Wealthy Affiliate and Digital Altitude – A Review

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Reviews serve as a gateway to share customer experiences and the customers rely greatly on such reviews. Millions of customers are browsing the internet every day to have a glimpse of such reviews in order to discover businesses and brands that provide the best customer experience.This is the reason why monitoring and explaining these reviews honestly and without bias becomes an important role on the part of the reviewer.

In this blog I am showing you my honest revelation on the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Digital Altitude regarding the cost efficiency.

There are so many training giving platforms in the internet today and it’s obvious that each site does its best to cater a friendly as well as a cordial relationship to its consumers.

you are a person who is just starting out for an online business, you are in need of the basic tools and skills essential for your business. And at this time, to spend a lot of money for your business is simply unthinkable and will not be to your liking because you are looking mostly for free stuffs. The reason is you are a starter.

No matter how good or excellent the site may be, you have the leanings to follow and sign up the free sites. This relates to the fact that you are just like a toddler who has no experience and thus require some knowledge input. You need to pick up the basics and improve yourself to heighten your confidence.

There are many sites that impose exorbitant price for the kind of resources you are looking for and Digital Altitude is one such sites. Read some details of this below:

What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is an online business founded by Michael Force, a former US Marine and having its own products and services. It has been online for more than 10 years and the site is conglomerated with more than 25 support Staff. Its training is housed in the membership site and does not offer anything free. The only free-like ride is the $1 fee that they put up in the ads campaign.

Once you signed up the $1 fee, you are taken to a long series of training consisting of Start Up, Set Up, Scale Up and the main Training. Each phase has a separate coach assigned to be your mentor along the way. Given below is the snapshot of the site.


There are membership upgrades starting with Aspire, Base , Rise , Ascend and Peak. You are charged with an exorbitant fee of $37 (walker) and $67 (Climber) per month and $597 per month in BASE from the starting stage. RISE membership is $1997, ASCEND is $9,997 PEAK is $16,997 and APEX membership is $ 27,997.

No doubt, they employ a method called the HIGH END TICKETS and the TOP TIER SYSTEM.
You have to be generating leads in order to climb to the next level otherwise you are to remain stagnant without any progress. This is the most challenging and crucial point for you if you are a beginner.

Should You Ram in there?

There may be many good things about this site like attending conferences in Las Vegas and getting help from the Coaches. These are not so helpful or important for you at this point if you are starting out. You need a lot of tools and basic lessons to equip yourself first as you enter the world of ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS.

Nobody starts with a lot of money in their bank accounts to learn the art of affiliate marketing. Almost all of us wish to begin from scratch looking for the things online to make additional earnings.

Honestly speaking, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to any hosting sites to get the tools and skills required for affiliate marketing.

So, don’t go there if you are just beginning Your Journey ONLINE.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Simplicity is the ultimate end of the consumers. A site that is pregnant with tools and training that are hard to grasp for the users cannot exist for long. Instead of drawing traffic, such blurry sites turn away their customers never to return.

Antithesis to this is the thriving online internet Giant called Wealthy Affiliate. It has evolved over the years known for its simplicity and lowest entry fees. Its lower fee has attracted people of all walks of life looking for a business online.

You can sign up this site by clicking the banner given at the bottom just above the last paragraph.

This includes retirees, second income earners, people who had lost jobs, college students looking for some income online, people who got early marriage without jobs, professionals like teachers, doctors, consultants and lawyers who want to learn Affiliate Marketing and the list goes on…

Many people are earning money as their second income online apart from their primary income sources. This definitely adds up to the additional spend in fulfilling the families’ requirements.

Wealthy Affiliate is founded by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. Will not show you the details about the owners as there more important facts to show you.

Entry Fee is Reasonable

The entry fee at Wealthy Affiliate is quite reasonable and it sounds good to everybody as it is affordable. It is $49 monthly and the good news is you get a huge discount if you signed up in the first week of your enrollment. If you become a Premium in the first week your fees go down to $29 monthly making you spent only $359 the whole year.

If your enrollment coincides with Offer Occasions like Black Friday then, your membership becomes hugely discounted with only $299 yearly.

Compare this $299 yearly Fees, not monthly, with the Fees imposed at Digital Altitude where you get started off ranging from $1997, $9997, $16997, $27,997.

Don’t take me biased when I say that you can jumpstart your training at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. It teaches you how to pick up the tips and tricks of affiliate marketing freely as long as you want to remain a free member. But a free member has certain limitations in getting access to the techie aura and the working mechanism of the system.


For all the support you receive and the wonderful community you mingle with at Wealthy Affiliate, let me tell you that you will definitely feel like giving back something for all that you’ve received. In trying to fulfill your gratitude, you will sign up for the Premium Membership.

Our own value is determined by reciprocating the offers and help of others.

Should You sign up Ramming in?

Yes, you can start your training right
away at Wealthy Affiliate. It is the platform for all ages and you can submerge yourself with the community who are all ready to help you succeed online together..

The fees are affordable and the lessons are just dynamic and freaking awesome. In this community, your tomorrow is always better than your today. click the banner below to sign up.

It is a site everyone loves. Each and every member tries to contribute anything to give back to the community no matter how small or how big the contribution may be.

The exchange of help and guide is amazing and the flame of support that ever burns round the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year has made all the difference.

The cool part of this site is that you can sign up freely and remain as a Free Member as long as you like. Certain countries are restricted from free membership coverage. If you live in such a country, you can start with Premium membership only.

May you find your online success with us.   arrow

To get started today to build your online business CLICK HERE button


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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate and Digital Altitude – A Review

  1. Hello, friend by far wealthy affiliate is the best online training school that I have come across and I am sure you agree with me. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this wonderful program that is touching and changing lives.

    • Thanks Norman Richards for your comment. Most people want success in life but few are action takers.
      Appreciate so much for telling the fact that Wealthy Affiliate truly rocks and gives genuine support for success in online marketing.

  2. I believe that wealthy affiliate has so much to offer and for anyone who wants to know about building websites, affiliate marketing and all of that other good stuff wealthy affiliate is the place where to get this kind of information. Your post is well detailed and has tons of information and is a great help.

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