What Is the Low Hanging Fruit Principle?

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People who are starting out online often fail to apply what is the low hanging fruit principle. Contents found without the use of this method are taking the back side seats like neglected furniture in the house.

You must learn this principle and apply it if you are serious about taking your business forward.

This article explains how the technique works and how it can be duplicated and pasted to make your articles ranked in the search engines.

With the right approach and learning, you have a huge potential to earn Your Second Income and boost your spending power.

What it the Low Hanging Fruit?

The low hanging fruit is an attempt to get a thing achieved, obtained or persuaded with little effort. In the marketing world, it gets referred to as easy targets or readily-attainable objectives. It is a way of carrying out the choice of a specific topic that has less competition.

Just as the fruits found in the higher boughs of a tree are hard to pluck, content writing with higher competitions becomes difficult to get ranked in the search engines.

When your content doesn’t get ranked, it doesn’t get traffics at all. This means that there are no visitors on your website.

the low hanging fruit.png

Understanding What Is the Low Hanging Fruit Principle is the #1 step to make your content a piece to relish and go for better bidding.

You must know that the fruits lying on the lower boughs are easy to pluck and take lesser effort to reach them. In the same way, the topic you choose for your content should be the one that has less competition in the markets.

The lower the competition, the better chance you have for your content to get it ranked. When your content gets ranked, you get more exposure to the reading audience and thereby bringing more potential customers to your website.

So always choose the low hanging fruit approach in writing valuable contents for your readers.

plucking the low fruit

The Choosing Technique Made Easy

Now that you are familiar with the low hanging fruit, it is time to dive into choosing a technique and see which features can be tailored in with it for more accuracy.

You must see that the low hanging fruit always accompanies a search term called the QSR(Quoted Search Results). And as it associates this search term, we will now call it as The Low Hanging Fruit Keyword Search using the Alphabet Soup Technique or Google Instant Technique.

With this extension, you get introduced to two specific terms called the QSR(mentioned above) and the KQI(Keyword Quality Index). Normally, your QSR should be always kept under 100 competition or less to get targeted ranking in the search engines.

When your quoted search result goes above the fold of a hundred competition in the market, you will not get ranked easily as the competition is fierce out there. It is thus recommended that you prune down your QSR number to 100 and below.

Plucking the fruit.png

Google, as the main search engine for most search terms, receives the searches targeted by the visitors. When you stowed in the right search term to this engine, there you are. You’ve hit the target. The joy of your effort is when your targeted search term brings thousands of visitors to your content and blows it up into a massive blast. Wow! just wow.

Now, to get your search term specific and get a lot of traffic for ranking, I highly recommend you to use an amazing tool called Jaaxy, a keyword search device which I personally use. This tool gives all the necessary details required for your ranking with less effort.

The arrow below shows how a QSR is extracted by Jaaxy for your reference. Here the search term,”How to Write Articles for Money” stands with 14 QSR which is excellent. Observe that the KQI is also “Great”. Use such search terms.

QSR image

You can also use the Google Instant Technique. But to be honest, it will take months of research and years of learning.

With the rising number of many device tools and the ever-increasing number of internet users, Google has gone much sophisticated. It is a never-ending research which is so vast and extensive.

If you are just starting out your journey, I strongly suggest the use of jaaxy to avoid brainstorming sessions in the hunt for your right keyword. This will not only equip you for a quick rank but also make your business thrive much easier. Go here and read for some more insight.

Using jaaxy for Better Ranking

Using Jaaxy for your better ranking is the most convenient and easy way. You can narrow down the search of your specific topic to less than a 100 QSR if you are to get ranked.

Remember also the use of the internet by more than 3 million people who are competing with each other and trying to get ranked in the search engines. They are all queued up for the ranking and you are one of these people.

Note that there are good writers equipped with better tools. And you are going to be competing with such competitors as far as writing a good content for ranking is concerned.

This means that the competition is so fierce and it is on the rise each passing day and week. But no more worries. The use of jaaxy comes in as a handy tool for ranking and it is going to be an amazing experience using this device.

Watch this video to find your search terms using Jaaxy. It is very easy.


When you make your QSR 50 and below, it becomes more ideal. And if you could still reduce your search term below 25 QSR, that’s is going to be fantastic.

Remember in a situation where your choice for a search term is commonly used by many people, always keep your QSR to 200 or less.

Never go for a search term above 300 QSR. I swear you will never be getting ranked with such attempts. It will take months for the search engines to recognize your content while also upholding the accounts of the other ferocious competitors out there already.

The Keyword Quality Index(KQI)

Explanation of the Keyword Quality Index may be summed up taking the rabbit’s tail analogy. When you hold a rabbit’s tail, you are definitely not holding its ears. Similarly, when you hold its ears, then you are not holding its tail either.

In a similar comparison, when the KQI is more, the QSR should be less. But you may be thinking that the KQI referred here is the rabbit’s head when it is actually the tail. New members often get confused about this.

We tend to refer one for the other. But do not worry. Jaaxy can help you sort that out. Using it will make you understand about the working principle of the low hanging fruit in an easy way.

You will come to know that the more the KQI, the lesser the QSR which is a great experience for your keyword search that comes with accuracy.

The more the QSR, the less the KQI

Just take that these two terms are in a see-saw. They are flip sides as they stand in oppositions. Fix your attention that when one is Low the other is High.

This means when you are choosing a topic, you should be choosing the one having its leanings on the lower boughs.

The fruits on these lower boughs are easy to reach and pluck. Your choice of such a fruit is going to make you ranked and bring you better results.

This is indicated here as Plucking the Low Fruit. So, plucking the low fruit would mean choosing your topic.

And going after the low hanging fruit means you are selecting a less competing keyword and selecting it judiciously for your content to get it marketed and ranked in the search engines.

To make it more simple, more Quoted Search Results means more competitions. Inversely, less Quoted Search Results means fewer competitions.

Which is why you have to be always after the less quoted search results; and, this will be made simple by the use of jaaxy.

The Keyword Quality Index is a small area that gives you the specific data that the keyword you’ve chosen will get ranked or it will not get ranked in the search engines.

Selecting the KQI that shows you as ‘great’ in Jaaxy reading should be the one for your keyword to be chosen. Turn back from any KQI that reads as ‘poor’. The arrow below shows you that.

QSR image

It is highly recommended that you check and recheck the choice of your keywords before you publish your content for a better result. Otherwise, your content will be just like the flower in a desert that grows unseen and unnoticed.

The internet is a vast entity and starting your online business takes a judicious selection of this low hanging fruit keyword search method.

The bottom line is you want real people to see your content and read it, right?
If you want to get thousands of highly targeted visitors to your website for every little effort you invest, just use jaaxy and you are a ready-go-kick-starter with enormous prospects.

A Glimpse of the Fruit’s Scenario

Always think of the high competition out there before writing any of your content. Doing this each time you put your task to writing will increase your confidence and activate more energy for creativity which is the basic ingredient for a business owner today.

Deny yourself by leaving your comfort zone if you are serious about finding success for your business online. And accept the task at hand and give to it what you can. This is going to be a powerful propeller to get you to greater heights.

There’s no shortcut for success. It takes work and time for achieving anything great. Unless you are consistent with a bit of work each day, you are not going to see your work yield its fruits.

But better run back instead of running into the wrong with no results. There’s no truth in the slogans,’Overnight Success’ or ‘Overnight Millionaire’. Beware! People may stop you and shout at you with these lies.


The low hanging fruit selection has congregated too many people as they look for it more and more. This piece of fruit has been handled too much.

There’s a necessity to have a fresh look at the fruits hanging in the higher boughs too and handle them.

There are accounts not taken up by other people in your territory.  You could leisurely investigate these virgin resources that need tapping in. Harvest them. Check your local listing.

But don’t forget that doing it your own way is difficult. You are new to the field and not equipped. Normally, newbies like you don’t get the needed support as well. (Have you got the tools and skills?)

What’s Your Next Step?

What I do suggest if you want to have the real result is to stay strong and positive. Find out the inner you and be consistent in what you do. Be the action taker. Over time, you will notice your efforts yielding result slowly when consistency resides in you.

And having said that, I want to tell you to get the training immediately and take your prospect forward. It is always good to find a mentor. A mentor gives you all the support that you need. Your problems can get solved with such a mentor.

You can stand tall and proud when you have the skills and tools to assert your own individuality. Take action. Work hard.

Choose Your Hosting Platform

Many sites don’t deliver what they promise and what you are looking for. When you are not guided, there’s every vulnerability for you to get scammed. Moreover, the scammers are lurching around to prey upon the new victims on the other side of the green curtain.

Affiliate marketing, therefore, needs a strong morale boost today for this one specific reason. It’s time to join our hands together to get rid of this.

Nothing last long when a result is achieved through dishonest means.

Honestly, I had my first low hanging fruit classroom at Wealthy Affiliate. Now the whole world is my classroom. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that delivers. Find it out. Find some reviews of the platform here.

I hope that this article helped you to understand the concept of the low hanging fruit principle. You may also want to check how to get your WordPress site listed on Google.

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  1. This is a really good article, I am trying to use the low hanging keywords for my post. I do get writers’ block here and there and I know what keywords to search for or what to write about. I only want to use keywords that may get me on the first page of google for them! keep up the good work!

    • Very good Justin. Each article that we post should accompany the low hanging fruit keywords. Applying this method can only take us to page one of Google.

      Thanks for your comment and looking forward to your huge success.

  2. What a fab website and insght to the Low hanging fruit .
    I like the layout of the website you seem to have been doing this a long time.
    Well done I personally can’t fault it.

    I am just beginning mine would appreciate your comment

  3. Thanks for your good comment.

    Well, everything takes time and dedication to come to a presentable level.
    Glad that you like the layout of this site. And don’t you forget to apply the low hanging fruit keyword search if you want your page found by Google.

    Looking forward to working with you.

  4. The low hanging fruit is the fruit of choice for pickers and affiliates as well.
    It is so advantageous to apply this technique to an online business. Furthermore, if you are targeting the right audience you will get fantastic results as well as traffic.


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