The Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search

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Your success for Affiliate marketing comes with some tools and tips that you need to equip yourself. Normally, it takes some time to crack and educate yourself mastering this industry.

In this article, I will try to show you what is the low hanging fruit keyword search and how you can benefit it for your SEO visibility.

There are innumerable blueprints and procedures available out there and with which you can angle in and set up your business a smooth-go for your keyword search. But some procedures are long and arduous and take a longer time to follow.

If you are serious about it and follow what has been shown here, you will pick up the techniques fast and learn the art in no time by following the simple steps outlined below. This will take you the short-cut way that is concise and complete.

Before that, watch this YouTube Video to give you some insight.

What is the low hanging fruit keyword search

The Low Hanging Fruit is a commonly used metaphor for doing the simplest and the easiest work or a quick fix that produces an awesome result. The technique is directly associated with a keyword search for ranking an article in the search engines.

Keyword research, on the other hand, is a process SEO professionals use to find alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject.

Just as the fruit that grows low on a tree is easy to reach, you should target a low competition keyword for your content that will be easier to rank in the search engines.

Also, just as the best fruit at the top of the tree is hard to pluck, never aim for a high keyword where the competition is so strong and ferocious out there.

Plucking the low fruit

What is plucking the low fruit? Plucking the low fruit means choosing your topic that is less competitive normally under 100 QSR(Quoted Search Results) in a specific niche.

And a good indication of KQI(Keyword Quality Index) will give you the chance for ranking in the search engines.

The lesser your QSR, the higher your KQI. which means, when your Quoted Search Result is less than a hundred competition, you have a better advantage to get your content ranked in search engines.

And this is indicated by Keyword Quality Index as “great”. Mark also that QSR and KQI inversely differ.

When your targeted QSR is lesser in descending order say 100, 50 or 25, your KQI becomes greater in ascending order to get ranking easily.

Watch my video explaining you the technique in the most simple way. Plug in an earpiece for better sound.

Note also that a Niche is an area of a topic that you want to promote in marketing. It can be about Health or Shoes Making Industry.

There are thousands of niches you can choose. But ensure that you choose the niche you are comfortable with. Say if you are fond of pets, then Pet Rearing can be your niche or select Dating Online if you ever have the flair for it.

The Low Hanging Fruit Selection

Now then, the question arises as to how you would select a low hanging fruit keyword. Let’s make it simple. You may open Google in your browser, and type any search term.

In the example above, I searched the keyword using Google and Jaaxy, “How to make money online” which indicated 304 QSR and that was a high competition, and so we will not go after such terms.

Hanging fruit explained.png


Using the alphabet soup technique, I extended the search by adding the phrase,” from home” making it a long tail keyword this time(How to make money online+ from home), and found the QSR as 45 which is much better.

The KQI also flickers in green color and reads as “great” and that’s absolutely an awesome keyword. And there’s no doubt about it that we will not choose it.

You are encouraged to go for such keywords or search around till you have found a satisfactory QSR indication usually under 100 competitions or less.

Hanging fruit explained.png

The above demonstration vividly shows that I plucked the lowest fruit with 100% guarantee for ranking in Google and other search engines.

Normally, there’s unnecessary time loss in a keyword search for your posts when starting out. but if you follow what has been shown, you can easily write your content by choosing the low competing keywords.

Use Jaaxy to make your searches very simple, easy and beginner friendly.

You may also apply the alphabet soup technique shown above using the long tail keyword by expanding your search. When done correctly, you are well on your way for more traffics and search engines ranking.

Here’s another result obtained from using Jaaxy, the amazing tool for keyword search for your reference.


Traffic in the first row is 487 and the QSR is 100 which is excellent. Note that your Quoted Search Results(QSR) should be always below 100 or less.

Even 24 QSR is good but has less traffic of 11 shown in the third row which means, many people don’t search for that keyword.

Go ahead and start probing the low hanging fruit keyword search technique before you publish your content for ranking in the search engines.


Which keyword search tool should you use?

A good content must deliver a good amount of value to the reading audience, and this kind of stuff can only make you show up and become visible in SERP(Search Engines Result Pages). But to write such a content, you need a killing keyword search tool.

Take a few hours in making your decision before choosing such a tool and before you can pluck your fruit straight. Read some reviews online and find out the ins and outs of such a tool.

Personally, I use Jaaxy which is an amazing tool to help decide any keywords. You can also do the same.

You may also use Google Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, SEMrush or KWFinder for your keyword search, but I must tell you that you will need some time to get the hang of using each of them.

So, I strongly recommend the use of Jaaxy(clickable link) for your keyword search. It comes with more details,  handy, cost-efficient and beginner-friendly.

Whether you are just starting out or a person with some experience, you are required to understand the low hanging fruit keyword search thoroughly to take your business forward.

The technique is a mandatory step and thus, compels everyone a faultless use in the affiliate marketing world. It gives you the chance to smoothen your SEO visibility and can bring a good amount of traffic who are going to be your potential customers.

I hope that this article helped you understand the low hanging fruit keyword search. You may also like to check out how to get your WordPress site listed by Google or what is a landing page and how does it differ from a homepage?

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11 thoughts on “The Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search”

  1. I totally agree. There’s no need to spend beaucoup hours searching for the perfect keyword. Over time I think we will learn an instinct for that selection process. Right now it’s about creating – creating a website, creating content, creating visuals, creating! Don’t let a pickiness hold you back. Be tasteful and ramble on!

    Thanks for the good read,



  2. Hey there,

    I have also heard of the low hanging fruit keywords which I saw to be really good for someone starting a new website.

    But the problem is, I have been looking for the perfect niche to venture into. I still haven’t gotten a good one yet.

    Which is the simplest method to use to get one? Other than the keyword tool? Please help.

    • Cool, I received your comment. And a niche is something your are passionate to work upon. And a niche can be found out by looking into the interest you are inclined to for instance, Making money online, clothing and designing, travel, swimming or pet caring, music, sport etc.

      Just dig into your interest and that’s your niche.

      For details go here:

  3. I think keyword research can be a challenging concept, especially for newbies who have little to no SEO experience.

    But once folks are taught how to do it the right way inside the Wealthy Affiliate community, then picking low hanging fruit keywords becomes easy.

    When newbies keep the keyword search strategy simple and straight forward, it can save time and frustration.


  4. I love Jaaxy and use it every day. It is a really great keyword tool. I really like how you can save lists for the keywords you intend to use. The low hanging fruit method is a good one to follow to get rankings in the search engines. Great post!

    • Yes, Jaaxy is no doubt an amazing tool and beginner friendly. Using it can really get you straight to rank in the search engines and of course, in Mighty Google.

      Glad that you’re using the tool.
      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      All the best.

  5. Thanks for this informative article. It is very important that we do research before we write an article to have a chance to get ranked. Of course we don’t want to do only the hard work without having anyone finding our article in the internet. Jaaxy is really a great tool for this and I like to work with it.

    • Glad that you are using Jaaxy. Most beginners often fail to implement the low hanging fruit keyword search technique.
      A correct keyword with proper optimization can get you on the first page of mighty Google.
      SEO is a game we cannot skip and there are so many tools but not as user-friendly as Jaaxy.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.


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