What Is a Niche Marketing?

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Do you want to know what is a Niche Marketing? Should you take it as the act of channeling all marketing efforts towards a well-defined segment of the vast existing market segments?

Yes, niche marketing is an effort to connect with, and sell to a narrowly defined group of customers that have similar need and interest.

When you are involved in a small, specialized market for a particular product or service, then that defines your niche. A niche marketing involves targeting a very specific as well as a well defined segment of the market.

In this article, I will show you what is a niche, how to find a niche and how to make money within a niche.

Before that, watch this young lady explaining how to come up with a niche idea.


What is your niche?

Finding a niche may appear to be a tough job. But it is easier than you think when you follow the simple rules shown.

Many of us are searching how to make money online. Some of us would even forget important schedules and other appointments while lost in such a search. The craze to make money online is booming up and that is a niche.

But the question is, how do you nail your niche?

The answer to this question differs from person to person. In many cases, the search to make money is done in the internet for supplementing extra income.

More searches are carried out to leaving the present job and the decision to taking a fresh look into living the internet lifestyle. Some plan to travel around the world.

You see from the above that I have underlined 3 segments:

They are niches in varying segments that emerged out of the”Make money online” broader segment. Go ahead and choose one for your marketing campaign.

Your second income niche image

Finding Your Niche

There are million niches to be chosen when it comes to finding a niche as your brand. But creating a value proposition for your potential customers is not so easy as one thinks.

To make the matter simple, you are suggested to identify your interest and passion. Make a list of 8 topical interests and passion areas, immediately.

Here are a few prompts to help you locate your interests and passions:

-How do you like to spend your free time?

-What are you good at since childhood days?

-What books do you read and subscribe to?

-What topics do you like to learn about most?

A specific area that you choose becomes your niche, which becomes your brand. And make sure you really want it.

Boil it down further. Say, you want to choose making money online as your niche. But it appears to be a keyword of considerable size. Hence, you will need reducing its volume till your specific niche hunt gets ascertained.

Target a sub-niche like make money online through blogging. If this doesn’t interest you, how about  make money online through email marketing? Or maybe choosing make money online through YouTube, etc.

You can always locate the right niche specificity favorable to you.

Make Money within Your Niche

When you have located your specific niche,you would want to start earning money from within that niche. The fact is, even uploading simple YouTube videos can also bring a HUGE cash.

However, the question is whether you are going to be uploading a song, a dance or videos about strange unknown places? If you would be uploading songs, then which genre – country, pop, rock & roll, rap or folk songs etc.

So you see that choosing a niche requires a meticulous assessment by breaking it down to sub-niches and compressing it still further to a nano point-size till you have found the ideal fit.

Mentioned below are some areas that will add more insights to your niche hunt:

  • Writing
  • Dog Rearing
  • Music Promotion
  • Mechanical Repairing,
  • Screwdriver Sales,
  • Flower Keeping,
  • Beekeeping,
  • Soccer

Find the right niche for your business as it is a necessity to promote online.




Making money within your niche is going to be an amazing experience. And although most people do not get proper idea about starting an online niche, you are now able to proceed with ease

Choose the one that flares up an unending thrill and excitement. You should be happy doing that each day.

Your niche is what you love to do with, and how you like it to be promoted with undying passion. Look for some more inspirational food for thought with which you could come to that point below:

  • Writing content
  • Communicating
  • Choosing products
  • Helping people
  • Having option to change it later
  • Niche website becoming a full time income.

I hope you finally conceived the idea from these points.Anything is a niche – it can be any certain segment of a market. If a person is looking for ‘losing weight,’ that’s a niche.

A man who goes about the locality fixing ‘washing machines’ is in a niche market.

You are a niche!

As a consumer, you buy mobile phones and that becomes a niche. You buy vehicles, you buy so many things required for you and your family from the kitchen to the loo. These are all niches in various segmentations.


finding niche the easy way


Enjoy the Niche You Promote

Earning money online can be a fun giving venture especially when you enjoy the niche you promote. There’s  pleasure doing it. It all starts with choosing the right niche, and enjoy working with.

You can earn money online from absolutely every single niche because people are doing it out there. Again, billions of people are searching for your information and any solution you provide.

There’s No Bad Or Good Niche

Any niche you select for your market promotion is definitely a good niche. So, there is no bad niche or good niche. Take sometimes however, to decide and do not go haphazardly. Remember also, that you do not forget to prune it down to a sub-niche to maintain specificity.

It is like entering into your own car and finding the steering wheel, the accelerator, the break or the clutch etc. The question is whether you will be specific in talking about your hand break alone? And if so, that becomes your niche.

Choosing your niche and understanding it is important before starting your campaign. You cannot promote a product when you do not know what you are promoting.

So, to finally shoot your dart as the right targeted niche, you will have to put up a website and promote it. Here’s the most advanced, yet simplistic website platform in the world.

We pride ourselves as a technology company and we are the industry leaders in website development space.

No website, no niche.


How And Where to Start?

You should not jump straight into starting an online business when you see an ad or a site. Take care that you had seen and read some reviews before joining such sites.

There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing sites for internet commuters. But few of them are genuine while most of the sites are scammers which disappear before they are 2 years old or even a few months in rare cases.

Do some findings on the authenticity of any site. Check the contact facility, the support, and who’s running the site before registration. This will minimize problem at a later stage.

I recommend that you join us at Wealthy Affiliate where I can give you step by step guide for your niche hunt.

Niche Confusion image

Start Learning the Internet Basics at WA

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can immediately start learning the basics for free. Later on, you can decide to upgrade if you want.

This is a community with awesome support. Here, each and every member tries to help anyone who gets stuck in the training.

And within minutes of stating your problem, you get it solved. Besides, there are other experienced people ever ready to assist and solve the problems.


You will personally love the site as you take up the course.  You are rescued in the event of any glitches with no delay. I can assure you that you would love to see how much you have changed in a short period.

Do not wait another day. Get into the training now.

Your second income niche image


Learning internet marketing basics can only help you find your niche. It will make you vigilant and keep you up-to-date.

Niche finding is made easier when you are surrounded by helpful people.

I hope that this article helped you find your niche marketing, and you may also want to see further reading to improve your niche ideas.

Do you have any difficulty in deciding your niche and breaking it down to a sub-niche? I’ll be more than happy to get you connected.

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Once again, I’m Phomrong and thank you for stopping by.




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11 thoughts on “What Is a Niche Marketing?”

  1. Hey, I am new to internet marketing so I am trying to learn all the basics as best as I possibly can. The biggest problem I have in niche selection so I found this extremely helpful – can you provide any niches that should be avoided or even what will be hot for the next 6 months? Cheers

    • Hey Michael,
      glad that you read my article, and of course, it’s meant for people who are new in the selection of Niche. This could be a little mind-boggling in the starting point. But the good news is, If you read between the letters of this article, am sure that you can nail that with ease.

      There’s no bad or good niche. Every niche is FANTASTIC!

      Regarding the hot niche for the next 6 months, I can show you niches like – Food, Health and Wellness, Travel Guide, Matcha Tea, Detox Products, ketogenic diets, Vegan Foods, Anti-Aging Food Recipes, etc.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Hey Phomrong, You are right about niches. It has to be something you love and are passionate about. And every keyword should be low hanging fruit that has low competition. It pays to take your time choosing your niche because that will be your business. You will be more successful if you think about helping people first and creating income second. It takes time and planning and it’s a marathon not a sprint. Thanks for some awesome info!

    • Hi Rob, I got that.
      Yes, it’s not a marathon in tackling affiliate marketing. It also takes time as you hinted. And the first thing to make the foundation is helping other people first.

      The more you help, the better person you become in the process, and also learn so many things you didn’t expect.

      Thanks for leaving your valuable comment, and I wish you all the best of success and good luck.


    • Thanks kavitha, for your comment.
      Glad in the meantime that you found it wonderful. The article is intended for those who are struggling to choose the right niche.

      It has been explained in such an easy way to fit the beginners’ standpoint.

      All the best.

  3. Hey Phomrong, great review on niche marketing. A lot of people gets scared over the term “niche”, but it is not complicated. Anyone can turn their hobby, interest, or passion into a full time business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to turn about all of this. Thanks again, and I wish you all of the success in the world!!

  4. Thanks Ahmad for your comment.
    You are right in mentioning that people get scared when it comes to tackling niche selection.

    But it is a lot easier, like you said when it is learned at Wealthy Affiliate platform.\
    Thank you one again, and wishing you a HUGE success.

  5. Thank you for the inquiry. Adsense is an advertising arm run by Mighty Google. You get a commission from anyone clicking your ads tailored by your ID number affixed therein.

    Whereas, affiliate marketing gives you the chance to sell any products without upfront payments and you get commissions according to your works’ performance.

    If you’re serious about understanding how they work, join us in this community where I’m a member to mentor you 1-on-1.


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