Choosing Your Specific Niche

  • What is your niche for money making ?
  • How can you break down your niche into sub-niches and get your specific niche?
  • How to start?

There are millions of niches chosen by online entrepreneurs all over the world. These niches vary from a needle to the elephant. And making money is just another niche. I have also chosen money making as my niche. In short, a niche is a specific area of market activity with which a person promotes a product or services.

niche marketing

Make Money Within a Niche

When it comes to money making, it has to be done within a specified niche and then prune it down to a sub-niche of the variety of the available online niche markets.

Now before you begin finding out your own niche and taking it to the next level i.e. choosing your niche and breaking it down to the sub-niche categories and finally shooting your arrow to the right targeted niche, you have to quickly put up a website of your own and drive traffics to it accordingly for huge results.

How to Start Your Niche Hunt and Where?

There are tens of thousands of Affiliate Marketing sites available to the net rats. Of which a few of them are genuine while most of the sites are scammers which disappear before they are 2 years old or even a few months in rare cases. They suck peoples pockets and normally beginners are the victims. Care should be taken that we do some investigation first on the authenticity of any site before registering. I strongly recommend you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate and guide you by the hands step by steps for your niche hunt and real results.


High Or Low Entry Fees?

I have come across sites that takes $1999 and beyond to a beginner even before the required fundamental training is executed. And some sites simply imposed heavy training consisting of long modules to the new members without coming to the valid activities. As a result, the poor beginners spend sleepless nights following the instructions only to find their labor in vanity.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can start freely and learn all the basic techniques until you have learned the lessons and stand on your feet independently. Later on you can upgrade your membership.

Beginner Membership: $ 0. 00

Premium Membership: $ 49.0 or $359/- yearly

Wealthy Affiliate: A Briefing
I am writing this brief review about Wealthy Affiliate because for long I have been searching for an Internet business online but with no result. I had lost a lot of money and time with no results. So I was confused and did not know where to start or where to find a genuine site like you. Then my intention led me to Google out some more study on scammers’ report, And you know, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and thought of checking it out.

Checking it out, I found that all the requirements I needed were stuffed in with this site. I thought to myself “to be or not to be” and you know, the ever burning flame for success in me took the upper hand and decided that if I didn’t take this opportunity and make the best out of it, I might never again find such avenues for my online success. So I signed up.

Today I am a fully registered member of Wealthy Affiliate and I continue enjoying the chat room, the advance training, the awesome community support and the easy to access lesson modules while also seeing former members coming back to the site after they had already left. You can sign up by clicking the banner below:

There are many interesting things and thrilling information about Wealth Affiliate website that I want to express but it will not be proper to reveal all to you right here and, as you read this, you will definitely try it out and come to know by yourself how much the site can offer.

Today I want to dwell on the following few points

Affordable Entry Fee

This site suggests two kinds of membership fees. The first is called the Starter Membership and it is totally free with all the learning techniques readily available for newbies or beginners. They can pose any questions and receive answers and make themselves trained with this free entry. Later on, they can think of going Premium if they like.

The second comes with Premium Membership with $49 a month or $359 a year and gets access to all the prevailing features with higher rate of advanced supportive community.

Building Your Own Website

Building one’s own website is a real problem especially for those who are willing to make money online with zero knowledge of what a website is all about. They tend to scratch here and there because they want to make some money online. In so doing they don’t know how many days or weeks have passed by. Honestly speaking, I have also done the same.

With Wealthy Affiliate you will be guided to make two free websites for your trial and error method or call it whatsoever. You will fall in love with this site. Premium members are able to make 25 websites which is a Himalayan chance. I have only 3 websites now though I am a premium member. I told you former members keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.

24/7 Support Community    flyer

There are fewer websites where you get help and find your answers as you train yourself with Google ranking in the world today. In WA I find that any questions I pose while in training is answered back immediately and is made carried on with my training without a problem. Sometimes I wonder if the supporting community never sleep. And to my amazement, I find that there are professionals doing the round 24/7 to helping anyone out there in need.

In depth Training Course

Whether you like it or not WA has every essential element that can propel you from a newbie status to that of a PhD course in the world of Internet Marketing. It has every tool, it has every ingredient and every recipe to making you either a pro or to the level of an Online Superstar and live the Internet Lifestyle and attain financial freedom.

Follow me and choose your Market Niche from Wealthy Affiliate.


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7 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Great advice Phomrong, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get clear about finding your niche and taking the actions needed to make money within a niche. It’s how I got my start, so happy I found WA.

    I have found that the specific and even sometimes small niches are more profitable and easier to get profiting as long as I read regularly about the niche and understand the problems in the niche.

    Would you suggest newbies start with a make money niche or something else?

    • Thank you so much for your valuable comment. It is indeed a great privilege that a site like WA exists in the midst of scamming sites. In a world where most internet platforms look around for their greed duping innocent newbies, WA comes to rescue such helpless souls.

      I will certainly add a post for making money niche for the newbies.

      Thanks and cheers!

  2. I think affiliate marketing is an incredible way to make a secondary income online. Wealthy Affiliate truly shows you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as well. With so many programs that provide less value then WA, but cost about 3x as much, it is easy to see why WA is the go-to place for affiliate marketing.

    • Absolutely right and thank you for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate, as an Internet Giant, must be made known throughout the length and breadth of the Globe for its amazing support and tools. The community support is extra ordinary as well as its cost efficiency.

  3. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a little over a year now. When I first started, I knew nothing about online marketing or even computers. Within this past year with WA, I have grown so much. I have 4 websites that I work on daily. ( I’m lucky to say that one I have don’t need much work at all).
    If Wealthy Affiliate can take someone like me and make them an successful online marketer, they could do it for anyone. All it takes is some determination and dedication.
    Thank you for sharing this article.

  4. Thanks Brenda for your honest disclosure that you knew nothing before joining Wealthy. And how it has pushed you forward to the extend that you now have 4 websites. Wow! that’s truly amazing.

    Continue to spread the good news that anyone with zero-knowledge in computer can become successful at Wealthy Affiliate.


  5. Thank you so much for your comment. Equally delighted to learn that you have grown so much after joining Wealthy Affiliate picking up the required tools to make 4 dashing websites and the training that has made you a completely changed person in such a short period.

    Wishing every success in your online journey.

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