Wealthy Affiliate University Scam Review:6 Unstoppable Reasons to Give it a Shot

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There are many scamming sites existing hand in gloves with the genuine sites in the affiliate marketing world. Here, in this blog, I want to unfold my honest disclosure of Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

Some people are confused whether Wealthy Affiliate is another such a scamming site. So my answer to this question is unleashed 100% as you read it through and there should be no second question about it.

Here, I am pulling out every minute thing or the entire stoic secrets of the site and leave it to you bare. Examine whether Wealthy Affiliate University Review is acceptable, complete or has a tinge of biases and leave your comments at the bottom.

Advantageous Features of Scam Reviews

Before we dive in, I want to say that –

reviews are the backbones in locating the authenticity and legitimacy of any existing sites. It is through the reading of a review that one comes to understand the truth of a specific site along with the removal of confusion and doubts.

So keep reading reviews before you take your next step in signing up any affiliate sites online.

You must take care that you don’t fall a victim of the scamming sites. It is your duty to know that there are lots of webmasters donning the clothes of Judas Iscariot and convincing the newbies to register their sites only for their selfish gains.

There are scamming sites that look incredibly honest. You must check this!

How to Protect Yourself

In order to protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters, you must carry out the following task:

  • Type the name of the website in any search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and review the results. Make sure that the reviews and feedback are from sources unaffiliated with it.
  • A website that has an “https” tag is usually more secure than a site using the more common “http” designation. Check that the site’s payment page in particular is an “https” page.
  • Check the security status in your browser’s address bar. You’ll find that secured sites display a green padlock to the left of the website’s URL.

There are many more advantageous features that you can personally check.

You can go to Better Busines Bureau and file your complaints in the case of suspicion.

With that being said, I will now give you my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate University as a Hosting Platform.

I was at a zero- level in handling the computers before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Believe me, I didn’t even know how to take a screenshot forget about embedding videos in YouTube and WordPress. Wola!

Wealthy Affiliate : an X-Ray of the Site

Wealthy Affiliate is now an Internet Giant catering phenomenal services to the net heads drawn from all over the globe. This training platform has been around for over 13 years in 195 countries worldwide.

It has over 1.2 MILLION members to date, and so far, it has helped 217,530 people start their first business online based on a recent report.

You will come across its name as WA, Wealthy Affiliate or Wealthy Affiliate University.

Watch this video about what you get in the training:


Connect the Founders

The founding of this Hosting Platform carries us to a story in the mid part 2000s when two young boys with similar interest merged together and as fate has been favorable to their leadership and journey, today they take pride in having helped about 850000 people on records. Connect Kyle on FaceBook below:


WA founders


What You Do As the First Step on Registration?

As soon as you signed up, you are directly taken to the Training Platform consisting of the Certificate Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp

Certificate Course

The certificate course has got 5 levels with 10 modules in each level. You learn everything from putting your own picture in your website and email addresses to making yourself an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Pro.

WA courses

A very important phase of lesson to get you recognized by Google and other search engines to bring you massive traffics. These traffics are your revenue who turn out to be your potentials customers later.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 levels of 10 modules in each level. Here, you are equipped with your own Brand. You also learn how to write killer contents and mastering social media.

The most important part of this course is to make yourself a King in finding the right Keyword Search for Search Engines which is the jetpoint to catapulting your referrals.

Holy Cow! This is freaking awesome. Taking your business to the next level and your mundane life to a dashing life of living and adventure.

There are two types of membership – Free and Premium. But most people prefer the Free Starter Membership although there are more facilities attached with the Premium. Of course, certain countries are restricted for the free berth.

The image shows the two courses indicated by the arrows below :

WA picture

Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, people from the following list of countries will not be able to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter Member:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Kenya
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Vietnam
  8. Nigeria (Not available even for Premium Membership)

Now that I’ve given you a bird’s eye view of the Entire Site, here are 6 irresistible reasons to give it a shot. I will never recommend you had it not been for these reasons.

1. Start at $0 And Remain a Free Member As Long As You Want

WA lets you to get your hands dirty with their training without needing to enter any credit card information. And this has enticed many people online. Most people who are searching in the internet want to try things that come with free trial or free ride.

Note also that the scariest thing for most of us is the fact to determine whether a site really works after we’ve paid or enrolled in it.

This is human nature and the other factor is the booming of concocted and scamming sites. So if you are looking for an online business, you may see how the free starter level kicks off for you. This level offers the following

  • 2 Free Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Access to the Beginner Training Course
  • Your Own Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Live Help
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Course 1
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Enrollment Into Their Affiliate Program
  • The Ability to Earn While You Learn
  • 2 Training Classrooms

Getting access to the above lessons is more than a paradise and it takes you more than 3 three months checking out the modules. But the cool part is you can remain a free member as long as you like.

You can be grandfathered with that membership just as any Premium members are grandfathered with their monthly or yearly membership which are cost-efficient.

The premium membership is not reviewed as you can feel its pulse from the free level alone. You are a better thinker seeing these stuffs in the Starter Membership. But the following point may be marked.


WA course indication

This lesson above shows you a Module in Affiliate Bootcamp.

2. Premium Membership – $49/mth or $359/yr.

If you upgrade to the Premium membership within the first 7 days, your first month will be $19. On occasions like Black Friday, you get your WHOPPING offer for just $299 only for the whole year.

With the premium membership, you’ll never have to worry about upsells, because there aren’t any other products you have to buy other than your own domain name after the premium membership. You get access to EVERYTHING! Didn’t I say everything?

And if at any point of time you find Wealthy Affiliate not suited to your taste, you can cancel the membership anytime with just a few clicks, no questions asked.

WA livechat

3. The Live Chat At WA And What Can It Do for You

One of the rare things of WA is the Live Chat which everyone receives. No matter which membership you are in, you can always clarify your doubts whenever stuck. I have told you that my knowledge in the computer was so void and empty before joining WA.

When I didn’t know how put the pages or posts in my website, I always took help from the Live Chat instantly. When I couldn’t proceed to making dropdown menus, adding buttons or cleansing trashes from my website, someone was always there to help.

Using Live Chat for free and as long as you want is a killing advantage of this site. Normally, you do not get such freedom 24 hours anywhere. Old members who had already left the platform keep coming back.

4. One-on-One Support Is Excellent

You get a 1-on-1 support each time you log into WA. It understands the importance of support, and that’s why it provides you with all the support you’ll need in every aspect of your online business.

If there’s something wrong with your website or Hosting, you’ll get an almost instant support less than a minute or 5 minutes in rare cases when the matter concerns technical issues.

I assure you about this as I always get my questions answered within minutes. This is unlike many other places where you’ll have to wait for hours, if not days, to get your support ticket answered.

If you have a niche specific question, you’ll be able to access 10,000’s of industry experts within the WA community and anyone online on that point will give you the answer.

I can never explain the helpful services and the support I have received from WA. It has brought a huge change in me and I, with all honesty, declare that this is absolutely not a Scam.
The LiveChat is a wonderful virtual connection where you can clarify any damn topics in the Affiliate Marketing perspective.

This site is cent percent legit and calling it a scam will be a taboo.

5. Live Video Training Every Week

There is a video live training every week. The video is announced every first part of the week some 4-5 days ahead of the schedule. Premium members get access to it free which the system provides.

So if you had missed any of the live training due to hectic schedule, you can watch it again according to your own convenient time.

Hey man, this guy takes your business forward with lots of stuffs. Basically, you will be learning SEO – like ranking methods in few simple steps, submitting your URL sitemap in Google Search Console and checking traffic and so on.

He teaches you all the components required to pushing your business for a THUMPING Success!

WA benefits

Success in online business becomes simplified when you can watch and learn from the experts. It is this advantage that puts WA on the top hierarchy of web hosting online.

The live video training is hosted by Magistudious in the person of Jay. He is a prolific leader who always smiles and help the newbies out in taking their business forward.

He specializes in SEO which is extremely important to getting your website ranked in Google. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal).

The photo given below is Jay from Magistudios, our Live Video Trainer.


He occupies the 3rd in the Ambassador rank. And you guys? On Page Optimization is made so easy with this guy.

One of the best perks of the premium membership is full access to these weekly live video classes as stated earlier. Not only do you get to attend them live and interact with the training, but you get access to the full back catalogs as well. That’s over 300 hours of training in summing up.

6. Jaaxy : the Keyword Research Tool

My review stands incomplete without the mention of a cutting-edge tool called jaaxy. It is this amazing tool that keeps every content going and getting ranked in the search engines.

This tool is freely available to all the members. Premium members of course, enjoy the better and higher facilities. The site owners are continuously putting their efforts to input better integration and improved keyword management of the tool.


The success for any online business lies in understanding the Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search method supported by the right of choice of specific Niche.

These things are made very easy by using jaaxy as the main research tool for not only for ranking but also to vivid understanding of how entrepreneurs all over the world doing their business online. Indeed, jaaxy is a little room that makes it an everywhere.

Your success online is not putting up a website alone or writing content but choosing your topics that can get ranked in the Search Engines. We will not earn money without this method which newbies aren’t aware.

Here’s a video uploaded where I featured in for you to getting your content across and getting you a good rank among the thousands of competing keyword topics out there.

Don’t fail to watch this and get left behind.

Your success is guaranteed with this Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search that goes with the Alphabet Soup Technique.

Take your business smashing in with this for a thumping success.

My Final thought

Ad of scammer

Whether you’re a beginner or have some advanced experience, I highly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Particularly if you are looking for a business online, and also if you are a beginner, this is your chance as you read this review.

You can build your site right now and work from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re travelling or you are at home right now, you can sign up and get the training you need for your own online success.

The most important thing for you to note is, it is not a scam. So, bulldoze your fear and take your passion to the next leap.

Some platforms will simply haul you on long lessons without teaching you the basics. And most of these programs online will have some form of upsells in the form of products to buy but not in Wealthy Affiliate. It is a genuine site that delivers.

Lastly, I hope you find some value as I expose this Wealthy Affiliate University Scam Review for your understanding and clarification.

Once again, my name is Phomrong and thank you for reading my review.

Leave me a comment or ask a question if any.

Have a pleasant day.

Phomrong Hongsha

Recent Reviews

Here are some most recent reviews from Premium Members. You are not shown the members who earn filthy huge. We don’t parrot our performance on the financial aspects.







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20 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate University Scam Review:6 Unstoppable Reasons to Give it a Shot”

  1. Hi,
    This an awesome post. I do like the Business Burea Link too. I have been scammed in the past on a few occasions. This review is fabulous on Wealthy Affiliate. I dont think there is one thing I can think of that you might of missed out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I have you saved in my favourites Bar for future reference.
    Thank you Deborah

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate delivers what it takes. And avoiding scam is one agendum as its working principle.

    Hope you stay connected for any future post in regards to the scamming perspectives. We need a morale boost in Affiliate Marketing today due to the increasing number of scammers online.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Awesome review! I also appreciate you sharing how to protect yourself from scammers. It is sad how many scams are online. I’ve fallen for a few. It seems like scammers are getting better at disguising their true intentions. It’s important to have information like you provided to help keep more and more people away from scams.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a year ago and love it. It doesn’t take long to see that Kyle and Carson are so focused on helping people succeed online. They provide so much support, tools, and training to help each member, even free members. I’d recommend WA to anyone at any level of expertise.

    Thank you for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity.


    • Thank you for your honest comment. It is true that the scammers are on the rise equally with the booming up of Affiliate marketers online

      We can all join our hands together in fighting this menace.

      Let’s keep up the good fight.


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