What is an Amazon Affiliate?

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Amazon and YouTube are husband and wife. There’s an interconnected link that cannot be cut off. The absence of either one leads to the paralysis of your marketing campaign. Which means if you have a preconceived plan to do and learn what is an Amazon affiliate, you have to also tap in the games of a YouTuber.

An affiliate marketer who has already picked up the tools and skills of marketing online isn’t complete by the launching a dashing website.

One has to explore more resources and scout around for the things that will give maximum profits. Amazon is the world’s leading market place when it comes to selling products and earning commissions.

Here’s a video to poke your present mindset showcasing how easy it is to start selling products at Amazon as an affiliate.

You will come to know that many web owners along with bloggers and big companies use it to drive their sales and traffic.

Depending on where you live or where your geographical area is, you may sign-up accordingly. If you are from the UK or adjacent area of the place, go here and register now.

Smarter folks from the US, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria without giving a second thought, can register using this URL https://www.amazon.com/country and replacing the country with that of yours.

Amazon operates in 13 country-specific sites, and offered Prime in nine of them before adding India. Amazon does not show how many Prime members it has but says Prime membership grew 51% as per the data given in 2015. Keeping yourself updated in this matter will be a plus point.

Affiliate aspirants from the Indian sub-continent can use this link: https://www.amazon.in

What are People Doing About Amazon to Earn?

People are doing wonders. But I don’t mean here on the sophistication side of views. What I mean is on the wonderful earnings they pull in from Amazon Products.

Even kids are earning a lot. Retirees are doing it and you know, all the stay-home-moms have gone doing this as their past times.

Join this amazing program and start earning money right away. This has been a program which is one of the largest and the most successful online affiliate programs.

The number of people have crossed over 900000 joining worldwide. If you are a website owner, or a Web developer, you can start earning money today. The best part is that people without a website can also earn.

Watch this video on how you can leverage your earning without a website.

Is Your Income Secured Enough Not to Bother on This?

Each of us need money irrespective of age. But the necessity for money gets intensified especially for people falling within the range of 55-70 years old.

There’s usually a sense of discomfort and restlessness as this age group heralds the impending RETIREMENT for most folks.

And there are hardly any decent jobs that pays well. Making both ends meet from the sole earning of salary income is a constant struggle.
This gives rise to the notion that having a second income or a third income besides keeping your present job is not only thought-provoking but mandatory.

Family Experience – A Brief Case Study

Given below is a brief sketch of the experiences I have had, and weighing its feasibility, you may relate it to your own conclusion.

You see, there are times when you need to replace your pathetic old car tyres used for office. And also, your car cannot be run with water. It needs to be fueled from oil pumps. So you need money.

There are unseen contingencies to be earmarked like when your car rammed into a post and damaged the whole back bumper and needs replacement.

Additionally, your daughter says she needs a pair of new shoes for her schooling. The one she has been using is getting old. You also feel the pulse of the old shoes that can no longer adjust her growing toes.

In another case, your son has informed you to purchase a Motorbike without fail as soon as he passes his 12th Grade.

Are ready to meet all these expenses? If not, What is your plan?

Your old TV set needs your attention to renew its oval screen with the latest flat design which is another mediocre expense.

Holy moly!

That being said, you can include or exclude the expenditure your wife expects from you. And also your house needing renovation to consolidate your 12th year Linen Jubilee celebration as husband and wife.

This indicates how much essential it is to have your second income or your third income or fourth, fifth as much as you are capable of the management.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

The best option will be to become an Amazon Affiliate by picking some skill sets to make your business rolling right away.

You will agree that money is the main medium in the fulfillment of any basic needs. It is an indispensable thing that can get your wish satisfied (or crush your dreams without it).

It is the number one prerequisite for all age groups regardless of whether you are young, adult or elderly person. There’s no fun in life without money.

One of the best ways to earn money will be to enroll Amazon Affiliate by learning the simple steps conducive to your preferences.

See how this Nikon D5500 is unboxed for beginners. You can duplicate it for your business.

You will want to consider the following to get your sales rolling:

Learn Some Basic HTML

It is important to know what is a simple HTML. You must learn how images are inserted and this done by HTML codes. Creating of hyperlinks is also required just to connect to some web page and some text formatting.

Choosing a Topic

You gotta choose an area to promote in the market. This can be in the form of a product or a service. Normally, choosing a topic is also called selecting a Niche.

Your niche may be found in automobiles, pet rearing or fruit juice products. It can also be in the sports affairs or marketing screwdriver. Anything that entices you can be your niche.

Pick a Domain

The next step for you is to be thinking of a suitable name. It should be a name that people can find you. It must be a keyword rich domain so that people would search for you in the search engines.

Many use their own name for domains. For instance, Jackdawson.com is a nice one that can trigger a unique brand in the search engines.

You may also search for dogbiteremedy.com etc. These are simple examples to induce some food for thoughts as you investigate a domain of your own. You can choose citing names of your bloodline. May be your heroic forefather’s name.

Mark here that a domain is just a registered name, whereas a website is the domain along with the name of the hosting platform.

In the above example, jackdawson.com is a domain at registration and no one can register anymore with the same name. As you proceed your domain after getting for a host, it can become : https://jackdawson.com which turns into a website.

Register to a Web Hosting Platform

This is the most important step where you have to be careful because most beginners make mistake in this and ended up without yielding results.

The area to look into is the support system you would receive from such a host site. You also don’t need to spend much per month for web hosting. Look around Google for the most cost-efficient and supportive hosting platforms.

There are more companies that charge as low as $4 and as much as $10 per month. In my opinion, $4 is still a big amount if you total up annually.

The best place I can invite you is to come to Wealthy Affiliate that charges you only $ 13.99 for the whole year.

Start Earning Today

You can directly sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program and begin earning money. You are at your own freedom to choose any product that you like to promote.

You can sell books. It is the oldest and the biggest bookseller in the world. Look for the kindle store. You can also promote a bunch of different cameras of any brand perhaps the most expensive one for your huge commission.

There are lots of products out there. Check it out for yourself and see what leans to your preferences. Dynamic mobiles phones with the highest digitized features are available to assess with.

Have a free unboxing of the any of the gadgets out there. Snife around how people are doing it for best results.

Ready to become an Amazon affiliate?

Watch this video to get Hot Products opportunities, 2018 and get started right away.

Pick the simple tools now to make some fast cash. Enroll now.


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Learn smart and do not rush. Better to step back instead of running into wrongs.

Stop those soul-crushing anxieties about having enough money that drains your life. Take a new look. Refresh your life from the monotonous four-walled office rooms.

Start an altogether new journey of excitement and abundance. Go to Amazon now and check how you can thrive as an Amazon Affiliate. Many of your colleagues are waiting for you.

I hope you have found some value reading this article. If you have any doubts or have any comment to fire at me, I will be very happy to help you out.

Once again I’m Phomrong. Reach me out for any help at anytime.






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23 thoughts on “What is an Amazon Affiliate?”

  1. I think Wealthy Affiliate provide a low cost route into a legitimate online business by offering members an all inclusive website hosting and training package that the most inexperienced novice can learn and implement. Their monthly membership doesn’t compromise any up-sells, the only other requirement really is to own your own dot com which costs me $13.99 per year.
    Installing Amazon affiliate links is very straightforward. Like everything WordPress related, once shown you’re away however an affiliate marketing business takes time to attract visitors before conversions can be made therefore you’re not going to be rich overnight – mind you is there such an opportunity, I never found one.
    Informative article, how long have you been a Wealthy Affiliate member?

    • Thanks Simon.
      Agreed that Affiliate Marketing takes time but you know better that it’s worth learning and doing until the result comes blasting one fine day.
      On the top of that, if you can hyperlink your HTML from Amazon, chances are you gonna earn your commissions without taking a long time which is a refreshing situation to learn and earn at the same time.

      Fulfilling your query, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now.

      Wishing all the success stories ahead and much appreciated for your engaging comment.

  2. Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. However, it isn’t one of my favorite affiliate networks due to low commissions. Do you rely solely on Amazon or have you branched out into other networks? I wonder if it would be wise for me to focus on Amazon for awhile and see if I can’t increase my Amazon sales.

    • Hi Melinda,
      If you frequently shop at Amazon, why not try not to leave money on the table by getting your HTML code from it and pasting it on your blog and wait for the results it brings.

      I am changing some products doing that. This will indicate what works best through the trial and error method.
      There have been so much of success stories clubbing Amazon and YouTube for the maximum results.

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment on this article.

      Wishing you every success ahead.


  3. Hi Phomrong,

    Interesting and very informative post. I was searching for a post like this.
    Do you have any recommendations regarding the domain selection register?
    I like a lot how you send motivation to us.
    Great article!

    • Very glad that you find some motivation out of this article. Stay connected and I will try to give more inputs of the sorts.

      Regarding domain selection, you take a little time to come to your final decision. My domain is on making money online. But there are times when AM attracted towards having a domain on SEO and this, as a niche, is very interesting.
      There are also time when I felt like promoting only videos because people now-a-day love to watch more videos than reading content. They prefer audio visual tutorials rather than spending time on content. Think about it.

      So my suggestion for you is to browse around google and Jaaxy for sometime and choose accordingly perhaps the one that you are passionate to promote online. It could be your hobby or something which you will never be dearth of ideas.
      Hope this helps.

      And thanks for leaving your thoughts on this article.


  4. Wola! Ivan,
    Thanks for releasing such a forceful arrow in the form of words. Your expression is a tonic to my bones.

    You can also begin taking up promoting Amazon Products and blast your blog going viral in the form of a tsunami.
    All the best in your online journey.

  5. Great post for beginners mate, gives good information for newbies and how to get started, breaks down the details step by step so it is not too confusing.

    Keep up the good work and have a great day.


  6. Thanks alot for evaluating this post and leaving your valuable comment.
    I took some deeper analysis on how I could break down the steps and your comment comes to boost up my confidence.

    Looking forward to adding more articles in this modality if it helps and offers value for the readers from a beginner’s standpoint.

    Once again thanks and wishing you all the success you deserve.

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