Reviewing Wealthy Affiliate

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A Discovery Finally Made at Wealthy Affiliate

  (He Who Seeks, Finds It)

Product Name: Wealthy AffiliateRanking image
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: $0 for starter membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson

I am writing this Review about Wealthy Affiliate because for long I have been searching for an Internet business online but with no result. I had lost a lot of money and time with no results. I was confused and did not know where to start or where to find like you.

I must tell you that reviews are the backbone in locating the legitimacy of any existing sites. Confusion in the mind of a beginner gets solved through reviews.

That being said, my intention led me to Google out some more study on scammers’ reports, And you know, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and thought of checking it out.

Checking it out, I found that all the requirements I needed were stuffed in with this site. I thought to myself “to be or not to be” and then the ever burning flame for success in me took the upper hand.

I decided that if I didn’t take this opportunity and make the best out of it, I might never again find such an avenue for my online success. knowing that a missed opportunity never returns while also upholding how I had tried and failed many a time.

So it was a discovery. A new found site. I found what I had been looking for so long. Eureka! I had found it. I found a site that taught me the basics of Internet Marketing.

Man, this is awesome.

Sometimes you tend to make a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven with your unconquerable will power, right? You think about it. Have you join any Affiliate Marketing? If not, why not?

My 1st commission image.png

Well friends, today I am a fully registered member of Wealthy Affiliate and I continue enjoying the dashing chat room, the advance training, the awesome community support and the easy to access lesson modules. I see that former members are coming back to the site after they had already left.

Won’t you come and find out the truth for yourself? The answer lies with you.

There are many interesting things and thrilling information about Wealthy Affiliate community. I want to express all but it isn’t proper to reveal all to you right here and, as you read this, you must definitely try it out and know how much the site can offer.

Today I want to dwell on the following few points:

Affordable Entry Fee

This site has two types of membership fees. The first is called the Starter Membership and it is totally free with all the learning techniques readily available for beginners. You can pose any questions and receive answers instantly and make yourself trained with this free entry. Later on, you can think of going Premium if you like.

The second comes with Premium Membership with $19 – 49 a month or $299 – 359 a year and gets access to all the prevailing features with higher rate of advanced supportive community.

Building Your Own Website

Building one’s own website is a real problem especially when you are starting alone.

You tend to scratch here and there because you want to make a website and earn some money online. In doing so, you take the long route and don’t even know how many days or weeks have passed by.

Honestly speaking, I have done that.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’re guided step by step to make two free websites for your trial and error method or call it whatsoever. I assure you that you will fall in love with this site. Premium members are able to make 25 websites which is a Himalayan offer.

I have only 3 websites now though I am a premium member. I told you former members keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.

24/7 Support Community

There are fewer platforms where you get 24/7 help and find your answers instantly. As you train yourself for Google ranking, you definitely need someone to guide you. In WA I find that any questions I pose while in training is answered back immediately.

This lets my training a smooth go. Sometimes I wonder if the supporting community never sleep. And to my amazement, I find that there are professionals doing the round 24/7 to help anyone out there in need. Wola!

In depth Training Course

Most people who are looking for online business don’t know how to start. And so they need proper guidance and support. At WA, you have a step by step training module to go through.

And it’s also a very in depth coverage of all affiliate marketing tools. You get access to millions of products and promote them according to your choice when you join Amazon, JVzoo, Commission Junction, Shopify etc. Few products from Amazon are shown below:

Amazon Affiliate items.png

When you sign up to Amazon Associate Affiliate program, You have a lot of products that can be promoted. You can promote any type of products from the available million products.

For instance, if I were promoting ‘iphone cases’, the search is shown as follows:

Instantly, this will give you access to all the products that are related to ‘iphone cases’

product images.png

Now, this is how you are taught appending your affiliate links to receive commissions from Amazon too. The training teaches you to understand signing up many more affiliate programs like ebay, ClickBank, ShareAShare, ClickSure etc.

Whether you believe it or not WA has every essential element that can propel you from a newbie status to that of a PhD course in the world of Internet Marketing.

It is a university for online entrepreneurs’ success today. It has every tool, it has every ingredient and every recipe to making you a Pro or an online Superstar and attain financial freedom.


Access Here Button.png

An Update of Wealthy Affiliate – A Review 2018

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: $0 for starter membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson

There is a general concept that most websites found in the Affiliate world of business are mostly scams. Yes, it is true in most cases. And so the reading public should be careful enough not to fall as victims to such programs.

Signing up to such sites had left many innocent tele-commuters to a dejected and a hopeless position as they lost time and money. So my advice to you is that before signing up to any site, you have to do some searches for reviews and other opinionated articles about such sites.

The Good and the Bad about WA


  • the Hosting is excellent
  • supportive training classes
  • create upto 50 websites
  • earn as you learn


  • separate subscription for keyword tools
  • a small fee for own domains
  • extra fee for pro versions of WordPress and Plugins

Wealthy Affiliate is for Everyone

Wealthy Affiliate is meant for everyone and especially for those who are looking for a business online. And those who don’t have the required expertise or the know-how to start the business is greatly benefited from it.

Training at Wealthy Affiliate

The following is a glimpse of the valuable training offered to the members. Some training found in the internet are tiring and bone breaking because of the long haul. but here at WA, you will find most of the training are short lived and refreshing to the body and mind.

Certificate course.png

Support At WA

when it come to analyzing the scope of the support you receive at WA, you will be amazed at the kind of help and support thronging around you. Everyone here is so supportive that even members who had recently joined the community start extending how to guide the new arrivals.

It is such a fantastic community, there is no dearth of help coming to your advantage. Even if someone whom you ask a question for clarification couldn’t give you the answer, you are immediately routed to an expert who have been there for such answers.

Note that everyone here works together in such a cordial relationship. You become a confident person. You learn in no time and the best part is that you begin to think a whole week to be a single day as you enjoy so much in the company of such an awesome community.

image of help and support

You see the top white rectangular box in the above picture. It is the search box area. It answers any damn topics that you want to know about. Any doubts you have, can be found out with it.

And if you scroll a little down on the extreme left, in the middle tab in deeper blue, is the Live Chat from where you ask any questions.

You get the answers instantly whenever you are stuck. With such help, you start building up your own website.

The support one receives here is so wonderful. It cannot be expressed fully in words.

So the necessity arises that you have to be a good listener. A listener to what I want to say to you and a listener to what I cannot say fully to you. Keep trucking in.

Wealthy Affiliate: The Cost

Name : Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Starter Membership: 0.00

Premium membership : $49.00(monthly)

Overall Scam Rank : 98 out of 100

Verdict on Legit / Not Legit: Absolutely Legit

My Final Opinion + Bonus

Join the starter membership. It is zero cost. Upon joining, you will be given direct access to the kind of training you have been looking for. I will also get in touch with you within hours of your joining.

I will help you setting up your account and a 1- on- 1 help. You will, in this way avoid searching tirelessly for your answers in the net.

The best part, if you upgrade your membership to Premium in your first 7 days, you will even get a bonus of 59% discount. I assure you that you will succeed in your business and never get scammed again online.

We have the latest Grammar Checker integrated to the Ultimate Writing Platform. This equips you to be a good writer when you are poor in your writing level.

Our two young proprietors are working so hard to adding more features for everyone success.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate University. Click this banner below to sign up.


Choose an Interest      Build a Website      Attract visitors      Earn Revenue

Join in. I am here to help you.

Phomrong Hongsha



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