Shield your Wallet From Scammers

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I started out my journey for an online business 8 years ago. I was a newbie and had no experience. I knew that people were making a lot of money and so I decided to find out the truth. My expectation for success made me signed up to so many sites.

Moving from one site to another in the search for a site that would offer some real value. However, after signing up 300 plus sites, it came to my realization that I was simply wasting my time and money.

Frankly speaking, I did not even have the slightest idea on Google Browsing. I simply browsed whatever I received through my emails. So my learning curve experience was within the periphery of receiving the materials supplied in the emails, and simply browsing around them.

There was a marathon sign up with all these emails. But lo! venturing into this pseudo pursuit was hunting for the Holy Grail. I can show you a long list of these sing-ups which I feel is unnecessary. But I must show you one or two examples to compensate my remorse:


EzWealthBuilder sucked up my time and money, it promised a thumping amount of $170,000 to be put in my bank account and carried me to a ceaseless task. This site has a cycle system which gives an identified number that is put in the matrix.

It also has an ad advertising platform that comes along with another extra fee. I discovered that it had never guided me nor trained me. But left me to be my own manager along with some banners to recruit more people, puh!

Viral Mailer Extreme, for instance, offers one dollar for surfing 50 sites. And surfing 50 sites would have consumed the whole day. It is a time waster. It does little and nothing of value.

Traffic Edge, Top1 Surf, Traffic And Cash, Traffic Exchange Brand, Top Hits 4 U, Universal Solo Ads etc. are few examples of useless stuffs. They aren’t meant for newbies.

There are tens of thousands of such sites ready to suck up your precious time and money.


Bitcoins Matrix is another site. I paid $10 one time payment and waited for $2000 to receive. I signed up on the 2nd of April, 2015 and nothing got done after more than 3 years. The site got revamped and made my name deleted. Who will say this is not a scam?

Another site that had siphoned my days and weeks and months altogether is called Though it offered a free trial and a paid options, it is no longer seen today. And the site owner had disappeared in the thin air. The only option left with me is to simply blame myself and the ignorance I have had.

See this professional scammer. Taking the name of a big company to dupe his victims, he promises 35 lakhs (0.35 crores) or 54,022 USD. He has sold himself for such concocted gains. Not only that he has also tarnished the prestigious image of Chevrolet Automobile Company. He can be booked through the email he offers. This email can be zoomed with photo viewer.


There are tens of thousands of such sites good for nothing. They simply suck up your precious time and money.

Before I come to the end of showcasing the illegitimate sites, existing side by side with other genuine sites, I must emphasize that at the end of every truth is the beginning of a new truth.

The quest for success can never end in us. instead it must get bigger and larger as we see more drama of online marketing. Because at the end of the day, we learn so much from our errors.

Make sense? 




So now, this is the beginning of a new and beautiful journey for you, and not the end of it. But always remember to keep balance. Balance your quest for expansion of wealth consciousness with the quest for other expansions such as research and training.

Enjoy life and enjoy your time here on earth through keeping a balance. As mentioned before, the discovery of a truth gives rise to a new beginning.

Now, here’s that very site to wrap up our knacker. See the way he attracts the newbies with a double standard mindset. Who doesn’t want to make money online? I got registered to this site because of its freaking offer.


Will you recommend a site like this? Will you be happy being a member of a site that makes a newbie suffer? No, I don’t think that way nor do I expect such infirmity from you.

What Is Your Legacy?

Anything we do here on earth, good or bad, will surely echo back to us one day. And, it will be freaking awesome if you are remembered as a helper, a guide and a supporter in the changing of many lives here on earth and that is your legacy.

Your legacy should be a sweet music that rings gratitude, support and love. For, “if music be the foot of love, play on”. Said William Shakespeare. Play your little actions into a sweet music that is lovable and helpful. The one that makes your fellow friends remember you with grace and gratitude.

I want you to take note of the following points before signing up any sites:


It is to our advantage to make some search for reviews. The legitimacy of a site is determined by its reviews. Find your reviews from Google, Bing or Yahoo.


Find out who owns the site you are registering with. Try communicating or contacting the owner or at least, some members who have been already there.


Never believe site owners promising you a huge amount of money if you signed up with them. There is no get quick rich program. Such things are done to dupe you and to make your credit cards run dry.

Wiser people learn from the experiences of others. And this is the theme you and I have to agree upon mutually today. This world would have been a better place had there been more sincere and helpful people. A lovable people with an ever burning flame to helping the innocent, the weak and the poor.

Give what you know to your fellow beings. Share your knowledge to the innocent. It is a way to achieve immortality. Life’s precious moments have no value unless they are shared. Notify the scammers and get rid of them. They have no place for a decent society.

Seize the moment now. Seek the greatest vision you will ever had of yourself. No matter how ridiculously great it may seem now, it is always within your easy reach.

The End of Truth Is The Beginning

The discovery of a truth is a new beginning. Join me in this journey. A journey no more to be scammed. I don’t know how much you have searched and seen? But I have seen a lot. The truth of being scammed has ended and a new step for success has begun the same sun.

Join me now and I’m fully prepared to make you to:

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THANKS for taking your time to read this blog.

Phomrong Hongsha








2 thoughts on “Shield your Wallet From Scammers

  1. Just recently, I almost fell for a scam that promised million (and the proof it could actually happen was difficult to argue). It was called Shop Template Designer or something by John Mac. It’s so painful to be sucked into a scam and I feel your pain when reading that you’ve been through 300 + yourself. I can’t believe how terrible the world can be! I’m really grateful that you’ve documented your experience to help prevent others from falling victim too. Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I have signed up around 300 sites but few were genuine and communicative. And still, some sites were found without getting any reply and existed for name sake only. Most sites look for their personal gains by enticing the newbies. I write this article as an alert message to avoid such useless sites. 

      Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

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