What is a landing page and how does it differ from a homepage?

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Do you know that a landing page is a gatekeeper(a standalone page) and the homepage is the host of your website?

In this article, I will show you the difference between a landing page and a homepage and how you can create a stunning landing page for your website.


Difference between a homepage and a landing page

A homepage is your website’s front page and what users will see when they enter your URL or domain name in their browser. Meanwhile, a landing page is a standalone page where most visitors land from third-party or paid traffic sources.

A homepage is designed for visitors to engage with your website. Your visitors can explore other pages, browse products, or sign up. It has more links and provides users with more choices.

Usually, it allows your visitors a happy surfing by providing many more choices that are available in your web page. Refer here for some more insights.

On the other hand, a landing page is built for conversion. It is used in paid channel marketing, email, and social media campaigns.

Visitors coming from these sources will land on this page first, which is why it is called a landing page.

A good landing page must vouchsafe less link building and has fewer links. It is planned for users to make a purchasing decision or give their information for future references.

Now it becomes illustrious here that you can have only one homepage, but you can create as many landing pages as you want for different campaigns. For example:

  • A landing page for your paid advertising campaigns
  • A landing on a specific product or service page
  • Visitors coming from specific traffic sources like an email list, social media, and more…

Remember, you can always decide the number of your landing page to suit your need. Some webmaster have as many as 10 landing pages

That said, let’s try to create a stunning custom landing page in WordPress using FREE Elementor plugin.

Watch this video:

Create a Landing Page using Elementor

One of the best plugins for creating a landing page in WordPress is Elementor. Any beginner can use it with ease.

It allows you to easily create a landing page using the ready-made templates that you can modify with drag and drop method tools.

You don’t need to hire any developer nor pay any subscription for the service.

Firstly, you will install the plugin by going to the Dashboard of your WordPress site and hitting the Add New tab as shown:


Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » Elementor page to see any configuration of the plugin settings. in most themes, you will not require doing anything. Also, you do not require to be a coder in creating a landing page.

But mark that landing pages are characterized to:

  • Get visitors to convert – take action
  • Different design to the rest of the or pages or posts
  • No distractions

After installing the free version plugin, you will notice a page like this in your WordPress Dashboard:

Now, scroll down to the bottom of your Dashboard and disable other elements in the Layout as a Landing Page should not have Sidebars and other distractions. For this tutorial, I am using the GeneratePress theme as shown below:



On clicking the ‘Edit with Elementor’ botton, you will come to a page like the one shown below and you will be clicking to the Elementor Canvas and this will carry to a blank page.

1. Adding Elements to your Landing Page

Click on the folder icon to add any template of your choice. There are hundreds of pre-made templates that you can choose from and insert the one you like for your landing page.

Some people prefer creating their own personal templates but many non-techy users usually choose a ready-made template for a landing page.

After choosing a pre-made template or your own template, it is now time to add sections. For this, you will click the red plus sign icon.


There are 12 different structures. You may choose a single, double or more to suit your landing page modality.

2. Customizing the Blocks

Make the changes needed to make it more personal by going over each block. Here are a few examples:

  • Change title content – You can change the text to fit your own business description
  • Embed video – Simply drag the video icon to your section or block and follow the prompt
  • Change colors – there are 3 colors you want to work with and apply them across the page
  • Change backgrounds – Change the background image in the hero section for your own
  • Change images – Try to change the images in the Portfolio section for your own

3. Customize Your Landing Page for Mobile Users

All blocks come pre-designed as 100% mobile responsive. But then, you can switch to mobile view and start customizing margins, paddings and other settings for mobile and tablet users.

This will give you a good SEO response as most internet users have switched to using mobile and the forecast is 2.5 billion users in 2019 which was only 2.1 billion in 2016.

4. Previewing Result before Publishing Your Landing Page

A good rule of the thumb is to preview your result before you finally hit the publish button. Make every necessary correction if required and check everything looks proper.

To do so, click on the eye icon on the left panel. Then, publish the article. You will observe that the green button changes to grey update.

I hope this article helped you learn how to create a landing page in WordPress using the free Elemntor plugin and GeneratePress theme. You may also want to see our tips on how to generate unstoppable traffic for your website.

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Look out for more articles on creating landing pages with more WordPress plugins.

Wishing you a THUMPING SUccess.




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33 thoughts on “What is a landing page and how does it differ from a homepage?”

  1. I have been wondering what people are talking about when they refer to a landing page. Now I know! Many thanks for the very useful information. And even more thanks for the step by step process of how to build a landing page. I appreciate your time and effort very much. Kind regards,

    • Glad to know that the article gave you some insights in understanding the difference between a Homepage and Landing page.

      More articles will be added in the near future. So, look out for updates.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wow that’s handy. I didn’t know about that plugin. It looks very flexible and easy to use. I’ve got a landing page on one of my websites, but i’m a bit unhappy with it, so i’ll have a try with this Elementor plugin and see if it improves things. Does it allow collection of email addresses? How are they logged?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Elementor is handy and your landing page can be built by drag and drop widget. You can check out how I built one for my website. Just look up the drop-down submenu on my home page above and see if you like it.

      It works with any WordPress theme. Regarding the email collection, you may use Mailchimp which is free or any other autoresponders such as Aweber, GetResponse etc.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for the information on creating a landing page. Your steps are very easy to follow and very detailed on how to get the job done. It is very helpful.
    I do have a question on how you use your landing page. If I am understanding the landing page concept correctly, this is where you are sending your readers to. Is this the address that you would be putting out there for your readers? Do you no longer send them directly to your post? That is where my confusion is about how exactly you can best use a landing page. I so appreciate your information.

    • You can make your Landing Page as the first page your users visit your website. You will have to assign page menus from where you will send your visitors to.

      After assigning the menus on your landing page, you can set it up as your first page by making it static. For this, you will go to your WordPress Dashboard Settings and hit Reading> Homepage Displays and come across 1. Latest posts 2. Static Page.

      On selecting the static Page, you will have all the page options and choose your landing page as static.

      Hope this helps.

  4. I’m absolutely stunned, I had no idea that such plugins existed. I thought one has to hire a tech guy to code a proper and pretty looking landing page. I thought that there’s simply no other way.

    So, I even considered just learning to code as I’d much rather do it myself, and coding will come in handy anyway. It helps a lot that I don’t have to immerse in coding just yet.

    Above all, I’m incredibly glad, I came across your article, so many thanks dude, I truly appreciate it.

    Cheers and have a Great One!

    • With the technology booming, one can conveniently use the available facilities and this plugin Elementor is one.

      You can go ahead and create a Landing Page. It works with any WordPress theme.
      Besides, there’s no harm in learning simple coding as this will make you have the upper hand.
      Glad that you found this article useful. Look out for more updates.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

    • Yes, go ahead and create one for your website.
      A good landing page should be the first important step before we can look into the SEO aspects and start driving more site visitors or traffic.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Thanks so much for the useful information on landing pages. I kind of had an understanding of what they are, but just the concept mainly-not really how to create them. This is great information and so easy to follow. I wll be trying this myself.


  6. That’s very good. And yes, understanding the concept of a landing page is not enough. You as a webmaster should know how to create a simple landing page for your potential customers to sign up to your website and follow you.

    I hope this article will help you do that. If you have any question, you can always reach me out through the email provided or use the social media links appended.

    Thanks for leaving your comment.
    Wishing you a HUGE Success.

  7. H Phomrong Maring, thanks so much for such a great article. I have neve heard about Elementor and I will surely check it out. I appreciate the description between both pages – home and landing. It can be confusing for so many website newbies. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Glad that you found the article great and helpful. And yes, Elementor is a wonderful plugin that allows you to create a design like a pro.

    Go ahead and check that. Technology is fast changing and we must get hold of the available facilities to our advantage.

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment and for the appreciation.

    Good luck.

  9. I have always wonder how to build a landing page! This is so great. Your explanation is soo easy. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi Carole,
      glad that you found the article useful. A landing page can be confusing especially when you are just starting out. Everybody including me faces that.

      If you follow the step by step explanation, you can create a stunning Landing Page for your website.
      Go ahead and try one and reach out if you have any problem.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Good luck.

  10. I have a Doubt Is lead-capture page, Pre-sell Page, Opt-In Page and Landing Page are all Same or Different?

    Nice Informative Post, Expecting More Posts in Future

    • They are not the same and have a different perspective. You have been explained on the Homepage and landing page.

      A squeeze page is a single page to obtain a name and an email address, in short, it focuses to squeeeeeze the email of the visitor.
      For more information, you may refer here.

      Hope this helps.

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