WordPress Myth at WA And Why the Heck You Should Know?

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I had seen WordPress many a time but had never bothered to delve deep into its operating system. It was only after signing up to a training platform that I come to know its unmatched importance and was shocked.

To most new bloggers, it could be a myth-like entity or surprises in a fable like I have felt. The advantages are unbelievable and jaw-dropping.

While recalling the feeling I have had about WordPress Myth at WA, I want to boil down the 9 key benefits and show you how this amazing CMS tool is run step by step.

The phenomenal benefits why WordPress outperforms the other Content Management System Softwares are:

 1. 75,000,000 Depend on WordPress

A survey published by netcraft reported that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 172 million. This means a whopping figure of 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now around the world.

With half of those sites consisting of 37,500,000 are being hosted on the WordPress.com – a shared hosting installation. You must note here, that WordPress exists in 2 phases as (www.wordpress.com and www.wordpress.org).

2. WP Related Keywords Score 37 Million Searches Per Month

The keyword WordPress alone receives is 4 and a half lakh searches every month. That is just WordPress and not on WordPress plugin or WordPress Help.

WP is a huge open source creation tool written in PHP which is the #1 tool used by almost all successful online entrepreneurs. It is the easiest and the most powerful Content Management System that gives ease of use to the beginners and pros alike.

3. WordPress Can Create your Website in 30 Seconds

As soon as I signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, it took me to the dynamics and the wonders of how it had hooked billions of marketers all over the world using this software for online businesses and personal pursuits.

You can create your own website in 30 seconds. The video shown below teaches you this. Check this video from kyle at Wealthy Affiliate as demo using wp below: (you’ll click twice for the video)


Build a WordPress site in 30 seconds

                                 The above site found in this video tutorial teaches every beginner a success

4. WordPress is Free

You see, WordPress has still remain since its inception in 2003 though we have witnessed many blogging platforms come and go.

It has developed from a simple and ubiquitous blogging site to a preferred and powerful open source web development platform.

It is now available for download for anybody who wants to use it as a FREE software and can be installed on any hosting company. How cool is this!

The free software.png

5. You Can Update Your Site Anywhere You Are

If you choose to develop WordPress Theme Website, you are free to do so and can make any changes to your site anywhere you are, as long as you have access to the Internet.

What on Earth should you look for a freedom more than this? Go ahead and update your site from anywhere on the Globe.

6. WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is used by millions of people and day you will find new people are joining the WordPress community. By creating their first WordPress powered websites, they take their business to the next level.

The reason why people quickly adapt to WordPress is because it is fairly easy to use. The easy integration of WordPress makes it convenient for creating quality websites, B2B portal, HTML coding, system analysis including e-commerce projects.

7. WordPress Has wonderful Extension with Themes and Plugins

Most people using WordPress aren’t professional web designers or programmers. Honestly speaking, most folks start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites.

The reason why WordPress is such an ideal fit is because there are thousands of free themes and templates to choose from, so you can give your website any design you want.

There is a theme for just about everything. Whether you want a magazine theme, portfolio theme, photography theme, or an eCommerce theme. There’s a perfect theme for every kind of website.

Not only that. it is also super adjustable and can be extended by using plugins. Just like themes, there are thousands of free as well as premium plugins available for you to use


wordpress theme.png


Using the plugins, WP becomes the #1 tool for internet business in terms of fixing HTML codes, changing colors, uploading logo, creating beautiful sliders, changing background, and many other cool stuffs with your website without ever using any code at all.

8. Increased Site Security

One of the primary criticisms against WordPress designing and development when it was first conceived is poor security. This myth has been thrown to the dustbins. As you learn more about it, you have a good chance to fortify your site’s security and make it a hacking proof.

 9. Social Media Integration

Another great advantage of WordPress theme website is the seamless integration with social networks. You don’t have to login to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts one by one. It automatically triggers to let your social networking community know that you have a new content for them.

What should you do?

Build Your Dashing WordPress Website Right Now

Get your own unique WordPress website now. Get two websites for free. A free domain on the site and a domain of your own.

But to do so, you will need some basic training that will make you learned how to use the killing advantages offered by WordPress.

What’s the use of presenting you a Lamborghini when you don’t know how to drive? Haha… Lol.

Learning how to build a WordPress site in the midst of a 24/7 supportive community is going to be a fun-filled experience.

You will be needing a domain name and web hosting. The web hosting part will be taken care of by Wealthy affiliate and of course, you can get 2 free websites on SiteRubix with us.

But if you want a domain of your own, you will have to purchase it for $13.99 only.

Learn the Indispensable Basics of WordPress at WA

Learn the basic step by step guide about the use of WordPress at Wealthy Affiliate and see your own website built up in few Minutes. You will come to know that WordPress is the real Digital Striptease for online success.

Rest assured that you would love it and there will be no turning back.

Make Money

Go ahead. Follow the footsteps of those who had gone ahead of you. Sign up and explore the amazing benefits of WordPress and monetize your links for huge results.

I hope that this article helped you learn the surprising 9 key benefits of WordPress. You may also want to learn how to generate unstoppable traffic for your website.




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Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.





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16 thoughts on “WordPress Myth at WA And Why the Heck You Should Know?”

  1. I agree with you, Phomrong, that WordPress is an excellent tool to build a presence on the web. I have tried using it on my own and seemed to run into issues due to a lack of understanding. Wealthy Affiliate makes it so much easier to use WordPress because many of the things we take for granted are set up for you. Furthermore, there are hundreds of people at any second of the day ready and willing to help you if you get stuck on something. Using WordPress via Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate solution to blogging and creating websites.

    • That’s it NathanG, we are opportune to be in Wealthy Affiliate and ours is a community of all-supporting vibrant people who are always ready to disseminate information and extend help directly. Where can we find such a better avenue as this? Thumps up! Let’s rock and reach the top together.

  2. I really enjoy the simplicity of wordpress, and support of wealthy affiliate. With wordpress, you don’t have to be a programmer to have an awesome looking site, and with the feedback from other WA members only a click away, it’d be hard to have an ugly site I believe! Cheers!

  3. I never thought building a website could be so interesting and easy to do. But if you have one or more passions in life, then all you have to do is learn how to build a website about it and do the work.
    It’s not a something for nothing kind of thing with Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow the training without skipping or going off course, you’ll be successful.
    Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need and the members are there for additional support. I’ve found a few times when I was stuck and someone always helped me out.
    800,000 members can’t be wrong. Join for free now! Thanks. The information here is priceless!

  4. Awesome comment Rob S. I fully agree with you about the support WA offers. I also agree with the fun we enjoy while creating a website because of all the ready- to- help friends. Let our number 800,000 go increasing zero, zero, zero on the right side of the number. And yes we have new members everyday.
    All the best and see you at the top.

  5. As a user of WordPress myself, I can certainly confirm that it’s the best blogging system by far for building a successful business on the internet.

    And like you say, WordPress is really easy to use which makes it the perfect start for beginner bloggers.

    I think it’s particularly awesome that this Wealthy Affiliate program provides tutorials on setting up and building a successful website with WordPress.

    I think it’s one thing to have a WordPress blog, but it’s something else entirely when you have the right training for turning into a profitable business.


    • Yes WordPress is not only profitable but also gives us the knowledge and some other skills that  are not taught in colleges and universities.

  6. Absolutely amazing article, and one good reason I stick with WordPress is because Google is in love with it. Honestly, I think this is true. So many WordPress sites are ranked at the top page of Google and I’ve also seen great rankings because of this (including many other factors). You’ve hit the nail on the head and I thank you my friend, a job well done once again 🙂

  7. Wola, that’s quite enlightening to hear.
    Of course Google loves WordPress and like you said, tens of thousands of sites are ranked at the top page of Google. Besides, there are millions from the second page on and down the line.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your useful comment.

    Have a great day.


  8. Hey once again Phomrong, another great review!! I was already aware of WordPress, and how it offers you 2 free easy to use websites, and how you can add plugins and edit the themes to your website. I didn’t know that over 75 million websites depend on wordpress right now, that’s amazing!!! If you need a website for online business purposes, then wordpress is the best option. Thanks again, I’m looking forward to reading more of your future articles!!!

    • I will definitely update more killing benefits of WordPress and whether one uses it consciously or not depends on the research of this amazing Content Marketing System software.

      The best part is that it is FREE – an open source for all.

      Yes, there are many CMS software out there like Drupal, Joomla and Magento but WordPress takes the lead for its user friendliness and easier integration of plugins and themes.

      Spread the good news.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. WordPress is indeed one of the best, if not the best tool for building a website. It’s free and easy to use. You can even build a professionally-looking website within 30 seconds.

    However, without the proper training (available at Wealthy Affiliate), it could be hard for anyone who has no clue at all, like me, to do it on their own. I know because I did try to start a blogging website but got into some issues that I didn’t know how to resolve. I had no choice but to forget all about it and look for help somewhere. Glad to have found Wealthy Affiliate where they teach aspiring internet marketers how to build a website and make real money.

    By the way, now that you mentioned it, I’m wondering what difference does it make if you build a website with wordpress.org or wordpress.com?

  10. The difference between the two is the Hosting matter, who is actually hosting your website?
    Wordpress.org is where you’ll find the free software that can be downloaded and installed on your own web server. Whereas, wordpress.com takes care of all of the hosting for you, like the ONE we use in WA.

    Hope this helps.

    And thanks again for your comment.


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