Is Money Bothering You?

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Is money bothering you? What do you feel when your pockets run dry or there’s almost no balance in your credit cards?

You become are restless. You feel worthless and don’t want such a situation, right? A recent study from Yale University found that it is possible to get a bigger bang for your happiness with money. It’s all about how you spend it.

Before we dive into the details, you will watch this YouTube video how to start making money in 3 ways.

What they discovered was that spending money can, in fact, increase your happiness if it’s spent in a way that makes you happier. In other words, consider who you are when you make a purchase, and that could make all the difference.

There are divergent thoughts on the rating of money though. But in most cases, without it, your head spins, you feel like running to a friend to borrow some money. You will do anything to suppress such financial infirmities.


There is a saying, ‘Life is the topic, money is the tool’. Yes, it’s damn true that money is the driving force to do almost everything and to fulfill anything in life.

Suppose you meet a long-lost friend. And you want to buy him some drinks, but if you have no money, you’ll feel odd and helpless. So to avoid such embarrassing situations, you must emulate the following steps to have a lot of money.

Find a second income to help you stop bothering you by money matters. If you are really serious, I want you to read this page till the end.

What should you do?


To give you the best answer and to help you get rid of your money problems, you must decide today to make some pure cash and to make it happen.

You can adopt so many strategies to increase your earning potentials from the online world. Some of the things you can immediately start are:

  • Post video on YouTube
  • Sell products online
  • Sell used books on Amazon
  • Start a Shopify e-commerce store
  • Do gigs on Fiverr
  • Sell services on Upwork
  • Manage Social Media ads for clients
  • Become a babysitter
  • Start virtual tutoring
  • Drive for Uber
  • Build an online course
  • Create a webinar for your clients

The above are some of the areas you can start researching right away that fits your convenience by choosing one or more and keep crushing.

But honestly speaking, you will also need some basic knowledge of the online tips and trick to keep you in the know and how you can use the methods.

The best unfailing step would be to enroll in an affiliate training platform that delivers.

1. Find Your Training Platform

I want you to find the right training platform. Although online affiliate marketing is a prosperous and thriving business, it also has its own negative aspects purported by the lurching, greedy pigs called the scammers.

They keep duping people and luring them till their credit cards run dry, and you know what? Innocent beginners are mostly the victims.

So if you have no experience, it’s good that you find a mentor or find someone who can translate your doubts into clarity. This will help your business set up with a proper foundation.

Boldly, I can tell you that I have seen a lot in my 8 years journey online and must warn you never to go alone as there are many shiny objects to pull you down.

I strongly recommend you to come to Wealthy Affiliate and start your training with us. You will be amazed by the support you receive from the community.

I must tell you to check it out and see how much you will learn in a few weeks time. It makes me glad to be a member of this site and honestly, I have not come across this kinda platform in my online journey.

Some websites simply assigned you truckloads of a task and never come to the subject proper. They don’t train you but prolong your time by engaging you with unnecessary steps to make you hang on for the monthly subscriptions.

But Wealthy Affiliate will help you start from scratch and plunge with the tools and skills required for your online success packed with 1.6 million plus members who guide you when you are stuck. Rest assured that I will be your 1-on-1 helper and guide.

How cool is this?

As soon as you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taken to the SiteBuilder page as shown below:


It is on this page that you will put up your own website for free. Building your website is easy. You will also get instructions and guidelines as you continue building it till your site is up and running. You will simply follow the prompts and it’s that simple.

2. Choosing Your Interest: Niche Hunt

Your next task is to find out what field you are most passionate about to promote online. You can promote novels. Find out who is your favorite novelist. Become an advocate of this novelette.

Promote it. Talk about its romantic or sentimental character. Show to the world which novels they should read and receive the value you are providing to your clients


Pet rearing can be a wonderful niche. You can show what pets and what food would be most beneficial to the pets. The remedy or tonic you have in mind to tell your reading audience whenever such pets get sick and so on.



Vehicle maintenance and vehicle repairing can be another thriving niche. But you must note that any niche under the sun thrives equally online. If you are passionate about vehicles and repairs, the is the right niche choice.

These few niches are shown to help you grab an idea. You can promote anything from your chosen passion – fishing, bee hive keeping, flower gardening, fruit juices etc. are some more examples.

Hey, look into your own nails and promote about nail polishes if you are a lady.


You can promote one or all of them. There’re no rules that you should stick on a specific niche.

3. Start writing your content

The next step is to start adding content on your website. Online marketers say content is king. But I want to say that content is a messenger that gives massive value to your clients.

Continue adding contents till you have a slot in Google ranking. Then there you are! Getting ranked in search engines is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever come across. A good content can make your customers coming back to you.

You can show the way you earn and how you deliver valuable pieces of stuff to them. You can also teach them how you learn these things and eventually you snare them under your hook.

Show them the way and offer whatever you have picked up from your online experiences to these visitors. They become your referrals as your relationship improves.


4. Attracting Visitors And Earning Revenue

Google doesn’t recognize you till you’ve put up a certain amount of workloads. Consequently, adding more contents become answerable to the number of visitors and your ranking in Google.

The more contents you add, the better chance you have for Google to make your site visited. Ranking in Google is the zenith of your online success. And no question asked.

In this line of the discussion, I must tell you that ranking can be made easier by adopting the method called The Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search and the Alphabet Soup Technique.

As there are thousands of competitors out there, finding the rich keyword search becomes indispensable.

There are great tools to implement this method. But the easiest magic sauce is to get a tool called Jaaxy. This tool is an amazing device that helps you pick the right keyword.

It gives you finding out the level of competition by comparing QSR(Quoted Search Results) and the KQI(Keyword Quality Index). Once you understand these two terms, you’ll fare very well and bring amazing results out of your hard work. Refer here for your full understanding of the keyword search terms.

I have a short video explaining how you can easily embrace this technique. This is a technique not revealed by most gurus online. Check this below:

Make use of this technique and start writing killing content for your followers. This will bring you massive traffic and push you to the Highway you’ve been looking for long.

There are tens of thousands of people online searching for any topic. If Google adds a slideshow of your site for a few days or weeks, guess what?

Your site comes out with the force of a Tsunami and boom! it takes off!

You will realize that you are already an online entrepreneur who is earning filthy huge. Woohoo!

As life is the topic, and money is the tool, start earning some passive income online and boost up your spending power.

Don’t overthink it.

I hope this article helped you to understand the power of money and how you can start earning with the right training.

You may also want to read how to generate unstoppable traffic for your website? And do not forget to read how to get your WordPress site listed in Google. 

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8 thoughts on “Is Money Bothering You?”

  1. Hello friend,

    I surely agree with you. Having your pocket run dry isn’t an easy thing at all. Some of us, being such situations make become so anxious with nothing else to do.

    So it is not a good experience at all – to have your wallet, or credit card run dry with nothing to support yourself financially.

    I have seen your recommended training Program Wealthy Affiliate. I’m glad you have introduce such a platform to me. I really like the fact that they teach how to build your own website.

    I will surely give it a try and see how it works. But My question is, do they allow you try their training program for FREE? and if so for how long?

    • Glad you landed up to my blog. You see Wealthy Affiliate offers you 2 websites for free and you can remain a Free member as long as you like.

      However, you will not get all the amazing features Premium members are enjoying in the platform. Say getting referrals and writing killing contents are worth noting.

      See your free trial and build 2 websites first. Rest assured I am here to help 1-on-1 for you.

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