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Life is to enjoy at its best. Live long. Live freely.

Unfortunately, we are born without all the comforts that surround us. We have to find out what is accessible and what is not.

You know very well about yourself and no one is above you to define the kind of person YOU ARE!

Even your beloved mom, who conceived you and bore you for 9 long months with difficulties, before you were born as a child, fails to give the sum total of your exact definition. Because no one can see through the unconquerable will power in you.

It’s you and you alone who understand you and can define yourself exactly what you are. It’s you who can create and recreate your dreams come true in life.

Having said so, see that not only uncles and aunties, friends and relatives, presidents and rickshaw pullers, teachers and writers, but you and I inclusive, have ONE THING in common – TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE.

This image below shows the rich man on your right and a poor man on the left. Which one do you prefer and why?


Success is a word that haunts everybody. I know you have this craze deep inside of you. If you do not possess this craze, don’t let me tell you that yours is a worthless living.

Pick the Tools for Success

Come and follow what I am showing you today. You don’t have to do eight years long research for this. Simply pick up the tools I’m offering you and learn the techniques.

Believe in it and give all the attention you can. You must not let any doubt or hesitation infringe your psyche and push you the other way round.


You should always bear in mind that you find some reviews before signing up a particular site. Find out how long has the site, in focus, existed? Its past records and what people are saying about it. Also, the services offered by it and so on.

Follow Me at My Hosting Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is my Hosting Platform and I love everything about it. I was a good-for-nothing before landing up to this site but now I understand how to become a successful marketer online. I want to help you also to succeed online. You must find out what’s all this rambling about.
With this site, you will learn how to:

#1. Build a Website

#2. Take Screenshots

#3. Make a post Static or Dynamic

#4. Put Feature Image on Posts

#5. Resize Images for Posts or Pages

There are series of lessons in the pipeline that I will update as posts in the next upcoming episodes. Turn your neck and keep watching. For today have these five lessons handy.

You will click this banner below for signing up.

Building Your Own Website

For a person who is just starting out, building a website seems almost near impossibility. I have done that for myself and doing it without any foundation is to obtain a funny result and invites laughter. Don’t go alone. It’s not a matter of privacy.

Taking Screenshots

Taking a screenshot is an amazing experience especially if you aren’t a tech savvy. You use screenshots when you want to supplement your explanation with images. It is a very helpful method to show your point of argument in online activities.

Make Your Post Static or Dynamic

There are times when you want to make one of your posts static or say you want a post seen and read first by your reading audience. For this you must go the Dashboard and click Appearance through the Quick Edit Section in WordPress. This way you can make your post static as the Landing Page.

Remember that your website needs speed to load fast. Otherwise, your potential customers go away if your site loads slow. Normally, a site is expected to load in a matter of 2-3 seconds in order to make your readers stay and enjoy reading your killing contents.

It becomes relevant that your website must load fast. However, trashes in your site slow down the load and here’s a quick video to remove such trashes.


Inserting Feature Images to Your Post

After writing articles and posting them in your website, you must have at least one picture to explain the theme of your content. Content is king but a content without supporting images lacks completeness and readers’ attention.

Most of the articles you have drafted for your page or post need images to drive the readers to a proper understanding. Just as actions speak louder than words, images increase the power of your explanation and help your outlined paragraphs to augment.

If you are serious about finding success online, don’t go anywhere. I will give you all the required tools for your business. Which is why you need to be on the lookout for the latest updates in my post.

You will not only find contents but the necessary hints to making you an online PRO.



  1. Great Article and I think you nailed it! We all do desire success. For some, that means a happy healthy life and for others it is monetary. Doesn’t matter really as it is for ourselves and how we define success.
    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only training platforms I have seen that truly DOES deliver and with that being said I encourage your readers if they are looking for that ‘success’ and ‘knowledge’ here is where you will find it.

    1. Awesome comment. Thank you so much for this. And hope that many friends who have the passion to learn and looking for success will surely come to Wealthy Affiliate and discover its courtesy in ONLINE MARKETING.

  2. I believe that Wealthy affiliate is one of the best places for anyone who wants to start a successful online business. There are many persons who are making a good full time living from learning what they have learned here in the community. I would encourage anyone to become a part of wealthy affiliate.

  3. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to learn the basic tools of internet marketing not of the fact that I am a member of this. I encourage everyone to do some research before signing up to any sites. The support and the cost efficiency.

    Thank you for commenting.

  4. Very detailed and good article you have written here Phomrong, and I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the very best platform to learn and grow on online business and have the life we deserve to live as FREE human beings on this beautiful planet earth!
    I am encouraged by your positivism and drive!
    Thank you for this!
    Cheers — Orion

  5. Thanks Orion for your comment. Yes, we need to live freely and with the sense of freedom, comes happiness and wealth consciousness which, by far, is the highest value life can offer.

    To attain to that end, I encourage everyone to come to Wealthy Affiliate for the genuine training.

  6. Very deep and so true. WA is an awesome resource to finding success as each one of us defin it to be. tfs and keep inspiring and helping others to grow wealth online! 🙂 Have a good weekend friend!

    1. Yes truly WA is a very resourceful platform where one can pick up the required tools and training for an online success.
      It is a site which every reader should not skip especially if the very person is looking for online business.
      Thank you so much for your comment.

  7. Hello Phomrong, thanks for the interesting article. I have started working with Wealthy Affiliate since the beginning of this year, and I have completed the Online Certification Courses. These courses are very informative and I love how they take you step by step through everything. All of that information can be overwhelming at first, but you get the hang of it over time. Wealthy Affiliate is for people tired of a dead end 9 to 5 and working for somebody else. Thanks again and continue to do what you do.

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