Ways to Make a Second Income

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Each of us needs money and must have an income to survive. The truth is many of you do not know how to get access to the Ways to Make a Second Income online.

Some of you are in the Business Sector while some are in the Education Arena or in the Film Industry, Modeling, Spa, Politics, Executives, Management, Tourism extending it to the Plumbing Works, right? But have you ever thought that there are many ways to make a second income?

Well, you might have thought of it but the problem is, you don’t have the proper guide and help to fulfilling that mission.

The Necessity to Have Ways to Make a Second Income

Everyone needs to have a second income by hook or by crook. But we must have it by hook and not by crook. Maybe you are in a job already but still you need a second income.

You could be the person who does not have a sticky job as you keep rolling on from one job to another looking for survival. And so, this is such a specific situation that compels you to have a second income.

It becomes more relevant to discuss about owning a job or a business at present. Or holding an important position in a reputed firm somewhere. But often times, you find that money is not sufficient.

Besides, there are many social obligations like the marriage of your niece or nephew. And your conscience pricks you that you ought to help this marriage and accord it financially in the way possible.

Not only that, there are also occasions when you have to donate for the Youth Clubs who come knocking at your door and demanding you some money for help.

Oftentimes, you’re caught up with such situations and also you have the pressing need to take care of the Monthly Interest Rate for the Loan you’d borrowed, Vehicle Maintenance Expenses, the restaurant bills for the visits you had with your family or with your friends in rare cases and any other urgencies.

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Wait, here’s another alarming instance you might not have experienced.

One fine day my aunt suddenly drops in demanding some money. She says she needs it very badly as she is constructing a new house and that the house must be completed before the Monsoon arrives. And to do this, she needs money to borrow from me and says the money taken will be returned as soon as possible.

But the truth is, I don’t have enough money. I only have a negligible amount in my bank account. This situation is most alarming! It is like a nightmare because my aunt had helped me a lot growing up and in the getting of my education and I want to help her in return.

How Do You React in Such a Situation?

You wriggle like a pinned earthworm on the wall in helplessness. Dunno for you. But I had faced such an experience in my journey my friend.

Your situation might not be the same with me. And your financial requirements may also put you in a different perspective. But it’s always good to have a second income.

Whatever your situation is and whichever way our necessity differs, you are desperately in need of money all the time. And so you must create every effort to come out from such difficult monetary ball games. The reason is that you always need ways to make a second income as your own security and to avoid landing up into financial problems.

In this article, I want to explain how you can duplicate and choose a few options of generating a second income for you and your family.

5 Things You Can Start

#1. Car Wash

Car washing is an awesome job as well as lucrative. It is a facility used to clean the exterior part of a vehicle or the interior of any other motor vehicles. Car washing can be done through self-service or fully automated. You can also do it on the basis of giving full service with attendants who wash the vehicles.

Normally, it is not a high-tech industry and can be taken up with lower investment when starting out.

This business can be most thriving if you stay nearby a river or a stream that supplies a perennial flow of water source.

car wash image

How do you feel when you drive a clean car?

You definitely feel good, right?


There are many cars washing outlets in my neighborhood alone too. With the ever-increasing number of cars, you will never have the shortage of visitors for this service these days. It is only going to rise in the future.

You can choose whether you give Full Service (interior and exterior)Method or an Exterior Service Method only depending on your convenience. For the customers, they do expect the same great experience everywhere.

What you will do is giving your good service to the satisfaction of your customers. The more you wash the cars properly with care, the more customers you are going to receive.
Note that you can go for the lower cost (non-automated) at first as you begin this venture. Later on, you can upgrade your business when it has flourished somehow.

You can even borrow money if you don’t have the required amount to launch it immediately. Mind you that you will not regret doing this.

Hey wait, if you are a working person for an office or a firm, you can always employ some attendants to do the job and you can assist them from the back. This way you share the profits. You will see your income increase each passing day. I can guarantee you having a good experience in this job. This a thriving business these days. Go ahead and do it.

day care image

#2. Start a Creche

Most parents living in the cities are both working parents. And they need someone to take care of their children. You can start a creche to take care of these children. A creche is a place where small children can be left to be looked after while their parents are away doing something else in the offices or other business establishments.

You have to be dedicated and must have a higher calling to own this business. The confidence of these working parents is a must-have criterion. Even 15-20 children is a good number. As creches are daycare centers, you must ensure the safety of the children and the reliability of your service. You will also frame the usual timings for pick- and- drop.

You must promote equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practices within the periphery of the business you are taking up. A proper plan, organizational skill and supervision for appropriate play activities and creative activities should be on your chart along with minimum refreshments.

Development of communication skills, motor skills(body movements), problem solving and social skills as well as story telling should be your top focus as priority. image of a creche

Sparing Time for Working Women

You see that a working woman has to manage her home just as any housewife does. She has no choice but to manage her home and her work equally. She needs a place to put her child in the working hours. So a creche comes in to sparing her a certain period to earn what her family needs.
Many women in the cities today, are therefore, compelled to look for extra income during these working hours. You are not only helping them by taking care of their children but also bringing you a huge profit for yourself.

Mothers in such situations are very likely to pay you any reasonable amount imposed on them. I must tell you that opening a creche yields enough profits.

Training the Children

As these children are all innocent and are in tender age, you must teach them the basic hygienic behavior and toilet training. This will prove to be highly effective. It is recommended that you start a creche with your sisters or nieces.

You can subscribe clicking Free Digital Magazine for details on setting up a creche and for more ideas.

#3. Earn Money from YouTube youtube

YouTube is a FREE site and tens of thousands of bloggers and affiliate marketers are earning filthy huge from it. The cool part of it is that you do not need at all to buy a server for hosting your videos because it is completely free. You can sing a song and promote it if you have the flair for singing.

You can record your own dance and upload your Dancing Videos through it. The only thing to attract more visitors is to invent your own dancing skills or reinvent the dancing styles of the people using YouTube and make it a bit unique. Watch the dancers how they perform. Plan out some ways to enrapture your viewers before promoting it.

Though it will take some time to formulate your task, you can definitely make a mark and blast off your video to go viral.

Just follow the simple outlined steps below:


Step1. Set up an account. You will need to have a Gmail or a Google Account for this. Log in to www.gmail.com/ and enable your channel for monetization. Don’t worry. It’s so easy following the prompts and you are done.

Step2. Connect your TouTube Channel to an adsense account to monetize your videos.

Step3. Take sometimes to get to know the kind of videos you want to monetize and the different ad formats. It is always good to promote your videos under a specific niche. Be original and be yourself though you can duplicate other genres for ideas and inspiration.

Your videos can be on anything. Say cooking or hunting. You can promote reciting a poem or public speaking etc. Write down how much time you are going to spare for your activities each week or each month. Finding your scripts for your videos and recording them. You can edit your videos and delete them till you are fully satisfied. This way you can make your YouTube channel a smashing success. Keep it rocking. Woohoo!

Uploading videos of any Niche are huge Ways to Make Your Second Income online on YouTube. Note that your promotion will not be credited until you’ve reached a 1000 views.

a garage

#4. Garage Renting

Tuck up your sleeves now and get ready to dive into getting your business rolling and taking it forward. I mean this pertains to using your garage.

Do you have a garage and live in a city? If you do have, it even becomes much easier to turn your empty spaces into a money making space. With such an empty space, there are lots of options to monetize them. So you can carry out the following activities to get your empty spaces monetized

Step1. A Parking Space

If you live in a house where you have some empty space, you can rent it out as a Car Parking by putting up a signboard. People will love to use your space in this rising number of traffics on the road. This is another clean way to multiply your earning and another way to increase your income.

Find out someone who lives in a congested building and who commutes in your area each day. You can rent out your space taking into account of the limited space he lives in. You may even consider him by charging lesser than the charges levied to other renters.

Step2. A Storage Space                                       image of cars

Many people in the cities are regularly looking for a space to keep their stuffs for a certain period. It is up to you to plan out how many days or weeks you would allow them to store their goods.

You can charge them for a daily or a weekly basis according to your convenience. Reach out the newspaper agencies or other advertising firms that can help you to market about your storage and find people looking for such a space.

Step3. A Vendor Space

Locate every suitable area of your garage and don’t make any space unused. You can provide a small space for vendors to use and get their business going. 4-5 square feet space is a good earning spot in the rush and congested cities.

#5 Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is indeed the best method to accelerate unlimited Ways to Make a Second Income for you. It is one of the various ways to make money online by promoting products or websites to earn a certain percentage as commission from the sales made.

The sales generated are made from traffics which mean money is made from sales of the product being promoted. So you need to understand that the services or products you promote are provided by others and not necessarily you. You are only required to perform to provide a marketing plan or sales outlet.

Learning how to earn from affiliate marketing is an awesome method. And this is one of the best Ways to Make a Second Income online.



What is Affiliate Marketing?

The shortest definition of affiliate marketing can be seen as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for sales or traffics generated from its referrals.

In order to become an affiliate marketer, you need to carry out the following tasks.

  • Sign up to a Hosting Platform.

You must be a member of a hosting site to promote your product or service. The best way to do this is to read some reviews of the site you are signing up with. Never sign up a site before knowing the support system.
Find out how much the site costs you monthly or yearly and compare the cost levied by other sites. In this regard, you are advised not to register with the costly ones.

  • Build Your Website.

The next step for you now is to create a website. Normally, beginners are stuck when it comes to taking up a work that requires some technical know-how. Don’t worry. I will show you the platform where you have all the support and also where you can easily create a dashing website of your own. Keep reading till the end.

Here’s a screenshot of website traffic shown by Google Analytics:

website traffic image

  • Attract Traffic

Your next step is to start writing content or adding the article about the topic you are most interested. This means you are to choose a Niche. A niche is the topic about what you are writing to promote in the market. It can be about cooking, beekeeping, vehicle maintenance, the latest shoes etc.

The more you write better content, the more traffics you attract who become your potential customers. And these customers are your revenue which means money.


You gotta attract more traffics by writing killing contents which in turn give enormous revenues. There are lots and lots of people who are doing this behind the Internet and who have become filthy rich just by starting from scratch.

  • Earn Revenue

Like informed earlier, when you continue adding good content to your website, you start drawing the attention of your readers. After you have reached a certain performance of hooking your reading audience, you will begin collecting your revenues.
Eventually, you realize that you have anchored your website into the Ways to Earn a Second Income. There will be no turning back.
Your website never sleeps as it joins the galaxy of entrepreneurs in the affiliate marketing world. This becomes the magical key for your thumping success online.
Hope you find some value in reading this article.

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I have seen and learned so much from this Hosting Platform and continue learning and reading about the latest affiliate marketing updates.

If you join me, rest assured that I will be your 1-on-1 guide and helper.

Once again, I am Phomrong and thank you for reading my article.

Kindly comment below about this article and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I will be happy to give you back a prompt answer.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on finding it informative. Indeed, anyone can start earning a second income with a little bit of effort and dedication as outlined above.
    Each of us may also have our primary jobs but at the end of the day, we always need more income to tackle our harsh budgets.


  2. Great article! thanks for this information. I had not idea that a Creche was also a day care, so I learned something. I also appreciated the information on YouTube. I have not tapped into that area of the world wide web, but this is a great reminder for me.

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