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Reading awesome online reviews for your business to get started is going to be a great experience. It is through this approach that you take any business on the right track and for the fastest results.

Have you read any Jaaxy Reviews? If not, you’ve stumbled upon the simplest way to get your Keyword Search so easy for getting it ranked in the search engines.

Most people will never know about this amazing tool and how to use it. But for you, you are so fortunate that It’s like getting a secret gem pulled out of the ground.

Why should you use Jaaxy and how does it relate to getting ranked in the search engine?

Most people who are just starting online keep adding content in the absence of SEO procedure and make their hard works accrued like neglected furniture in the house before the search engines. This makes their articles to take a very long time in getting indexed.

Writing a blog and posting it for your readers is never complete until you have applied the principle of the Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search or the Google Keyword Planner. And this is where the use of Jaaxy comes in to give you the easiest method.
SEO tactics to harvest tons of organic traffic to your website is another separate area which each of you should get hold of.

A logical hierarchy of ordering your keywords and understanding optimized content helps search engines to better understand exactly what your website is.

Therefore, your first task is to venture into this realm of putting your content in a neat and properly optimized website.

Finding Keywords with Jaaxy

A keyword is a good substitute for a subject search. It means a topic that is intended to get rank in the search engines. When you have chosen a specific topic, you should always see to it that it has a low competition.

If you are going after a keyword that has higher competition, you must understand that your chance to getting ranked in the search engines becomes very bleak.

A smart marketer knows very well what is best for his marketing campaign. This is where the question of the long tail keyword and the short tail keyword come into play.

If your goal is to rank well in the SERPs and draw as many qualified visitors as possible through your content, long-tail keywords are going to be your best friends.

For example, “writing” is a Short Head Keyword. It may have a lot of searches in the web. However, it is not targeted and so your rank for this keyword pushes you towards a fierce competition. Your ranking is undoubtedly blurry here.

On the other hand, if you go for the Long Tail Keyword “Writing Club for Retirees” it becomes better defined and provides to a very specific audience, i.e. retired people looking for a club and your rank is well on its way.

Long tail keywords improves your rank on search engines, helps you choose powerful keywords for your business, and even places tags or page titles on your site per se.

Google Reacts to Your Keyword

Google sends out its spider to crawl the web, going from link to link creating a web and cataloging or indexing what it sees. As spiders gather together all this information, they break down and prioritize which keywords should be picked up.

Long tail keywords always have the better chance and are retrieved for indexing.

There are lots of keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Moz’s Keyword Explorer including Keyword Tool SEMrush. But all these will take you months of research and hard work. They are all good tools though.

Selecting Keywords for Ranking

Jaaxy gives you the opportunity to track your historical rankings. As a result, you stand at a vantage point of monitoring and keeping your website with ease and authority.

Making choices of the keywords you have used earlier becomes so convenient with it. And re-using those search terms for prominence and improvement is so easy. Not only that, pulling back from using any keywords when felt not significant are the endless possibilities with this tool.

It allows you to go after new search terms which you think are relevant to your niche and to reinvent your chances for ranking them well. So your choice for the right keywords becomes strikingly fluid and conveniently selective.

Search Analysis Makes You Stay Informed Ahead of your Competitors

Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Find out with Jaaxy. Reveal your competitors’ keywords. Examine your competitors’ link profiles and so on.

Business owners don’t often know who their competitors are online. The quickest way to determine who your competitors are is to search your own keywords in Google.

Your competitors are those websites that appear at the top of the search results. Having identified your competitors, you can run your own strategies by adjusting and tweaking your SEO keywords.

Analyzing your competitors’ positions and finding out where your rank stands is definitely made easy with jaaxy. Off-page factors like the quality and quantity of signals such as social media and back links received from other partners can help you determine your own conclusion.

Good content, headings, titles and keywords selection are the primary sources for you to keep aware of your on-page factors.

This means that the adjustment you create with your website while upholding these factors are of extreme importance to make yourself well-informed and staying ahead of your competitors.

This also hints to the necessity that you, as a business owner, should know what are on-page and off-page SEO factors. And how you can relate these factors to your website to have authority and without any clutter.

For, when all is over and done, it is the ranking at the top of Google page that counts for massive traffic.

Using the data provided, you can make decision on whether to optimize for a particular common keyword or whether it would be better to focus on a new keyword triggers more relevancy to your choice.

As Google has its own algorithms and set rules, it is highly recommended that you check some of these basic statistics which you can break down and use them for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is going to be an amazing experience using the Jaaxy tool for SEO optimization and taking your business to the next level.

The Alphabet Soup Technique

Finding suitable keywords for PPC campaigns or SEO queries is often a challenging task for the beginners. See how I come up with the word ‘blogging’ and typing in an additional ‘c’ and see that blogging course, blogging camera, blogging career all crop up.

Actually, intention in me was to search for ‘blogging club’ which means that I was yet to type three more letters after the c; which are the l, the u and the b. See below:


google search.png


From here, you can come to the conclusion that the Alphabet Soup Technique is the tens and hundreds of possible words shown to you with every additional letter. Make note of this innumerable latent energy to woo potential ideas.

This is crazy!

Simply type in the word you are interested in and a lot will be shown, giving you an array of more ideas that can be investigated and carried out for more searches. Mark again the unlimited potential it offers.

But again, this is just made more simple by using jaaxy. It speeds up the process and specifies the targeted keyword. With this, you can unlock millions of niches and keywords.

Brain Storming Feature

This tool has another feature that’s called the brain storming. In Google Keyword Planner, your eyes will be teary over as your brain is bombarded, as well as bull-dozed with data that require a huge learning curve to understand.

But Jaaxy is easy to use and you will never have keyword ideas running low with this amazing device.


jaaxy data.png

Affiliate Program Features

Jaaxy offers you many features along with affiliate programs. You will earn 10 credits each for every person you refer to it that signs up for free. If you get a number of free sign ups by just sharing the benefits of using Jaaxy, you can use the tool full time for free.

You can also directly read and click the commissions received by affiliates from product websites like ClickBank, Digital River, LinkShare etc. from the Jaaxy tool itself.

The free accrued credits you got from your referrals are more than enough for you to maintain the fees.

The free members that you refer to Jaaxy become your referrals for life. If they upgrade anytime in the future to a Pro membership, you earn $8/month or $80 per year as affiliate commission.

Additionally, if your referral upgrades to an Enterprise Membership, you earn $20/month or $200 per year as affiliate commission. This is amazing!

This Jaaxy tool offers 30 free searches to every new sign up and so you can use some of them trying out their alphabet soup technique or the Low Hanging Fruit Technique.

Final Thought

There are multitudes of keyword planners and tools out there available for you to check and compare with your own volition. And I am very much in favor of any device that gives value and reliability.

I’ve also checked and tried quite a few of them. However, I’ve not felt the thrill received in any of them as much as I received from Jaaxy.

That being said, I must encourage you to WORK SMART and choose what’s best for the fastest results.

The reason is the tools I’ve tried are simply tough and sophisticated and not user-friendly from the beginners’ standpoint and this wraps up our knuckles for this review.

I strongly recommend you to check this out and start using it. And, say most importantly, goodbye to the gut-wrenching stress for keyword searches with the power of Jaaxy.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this blog.

If you have any comment, kindly put it in the comment box below and I’ll very happy to connect you.


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  1. Jaaxy is a highly prized tool in my arsenal!! It has value (even at Premium level) to the big name tools out there that cost up to 4 times as much!

    Any sort of itnernet presence NEEDS a SEO tool. I find Jaaxy helps even with brainstormed ideas, or concepts, that often develop into multiple article ideas!!

    Content, content, content! Great article, looking forward to more in the future. Keep it up!

  2. Yes, this tool is amazing and it’s definitely user friendly from the beginners’ standpoint.
    Using it will definitely boost up faster results and avoid running into the wrongs.

    Thanks for your warm comment.


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