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Welcome to this minuscule world of the lilliputians analogy. You are supposed to be Skyresh Bolgolam, the royal high treasurer of Blefuscu. Don’t allow your treasures untapped. Order the yahoos to chain the Houyhnhnms. The yahoos are your energy and the Houyhnhnms represent the negative forces in you. Start exerting your rights.

Disseminate your potential to make the world know who you are. Start writing blogs and spread your articles about who you are and what you want to promote. Get into affiliate programs. Get started:

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Hottest Topic of the Year


Just a 20 years old girl Alexandra Andresen could make $ 1.2 Billion fortune through internet entrepreneurship and leads a stellar lifestyle in Germany.


Evan Spielzel, another 25 years old boy, the CEO Snapchat accrues a thumping fortune making him as the youngest billionaire of the world.


YouTube posting makes Captain Sparklez for his how-to-video-on-youtube another fortune worth more than $8 million and there are tens of thousands of entrepreneur icons on the net. I am joining them.

What about you? where do you stand today?


What is the secret key of these success stories?

Even young boys and girls are making a lot of money. Click here to read the stories of these children. They are making use of their time wisely. They are helping not only more people change their lifestyles but also give donations and charities. There must be certainly a way that has led them to the roadmap of their success.


They had a dream each. They were passionate to get hold of that dream no matter come what might. And with consistent effort and a never-say-die spirit in themselves, they achieved their goals.

So, it is your turn to keep searching. To keep blogging. And also to keep contacting whoever you can, and find out whatever information available at your arms’ length that can propel and lead you to that desired destination.

Keep improving the person in you till you become a living packet of energy. Heighten your passion with extra force because you are a special person as anybody else is. Have the attitude that you are already wealthy. Attitudes are more important than facts.

Make a Lot of Money

If you cannot excel with talent triumph with effort and always remember that an ant on the move does more than a dozing ox. You can be an ant pacing slowly but with consistent work.

But we cannot just download a software and pump out a lot of money from it. Making money has to be learned. It has to be acquired through some fundamental basics. Learn the basic steps at Wealthy Affiliate.

Applying these steps will take your time and some hard work. But I guarantee you that it can be achieved.

The road to success is not a magical potion that can be purchased from the market as you know well. But with hard work it can be achieved.

So many people have gone a long way ahead of us. But we can still join running that marathon for a lot of money.

“Money, money, money everywhere, but not a single penny in my pocket”. Will this expression be your motto? Your theme of argument or your desire? No, my friend. It isn’t that way, puh!

Then what are you waiting for?

Shift your vision with the clarity that you are prepared for this. How amazing your life would have been with a lot of money to buy the things you want and feed your family members whatever they want. How freaking awesome you would have felt about you and your life that way.

Get started. To have a lot and lots of money in your pocket.

Believe in yourself and keep pushing forward no matter come what may. Believe that you are already receiving your desired goal as you work, for your toil also has its own space of reward and victory in this universe and isn’t meant ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Take the Road Less Taken

Most common people live life for the sake of living. They don’t bother to improve life nor do they bother to acquire more knowledge and opportunities this life offers them. You should not walk the road they take. Take the road less taken. Take another extra mile.

Let’s keep our path trodden to that Golden Highway till one fine day we all come blasting out with an explosion of massive success and surprise the whole world.

Let Wealthy Affiliate be your courtyard today. Make it your playground.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing this post. This is inspiring and motivating to continue your journey with Affiliate Marketing and how successful one can be if they do not quit. I like your suggestion of trying things people aren’t doing. If you want to see results sometimes you just have to try other methods that you can come up with yourself. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Keshi for your comment. Yeah… most people usually look only the conventional way of achieving success. Here, in my article, I want the readers to be creative, innovative and see things in whatever way possible as they climb the ladder of success.

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