The Beginners Guide to Earning Passive Income Online

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What do you feel when you read the line –

“Making Money While You Sleep”

You will definitely feel it too good to be true. And, may be tempted to think it otherwise perhaps, as a scam? But the TRUTH is –

This really is possible. And a lot of people out there are doing it. Additionally, to be very honest, that’s not going to be an overnight’s achievement. Not even in a month, a year or more so.

Making money online depends on the type of Niche you choose. Some niches will take longer time while some will start making money when you hit the 9th month mark or less!

Reading books like Rich Dad and Poor Dad and delving into the Four Quadrant Cashflow Theory by Robert Kiyosaki, you will come to the proof that making passive income online really is possible.

And a lot of energetic vibes will start working inside of YOU that force you with the wish to start earning money online right away. But why not take a deeper dig?

Here’s the cool part showing you the difference between the Rich Dad and the Poor Dad. Watch the video first given below:

And, let me be honest here. If you want a passive income for life, you gotta have the assets ready. There are 4 parameters for success in affiliate marketing. These are extremely important that you cannot do without to be a successful marketer. They are:

  • Determination & Patience
  • Training
  • Website
  • 24/7 Support

Determination and Patience

Determination is an abstract feeling that cannot be purchased anywhere in the store or any markets. It has to be born from within – you are the sole creator of this awesome feeling.

Once you’ve become decisive with an undeterred willpower in carrying out a specific mission, then, nothing can stop you from attaining it.

In other words, you become so focused with a thing you had wanted, and you will be doing anything to nail that and that is DETERMINATION.

Similarly, making money online has to be preceded by a strong sense of determination in order to succeed. Most folk in Affiliate Marketing fail due to their wavering patience and weak willpower.  This is the reason why so many people fail online and only few people could succeed as they hanged on with PATIENCE.

Do you have the will? Will you be patient enough to achieve your dreams or are you going to be a quitter? Muse for a while and take a deep breath in this perspective.

My humble advice to you will be,”Better turn back instead of running into wrongs”

Which means, you gotta have that Determination before starting your online career and not waste your valuable time. Feels Good!

Release your whole body, mind and soul to that PATH for SUCCESS.

Now, one of the most important features that propels a marketer’s success online is getting access to the Right Training.

Are You Getting the Right Training?

There are many platforms giving you big promises that you will be getting the right training when you signed up with their sites. It is not wrong to claim who they are and what they offer for their clients.

Some site will deliver genuine training while many other sites are out there just to suck your credit cards dry. Therefore, it becomes a necessity that you browse through Google to read some reviews and testimonials before signing up any site online.

You must do this if you are really serious in finding real success online.

The Right Training Center takes you by the hands and walks you through step-by-step from your Account set up to getting some real revenue at the end of the training.

It always encourages you to ask any question or ask help as you progress with the learning. Moreover, it also advises you to take action. No matter how many times you have followed or repeated a specific online course, if you don’t take ACTION, you are doomed to fail and success may never raise its radiant light for you.

You will soon learn that the right training can SUPERCHARGE your learning and ultimately, your success depends on finding such an AWESOME TRAINING CENTER whereby you get yourself immersed with.

The right training delivers the following sub-categories. Find out such a platform and get into it.

The Key Steps for Success

Create a Website with Affiliate Links on It

You could be a retiree, a dropout student or an employee of a firm who works from 9-5 day job. Whatever your situation may be, you are still eligible to start earning money online without quitting your day job at all.

One popular way to earn money online is by starting a blog and populating it with affiliate links.

The real idea here is to create a site about any topic that influences you most. We call this choosing your own niche and it can be something that you have some knowledge of already. Anything is a niche – something on which you are so passionate to promote online.

What you would do is adding new content regularly to your blog. Then you can sign up for any affiliate programs for products or services related to your blog and include those links to your posts.

You can also include links or banner ads on your sidebar of those affiliate programs. When people visiting your site click those links and sign up, you will get handsome commissions. How cool is this!

One great advantage of owning a site is that the start-up cost is quite low and you will be able to maintain that easily. Once you get your initial content up and running on your site, you will simply watch your bank account grow day by day while you sit back and smile relaxing.

24/7 Support System Is the Key for Success

The next parameter is availability of the support system 24/7. Where do you approach when you need support from a platform? For instance a widget on Sidebar is broken or your Menu doesn’t appear the way you want it to, or you want to change the title of your Domain and want to go ahead to purchase a new one and so on.

You just need help with any related issue for your website. Maybe you want to have a new Google Analytics ID for your second website, and need some information to do that or so many other things – seen and unseen.

A great support center gives help in all the above discussed points without waiting. Whatever you want to do on your website for improvement, adjusting it the way you want, and getting unfailing support are the #1 CRITERIA for a HUGE success.

The platform you are recommending to your potential customers should also be the one in which they get instant answers to those commonly asked questions.

More often than not, just as you type your query through Google and get your information, a great supporting center must also give all these accesses – your queries answered, your technical problems sorted out, and you are to be backed by a HIGH MORAL SUPPORT within the community per se.


Here are some additional information to boost your success. You can easily leverage and receive faster results as shown.

Use Dropshipping as Your Online Store

Dropshipping and selling other people’s products is a fantastic way to earn income online. You are only required to build your own store and do not have to maintain inventory.

In dropshipping, all you have to do is set up a store and drive web traffic to it. Everything else is tackled by another company and you can leisurely enjoy with a share of the profits earned.

Do You Have an eBook to Share?

Do you have an ebook or intend to have one? If you are writing one such book, go ahead and complete it. You just need to build a website for it and receive the money with each purchase. You only have to do the work upfront and that’s it. Whenever a visitor buys that book, you will see your money rolling in and being credited into your account.

Start an Online Course for Your Followers

Another amazing thing you can do is create an online course. If you feel like you have some skill set that could be useful to people, write down your thoughts and translate a course around them.

You can then offer this information through a membership channel like YouTube. The other option can be promoting it through your own website. People will pay a small fee to access the course. Impose your fee as small as possible for greater results.

After you have created it, people will just to sign up for a membership and you’ll continue to earn. How cool is this, just imagine. You could even create videos for your course instructing people how to do something like performing the perfect cooking recipes or how to train pets.


You can no longer fail when you have the right community and support.

Follow me and get THUMPING SUCCESS.


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41 thoughts on “The Beginners Guide to Earning Passive Income Online”

  1. I agree that determination and patience are key to making money in any situation. Especially so online. It is also important to identify something you truly love and enjoy so that it doesn’t feel so much like work.Wonderful tips and information here. Thank you

    • Yes, it is true that patience plays an important role in life. Affiliate Marketing online has to be preceded by a sense of never-give-up patience backed by good Training Platform.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Phomrong,

    The first thing I read about is being ready to surmount high cliffs, and earning online takes time. This is so true and many don’t realize it and makes sense, along with the interesting video.

    I’m one for doing my homework first, making sure of a proper decision, along with knowing how taking action is important. Choosing a website as an affiliate promoting other’s products or having your own is something to think about for sure.

    Your informative article is of great help for beginners to understand, covering what answers the main questions as I would have. Thanks for this information, it was an eye opener!


    • Aha! LOL.
      Thank you for your amazing comment. I could feel every beat and tone of your expression.
      I’ve done this from the beginners’ perspective and have made it simple.

      Your comment has eclipsed the rest of the other comments so far.

      Wishing you the very best of success and luck in your online hunt.

  3. Great information on earning a passive online income! You are so right, that it is not an overnight success story and does take time to build the business up, get it out there, have the right niche and products, and work hard. I spent many years looking for the “get rich job” that I could do from home. I have always been willing to put in the time, work hard, and give it my all. It just doesn’t happen over night. Everything you say is spot on!

    • Many had given up marketing online as they didn’t possessed the patience required for such a business.

      Patience and consistency are the dominating tools for an online success.

      Thanks for commenting.
      Al the best to you.

  4. This was such a great read, I want to learn how to earn a second income online and I believe you will help me get there. I see plenty of possibilities and opportunities in the content you have shared. From drop shipping, affiliate marketing and all the other possibilities. Thanks so much once again.

    • Definitely, you will get it there as a successful marketer.
      You can reach me out any time if you need help.

      The possibilities are endless – but getting the right platform to teach you decides your success or failure.

      Hope that you will tie up with what have been shown here.

  5. Hi Phomrong, I couldn’t agree with you more about determination and patience being key requirements to online success. I think people expect that making money online is something that can happen overnight once they know the ‘magic formula’. But the only formula I know of is hard work, patience, dedication, and being willing to learn it from the ground up.

    I like your ideas of sharing an ebook, or writing an online course for people as additional ways to make money online.

    Who wouldn’t love the idea of making money as you sleep?! That’s definitely what I want! All the best.

  6. Passive income is the goal to achieve! Great post. You broke down everything well and made it clear that it is possible to earn money in your sleep. Good luck on achieveing your goals!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Kindly spread the good news to your friends and relatives.

      Many people don’t believe making passive income online and think it to be a scam.

      The truth is PATIENCE in what you are doing!

  7. Hi and thanks for this article.

    No one ever said this was a get rich over night scheme. And if they do, they’re lying to you. Lol. Online marketing takes patience and persistence for sure. But it’s sure worth it in the end.

    The key is proper training and like you said, support!!! That’s what helps you over all the hurdles of this business.

    Thanks again a for a great post.


    • Right, SUPPORT is the #1 criterion an online marketer should look for.

      The platform that gives 24/7 support should be the one any novice should be looking for, and read some review about it at least, before finally signing up.

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hey, Phomrong!

    Thanks, I appreciate your guide on creating a passive income on the internet for beginners. 🙂

    I think the idea of making money in your sleep can certainly seem true good to be true to some folks because of the scams out there always making hyped up and unrealistic income claims which makes them feel skeptical.

    But it’s certainly doable if folks find the right affiliate marketing training platform and work their tails off long enough for results to happen.

    There are certainly numerous ways of making money online. But for me personally, building a website and earning through affiliate marketing is the best way.

    Cheers, Neil

    • Hi, Neil,
      thanks a lot for stopping by and for leaving your comment. Indeed, if people find the right training platform and work their tails off, then definitely anyone can succeed in making money online.

      One thing for sure why people are skeptical about joining online marketing is the mushrooming of scammers. Encourage people to read reviews and find genuine sites like Wealthy Affiliate where the training truly delivers.

      Wishing you all the best of health and success.

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