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An Essential Step to Safeguard Affiliate Marketers from Dangerous Scams

Scamming is becoming a thriving industry for the fraudsters. These fraudsters are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They grip the attention of the newbies and enrapture them to sign up to their seemingly authentic sites. As a result, these newbies with less experience, get transfixed under such whims of the scammers who suck up whatever money they have.

This needs to be given a check. You must keep abreast of the latest scamming reports so that you avoid yourself from falling a victim of such scams.

I was checking out a series of scammers through Google just to relate better information and preparedness for my followers. To my surprise, I came across the site, that hooked my attention totally. On further diving into the site, I found that this site reviews a lot of products and services online and was happy to have found such a site existing for the common good of every online marketer.

See how the site convinces the reading audience with the touch of a professional design.


How Do You Know it?

My curiosity about the site carried me further to investigate it in details and the TRUTH of it unfolded one by one. I searched his Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses.


There’s no doubt of it that it’s a scam review site. They review home business opportunities like internet marketing, MLM, network marketing and other work from home opportunities, also known as BizOps, the execution of business plans promoting a certain product and getting paid.

I come to know that several people are writing reviews of this site and they all rated it in one chorus that it is nothing but a swindler.

Checking Recommended Sites

So I browsed and checked the reliability and the authenticity of the Top 5 Recommended Businesses by David Harris and present you a short briefing below excluding Wealthy Affiliate recommended in the second sequence.

#1. My 10k Model


Creator: Michael Mansell

Cost to Join: $25 – $1,000

Recommended?: Not recommended for Starters

When I checked My 10K Model by Michael Mansell which claims to be an amazing program, and with which you can make thousands of dollars per day, I come to know that it is again a mockery. This is another hype and a scam that is just going to suck money out of your pocket and give you nothing in return
It is a funnel system created to promote a program called Easy1 up which is an online marketing program that people can make big commissions promoting, and the owner is just an affiliate of it looking for more commissions.
My 10k Model does not cost you but it is an inlet to make you sign up for Easy 1 up.

There’s no harm in tying up with any other affiliate sites as long as these sites offer usefulness and high benefits to your reading audience. However, this site is too costly for a beginner and you will get only YouTube training for traffic when you joined in.




#2. My Business Venture

  • Standard – 2,795.00
  • Professional – $2,795.00
  • Enterprise – $3,995.00

My Business Venture as its name indicates is a bigger venturing platform that has a good A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for the past 25 years. This is not a scam site nor My Business Venture an affiliate program either. MBV often gets compared to affiliate programs which is not true.

MBV is a technology service company that provides a multitude of services for the Internet, Home-Based, or even Mail Order businesses online.
This gives you the idea that its target user is someone who does not already operate a business but would like to jump right into e-commerce business.
You can also see the Fee Structure above which becomes clear that it should not to be recommended for starters who want to become affiliate marketers. The site demands bigger venture as the name indicates. If you have a group to start an online business together, then you may opt for it. Otherwise, it may not be for an individual.

You shall be given a detailed treatment in the next up coming review.

#3. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0


Price: $197

Owner: James Scholes

Verdict: Legit

I feel the responsibility to tell you that this system is absolutely not a scam. Honestly, it may seem blurry, but after having a closer look it’s not to be agreed that said, it’s full of hype. Of course, they promise you thousands of dollars in a short period. That’s just to entice you into buying the program. Obviously, you will need to follow the training, take action and work hard to achieve good results.

Every person has his/her preference. What I prefer as my own individual choice of a site may not be that much appealing to you. And also, note that you cannot just jump in and start straight away to a site on the pretext that I’m recommending it to you or anyone for that matter.

You need to see what might be preferable or what might best work for you. This can be done by finding out some more research from your own end to come to your own conceptualized choice and conclusion.

One cool thing you should never forget to do is taking sometime to browse around through Google. Bing or Yahoo searches and this will make you more prepared to starting out your journey online and prevent you from falling a victim of the many existing scam sites.

For further reading on scammers, I have my first content written for you. Check this out.

#4. Survey Junkie

Taking surveys is one way to monetize your extra cash online. But most of the survey websites out there are complete scams or only offer a few cents for each survey.

There has been some reports that have also shown it as a terrible way of making money online.

The results you get from the time invested is not satisfactory. In short, survey websites are often a waste of time.

Due to survey website’s bad reputation, most people think taking surveys online for cash is not a reliable way to earn some extra income.

How Does Survey Junkie work?

Survey Junkie is an online platform where members signed-up to complete a given survey and other tasks for cash rewards. It’s a very straightforward platform and really user-friendly. Anyone with any background can make an account and start completing surveys for cash.


You will need the following steps on signing up Survey Junkie.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Browse their categories.
  3. Select a survey that catches your interest.
  4. Complete the survey.

Once completed, cash will be added to your account. You can continue completing more surveys until you feel you have collected enough cash. Transaction is normally done via PayPal.

But the problem with most surveys or with Survey Junkie is that this platform is only available in the following countries: Canada, United States, and Australia (UK has been removed as per the report updated on 10-12-17). This is the reason why we see less popularity of taking surveys worldwide.

Final Review

After a thorough investigation, I come to know that David Harris has in depth experience about the world of internet marketing. He had gone through many trials and error methods in picking up the tools and skills necessary to making himself as an online professional since 1999. And, I send out my appreciation for that.

He would have received much Applause and Success had he honestly used his EXPERTISE to guide the innocent members online.

Contrastingly, he frequently changes the products and services that are put up in his website(You can keep checking this). When you clicked on the links to those sites and signed in, he gets residuals for that.

This site also recommends some businesses that he is a direct recipient of commissions (MLM) after you joined or become a member.

He chooses only the high paying products and gives them 5 stars rating only to make residual incomes to his favor. He also uses a JPG image of dollars saved from scammers as shown on the top to hoodwink the readers and there’s no way to update the statement.image

Some genuine sites are unfortunate which he uses to convince the visitors. The testimonials found in his site are also fakes.

He has only about 150 followers in Google+ when a newbie could have more than this number. You can reach him out with the given profiles and see if he replies to you.

Check his profiles in social media like Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter, & Linkedin where he invites everyone to contact him. Open any of your social media profiles and type ScamXposer to connect.

Beware of ScamXposer although the site does have some good reviews of other scams, it’s a ploy for getting traffic to his smoke and mirror site.
Hope that he comes to the main stream after changing his attitudes and render honest and useful services to his fellowmen.

Now, Going Further?

You must know how I have slowly evolved over time in writing you this scam review. This is a real gem I want to share with you so much.

For long I’ve been looking for a business online. I have been scammed many a time. And I never got the chance to materialize my intention to exposing the scammers till I come in contact with an awesome site. This site is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It has taught me not only writing reviews but also enabled me to build a website – adding pages, creating menus, affixing custom forms, embedding videos etc. If you are interested, you may click my #1 top recommended program.

This is the site where I learned the ABC of Affiliate Marketing online.

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2 thoughts on “ Reviews

  1. Very interesting to learn that the site ScamXposer is a scam in itself. I cannot believe the number and variety of scams out there. It only tells me so many of us are likely to be scammed at some point of time. Hence it is very much appreciated that you are pointing them out. It can prevent so much misery.

  2. Yes, that’s absolutely true. We need to have a strong thread where we can tie up together to getting rid of the scammers.
    The mushrooming of such sites has degraded the Affiliate marketing world. People would tend to disbelieve even the genuine sites and so we need a new roadmap for this.

    Thanks for leaving your comment.

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