality is that money isn’t earned easily. And there’s always a less than number of reputable websites willing to give real results aggravated by your impatience.

  • Earn Free Money from PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used payment services of the world. PayPal makes money through following types of transaction. There are countries where direct cash deposit through Credit or Debit card is almost impossible.

In such a situation, PayPal comes in to solving this kind of transaction chaos.

For an item sold for $100, PayPal receives 3% payment of the sale. And as the transaction fee is less and convenient, all the small businesses have gone after it.

The way you earn money with PayPal is the ability it offers to transact money you have earned from other sources. It had referral program in the past. But now only the US citizens enjoy this facility. Looking forward that it opens up new avenues and other features in the near future including affiliate programs for all the countries.

Here are some more Headwords I want you to consider. They are considered more legit where you can pick one and jump start earning money with your Laptop. Decide carefully before choosing them though.

  • Start Blogging
  • Upload videos in YouTube
  • Installing aps
  • Start Freelancing
  • Earn on Fiverr
  • Uber

That being said, here’s the last option.

How About Affiliate Marketing?

Honestly, if you ever have the strong leaning to go for a long term plan, I highly recommend you to receive proper training to start Affiliate Marketing.

This is the most important method that allows you to have your spot in the Millionaires’ Walkway. Honestly, it will also take time.

Many gurus don’t want to unleash that truth. They will only tell you the things at the surface level and not speak out the real nature of earning money.

I want to show you the real truth that making money online takes time. You see, earning money online isn’t a get quick rich. It’s like planting a tree and waiting for its fruits – a long haul!

I had tried around 20 different programs that promised get rich quick and almost all of them were scams. They were garbages. They didn’t give me the right training.

So any guru who tells you that you become rich overnight by signing up is a liar. Don’t become a victim of such lies. Refer here for more insights.

The only way is getting rightful training. It needs a level of dedication and patience backed by consistency. This can only propel you to achieve success.

When it comes to finding the rightful skill and tools, you need to be guided for real results. Otherwise, you could be the frog in a big pond with vaulting ambitions having no skills.

Affiliate marketing needs the following apart from other factors:

a) Website

b) Hosting Platform

c) Excellent Support

Don’t go alone. It is a game that needs a mentor. You need to be guided all along the way for so many step by step training to bring real results.

So today, I’m inviting you if you need a place to teach you how to build your own website and be your own boss, check out this free to join site I use.

You’ll learn all the complete skills here with us called Wealthy Affiliate.

3 Reasons I Recommend WA to You And Wash Your Hands As Pilate Did

Reason #1. It is free to join. No risk involved and no CC demanded. Check here for yourself.(A few countries are excluded from free membership)

Reason #2. The Support is Not the same Anywhere.

Most sites don’t give you the answers when you are in dire need. They shy away from giving you the right guidance too. With WA, the support is freaking awesome. You will see this yourself. Believe this.

Whenever you get stuck, you need someone to help you and give you the solution. You will always have questions as a beginner and I feel every pulse of it and when that happens, WA can give you the answers.

There’s an online Live Chat 24/7 that you can use at any time for clearing your confusions and doubts. You get your help immediately. It is amazing.

When your website runs into any technical problems, it is hard for a newbie like you to handle the things alone. The Technical Support Team is so good here apart from the amazing help you’ll receive from the Live Chat from other members.

Reason #3. Legitimacy. It teaches you honest ways to make money through your own hard work. You’ll come to know which sites are scams or genuine.

The best way to have a peaceful earning is through your own efforts and not by cheating innocent people.

Here’s a strong impact in this community to exercise assessing legitimacy and destroying the scammers. Read more on the scammers here.

Finally, having shown the ways to start earning income from your laptop and having invited you to join my community, you will think twice before you dive in straight to start your training.

Of course, dedication and consistency are the two major attributes to get your business rolling, and your long awaited journey online for results you didn’t believe!

Your success is guaranteed.

If you are you ready, you may hit this blue box below:

Access Here Button.png

Thanks for time and if you have any questions, just shout and I will be happy to get you connected anytime.

Wishing you a THUMPING Success.

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23 thoughts on “How to Make Money on a Laptop? 9 Freaking Ways You Didn’t Notice!”

  1. Hi there, it certainly is a minefield out there. I wasn’t aware of the statistic that for every one legitimate site there are approximately another 60 scammy ones out there. Sadly, that doesn’t surprise me.

    I think that whilst there are lots of legitimate ways to earn extra pocket money, there are ways to earn more sustainable and longterm money through affiliate marketing. Getting the right training upfront is absolutely key. I hope your readers take your sage advice.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Indeed, affiliate marketing tops all the other income generating fields.

      Getting the right key is to sign up at Wealthy Affiliate. You have a success story to tell if you register right away which is FREE.

      There’s no harm in checking out stuffs freely.

  2. Wow, what a great post on how to make money on a laptop. Some very thought-provoking facts about your content. I am impressed with reading it, and feel like I have learned something new.
    I would find that it is very easy to read and VERY easy to digest.

    Thank you very much, my friend,


  3. Feeling happy to learn that this article provokes your thoughts. Still happier to find that it’s easy to read and digest.
    May the magic of laptop bring much success in your online journey.

    Thanks for your worth applauding comment.


  4. I never knew you could get paid for reading e-mail messages. I may look into that idea. Thanks for sharing that. But, I am more interested in developing a passive income. So, the affiliate marketing strategy interests me most.

  5. It is true that the Internet has opened many ways of making money online. Most of the ones you listed here require time. That is, in exchange for time spent (and effort too), we get paid. That, to me, is not ideal.

    What is ideal is your last suggestion – affiliate marketing. Now that is true passive income! Ok, fine, initially there is a lot of work – setting up the website, writing blog posts, admin, etc.
    But at some point, it becomes less work, and more money making. And in that sense, it becomes truly passive income.

    Imagine having a great time relaxing at the beach while the website is making commissions from work already done. Fantastic!

    Thank you for this very helpful article. 🙂

    • Tada! that sounds a great advice to all the beginners who are lost not knowing the right direction to go to.

      Indeed, your reinforced suggestion about taking up Affiliate Marketing has overshadowed the rest of the other options.



  6. Thank you for this informative article. I’m using PayPal but I was not aware of the advantages of using it.
    I have a question about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join, but for how long can you be a starter?

    • Glad that you’re using PayPal and hope you’ll check the available advantages to your favor.

      Regarding the membership query as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can be a starter free member as long as you like. But it comes with certain restrictions.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for your really thorough review, you have lots of ideas and suggestions to consider. It’s like a minefield out there and we have to be so careful not to get caught up in the scams and ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.
    I am fairly new to Internet Marketing but already I have seen a few scams. However, I feel in very safe hands at Wealthy Affiliate and the support and training are second to none.
    I recommend the platform to anyone who is looking for a legitimate work at home business.

    • Happy to know that you found this article useful and informative. You will no longer be scammed again with your membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Like you said, the training is excellent with the amazing supportive community.
      Spread the love and tell your friends or anyone willing to take a genuine training course for online success.

      All the best to you.

  8. This is an exhaustive explanation about making money on your laptop!
    When I was a newbie to online business I also tried several money-making schemes. But you are correct that making money online is not that easy. Most of the schemes and platforms are promising quick results but if you are a newbie, even if it is a legit one, the effort you exert is not worth it. Not to mention the cost.
    I am glad I found the platform of online marketers with helpful community, step-by-step training, and support available anytime.

    • Yes, that’s it. There are so many schemes and scamming sites out there enticing you to believe making money straight away which is not so.
      The best advice for newbies is to read reviews of the sites before they are signing up. And not to believe any gurus promising huge money.

      Making money online takes time and a lot of efforts.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Thanks for providing some of the ways that one can earn money from the Internet. One does of course, have to weed out the scams and I don’t think that there can be any site out there that could actually do that for anybody, for the simple reason that there are new scams popping up every day. So, one does have to keep their eyes open at all times! As in most cases, learning to do something correctly is probably the safest, though not quickest way to make money. Putting up a site of affiliate sales requires time but if diligence, perseverance and taste are put into it, one can be on their way to huge profits in not such a long time. However, one has to put in the work before they can enjoy the rewards. Thank you for an enlightening post!

    • Oh yeah, you are right that doing something correctly is the safest. And putting up an affiliate sale on a site also takes a considerable amount of time, but we must keep working on it without any doubt.

      Thank you for taking your time and to have left a valuable comment on this article.
      All the best to you.

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